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-- Thousands of Acres of Unharvested Wheat- What's Next?
-- Oklahoma Lawmaker Frank Lucas has become a prime time player in 2007 farm bill debate.
-- Oklahoma Farm Bureau Women's Summer Conference happening in Southwest Oklahoma.
-- Also on the July Agenda- Canola Meeting is planned.
-- MOOVE to American! A case of where it matters that it is USA beef!
-- It's down to DO or Die for DOHA
-- Mooove on to the Right Side of the Radio Dial!

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Thousands of Acres of Unharvested Wheat- What's Next?
We sat down and visited with Dr. Jeff Edwards, state wheat specialist for Oklahoma State University yesterday and that was one of our main questions. Knowing that the 2007 wheat crop still has thousands of acres of unharvested wheat here on the 6th of July, where do we go from here?

Dr. Edwards acknowledged that the Panhandle has had perhaps one of its best crops ever- big yields and high test weights. He added that the southwestern corner of the state got some decent wheat harvested before the rains set in. As for everybody else, those fields that you may have had that hit 35 bushels or higher with a good test weight- consider that a blessing and a victory in 2007. So many of our fields succumbed to a variety of problems, not the least was the Easter weekend freeze. Edwards says that he and others underestimated the impact of the freeze and the adverse harvest weather in June pushed that fragile wheat over the edge.

For the thousands of acres that will not be harvested this season- Edwards won't recommend a match- although he knows that many producers will choose that route. He does recommend a tillage pass once the fields dry out enough to allow you to do so. He says the best thing you can do for getting started on the 2008 wheat crop is to manage the volunteer wheat situation as well as to hang onto as much of this soil moisture as we can headed into the fall season. You can hear our full, wide ranging conversation on these topics by clicking below and being taken to our front page of our website. We talk further about the management choices ahead for wheat producers on these failed acres full of wheat straw- sprouted and laying over. Take a listen- Jeff raises some interesting ideas including how to deal with lower germination levels on seed wheat in the fall of 2007.

Click here to listen to Ron and Jeff dissect the 2007 wheat crop mess by going and linking to it on the first page of WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com.

Oklahoma Lawmaker Frank Lucas has become a prime time player in 2007 farm bill debate.
We reported when we were in Washington a few weeks ago with the American Farmers and Ranchers group that Congressman Frank Lucas really went after Farm21- the farm bill proposal of Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind- blasting the measure as posing a major danger to the well being of production agriculture in this country.Lucas lectured his younger colleagues on the Committee about farm policy and how it has developed in recent cycles- and warned that Farm21 was a pure and simple money grab that would dismantle the commodity program and spend that money in areas that urban lawmakers perceive as higher need areas- especially for things like organic agriculture, local food initiatives and more.

The strong stance that Lucas took- we have linked his strong words said that day below as a reminder of what was said- has resulted in supporters of Ron Kind and his Farm21 plan to use Congressman Lucas as their high profile whipping boy regarding commodity programs.

We have an editorial from Tomah, Wisconsin that is typical of the charges being leveled against traditional farm programs and Congressman Lucas- click here to read- and there are plenty more if you want to go and do a Google search using Frank's name and agriculture. He has also garnered an invite from former Speaker Denny Hastert to speak to a Farmers for Hastert Fundraiser in his Illinois district- anticipating that the Frank Lucas stump speech on agriculture will be a winner! Lucas and his Kansas Colleague, Jerry Moran, have clearly established themselves as the Lions on the Republican side of the aisle when it comes to Middle American farm policy views.

Click here to listen to Congressman Lucas Explain it All to his Colleagues when it comes to why the Farm21 Proposal of Ron Kind is nothing but Bad News.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Women's Summer Conference happening in Southwest Oklahoma.
OFB Woman will be gathering for their summer conference this coming Monday and Tuesday at Quartz Mountain State Lodge. It's a meeting designed to build friendships and review some of the key programs that Farm Bureau women are involved with on an ongoing basis.

Our friend Sam Knipp tells us that he will be a part of their program on Tuesday morning- talking his travels earlier this year to Mali and the ongoing program in working with media professionals from that African nation that are now here in Oklahoma for the month of July.

Sam also mentions that the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Summer Conference is about 10 days away- planned for later in July in Ardmore- it will include time touring the facilities and research projects of the Noble Foundation.

Also on the July Agenda- Canola Meeting is planned.
The third annual Winter Canola Conference is set for Enid, July 19 at the Hoover Building at the Garfield County Fairgrounds. This program provides the most in-depth look at winter canola for profitability and for weed management to clean up your wheat fields. Federal Crop Insurance for winter canola is now available across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. Hear the details from USDA-RMA.

Results will be presented from OSU and KSU variety trials; learn what is going on in Oklahoma and Washington, D.C. about biodiesel and new tax breaks; learn about new varieties and hybrids; hear directly from several Oklahoma and Kansas growers who harvested canola in June. Learn about the results of side by side wheat versus canola in 2006-2007.

This program has generated a lot of sponsors so there will be no registration charge to get your notebook of information and a free lunch. To reserve your lunch, notebook of new information, and updated Great Plains Canola Production Handbook please call (405) 744-6420 by July 16 (or e- mail: - be sure to include your name, hometown, and names of any guests you plan to bring.) CEUs will be available for Certified Crop Advisors and OK Pesticide Applicators (pending ODAFF approval). We also have additional details linked in our calendar section of our website in the July events. Check it out!

Click here for our Calendar Page of WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

MOOVE to American! A case of where it matters that it is USA beef!
I think that the proponents of COOL have all envisioned many USA food outlets would jump on the idea of Country of Origin labeling and would tout USA only products and make Canadian and Mexican product worth a lot less. But, here is an example of source verification being seized by a major corporation- in this case Yum Brands, and specifically their A&W Restaurants- and doing a very fun promotion that is centered around USA hamburger.

Note it is Food Service- so COOL would not apply even if it was in force as the law only requires labeling on retail meat case purchases. But these people have decided there is something to be gained by wrapping the flag around their product and they are "mooving" full speed ahead! In fact, they MOOVED a barge load of bovines across the New York Harbour so the guys and gals could see the American Icon, the Statute of Liberty, up close and personal.

We have linked their web site that is called "Moove to American" and it is includes a burger contest and a peitition that is being promoted to support USA beef. AND, you have got to take a look at their video of those traveling cows- it is nothing short of fabulous!!!! You gotta love it when a bunch of young people are laughing and saying MOOO and that they love American Beef.

Click here and check out the Moove to American campaign of A&W Restaurants.

It's down to DO or Die for DOHA
A deal to free up world trade could be delayed several years if no progress is made by the end of 2007. U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab says there's a real sense that Doha could go into hibernation for several years to come if a deal isn't finished this year. While she didn't specifically name India or Brazil as wanting the talks to fail - Schwab did say the United States was surprised at "how rigid and inflexible" they were in Potsdam.

Many countries had hoped the so-called G4 talks in Germany would lead to a successful Doha outcome. But they broke down over how much major developing nations should open up to farm and manufactured imports - and how much support Europe and the United States continue to give their farmers.

Schwab is in Australia for a meeting of trade ministers from the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum - which has issued a statement of firm support for the Doha Round. APEC trade ministers said new negotiating texts - being drawn up at the WTO in Geneva -needed to be ambitious and balanced - and all APEC economies remained committed to work towards a successful outcome.

Mooove on to the Right Side of the Radio Dial!
Staying with the Mooving theme of the earlier story from A&W, we wanted to remind you a great place for your radio dial is on the right hand side when you are anywhere in the central part of the state- that setting you need to zero in on is AM1520 for KOKC Radio, our Radio Oklahoma Network affiliate in Oklahoma City.

They currently offer four agricultural reports daily, plus a heavy dose of Gary England and News9 KWTV weather updates.

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