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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Friday July 13, 2007!
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-- Frank Lucas tells us- it's gonna be a wild ride during farm bill markup week!
-- It is now the Robert M. Kerr Food and Ag Products Center!
-- Next week- Cattle, Canola and a heaping spoonful of Farm Policy!
-- Schwab Says South Korea needs to "Get it Done!"
-- A reminder on a daily Website Feature- You can listen to Ron on RON!
-- Scotty Herriman offers his insight on the floods of 2007!
-- FSA Deadline for Committee Nominations is August First.

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Frank Lucas tells us- it's gonna be a wild ride during farm bill markup week!
We talked at length with Third District Congressman Frank Lucas yesterday afternoon about where we stand on the farm policy debate and the expected markup of the 2007 farm bill this coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He agrees that it is rather unusual for Chairman Peterson to basically dump the work of the subcommittees and start over with a second Chairman's mark for this coming week's markup. But he tells us that the Chairman is under enormous pressure from Democratic Leadership to come up with major changes to farm policy. Lucas says the problem right now is that unless the Democratic leadership is willing to back Peterson on the floor and help him keep the Committee's farm bill proposal intact, that it's likely that the bill that is acceptable to the House Ag Committee would be totally replaced by radical changes on the floor of the House- changes that have been overwhelmingly rejected by the lawmakers who are supposed to know farm policy the best- those on the House Ag Committee.

Congressman Lucas adds that if it should come down to a choice between a fast and total phase out of current farm programs that Wisconsin's Ron Kind is promoting in his Farm21 bill and an extension of the 2002 farm law- that extension is looking better and better all the time.

Lucas also has received a lot of phone calls on the Conservation Title change that Colin Peterson has floated that would move all of the administrative work on conservation programs out of the NRCS over to the FSA- leaving NRCS to do the technical assistance only. Lucas says he doesn't like that idea. You can hear our full conversation with Congressman Lucas by going to our link below.

Click here to listen to Ron and Congressman Lucas on the upcoming week of Markup that starts this coming Tuesday.

It is now the Robert M. Kerr Food and Ag Products Center!
Oklahoma State University celebrated the 10th birthday of the Food and Ag Products Center by renaming the center for the late State Senator Robert M. Kerr. Senator Kerr was one of the state lawmakers who was instrumental in securing funding to build this value added facility, which is considered a model nationally for land grant schools.

The Center held a Media Day to announce the name change, and also to brag about the impact the Center has had on the rural economy of our state in its ten years of existence. "The FAPC opened for business in January 1997 and has assisted more than 1,000 Oklahoma clients through 3,000 technical and business projects," said Rodney Holcomb, FAPC Agribusiness Specialist. "This study was conducted to quantify the statewide impacts of these efforts." Holcomb said the study surveyed FAPC clients to assess the changes in employment and sales these clients attribute to FAPC assistance. In addition, respondents were asked to provide an assessment of the value they associate with various services and workshops offered by FAPC.

The study indicated 2.1 percent of these companies' full-time positions and 1.5 percent of part-time positions were created between the time the firms received assistance from FAPC and 2006. In that time, companies providing sales information experienced 16.95 percent sales growth. Of these job and sales increases, the firms attributed 157 total jobs and almost $93 million in sales directly to FAPC assistance. The direct, indirect and induced impacts these companies directly attributed to FAPC assistance were $308 million and 800 jobs. These are ANNUAL numbers that will likely continue to grow and show an exceptional return on investment for the Center in the years ahead. We talked with Rodney about the study and the future of the Kerr Food and Ag Products Center- and we have that conversation linked for you to check out below.

Click here to listen to Ron and Rodney Holcomb talk economic impact of the FAPC

Next week- Cattle, Canola and a heaping spoonful of Farm Policy!
We have several events coming up this coming week- and we details on many of them on our website on the Calendar page. Among the activities on deck is the Midyear Cattle Industry Conference that goes from Tuesday through Friday in Denver. Several front burner policy issues will be vetted by the NCBA, while the Cattlemen's Beef Promotion Board will continue to work on the new fiscal year's budget that will kick in October first. We will be in Denver and will be covering that meeting for you.

In Washington, the House Ag Committee will do their markup of the 2007 farm bill, starting Tuesday and that is something you can listen to by going to the Committee's Web Site- click here for details of the Chairman's Mark that will be offered by House Ag Committee Chairman Colin Peterson.

Next Thursday, the Third Annual Winter Canola Conference sponsored by OSU and K-State will be held in Enid at the Garfield County Fairgrounds. Their agenda is jampacked with lots of production and marketing information. We understand there will be at least a couple of important announcements coming out of that meeting- one from Plains Oilseed Producers with details of a site for a oilseed crushing plant and plans to offer Canola producers a contract for the 2007-08 growing season- and a second announcement about the formation and moving forward with sponsorship of a couple of key agribusinesses of the Great Plains Canola Association. We'll be able to share more details on these developments next week.

Click here to go to our Calendar page of WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Schwab Says South Korea needs to "Get it Done!"
Our end of the week Beef Buzz features some comments from our US Trade Ambassador Susan Schwab, who told our friend and colleague Mike Adams earlier this week that it is time for South Korea to let our beef in all the way. She wants to see both boneless and bone-in beef from animals of any age to be allowed into South Korea before she is willing to take the Free Trade Agreement with South Korea to Capitol Hill.

While the two countries signed the deal on June 30th which allows it to be handled under the now expired Trade Promotion Authority of President Bush, there is no time limit as to when the Administration has to submit the measure to Congress for ratification. And Ambassador Schwab says that she has told South Korean officials that she won't take it to Congress until beef is flowing, because several lawmakers have assured her that it has no chance of passage until this matter is dealt with and laid to rest.

We have some of the comments from the Ambassador that we wanted to share with you- courtesy of Agritalk- and you can hear them on today's Beef Buzz, a daily radio look at the beef industry heard on stations across Oklahoma on the Radio Oklahoma Network.. We have it linked for you from our website page, Beef Buzz, below.

Click here for today's Beef Buzz with Susan Schwab on South Korea and getting them to fully open up to our beef!

A reminder on a daily Website Feature- You can listen to Ron on RON!
We are very proud of our radio stations that are all across our state- and we invite you to listen to our reports weekdays all across the state on the Radio OKlahoma Network. But when you miss a report, or are away from an area where you can hear our reports hosted by Ron Hays and Ed Richards, check out our reports on our web site.

On the Markets page, we have a link to our midday market Roundup which gives you a feel on how the cash and futures markets are unfolding that day, while on the Listen to Ron page, we have a link to our daily morning farm and ranch news. Today, we featured information on the Food and Ag Products Center's 10th Birthday as well as comments from Congressman Frank Lucas on next week's farm bill markup. We have linked the Listen to Ron page below and you are welcome to go there and take a listen to our daily farm news update.

Clickhere to go to our website page, Listen to Ron and you'll see the link to the audio of our daily farm news update!

Scotty Herriman offers his insight on the floods of 2007!
Scotty Herriman has been a strong leader in conservation here in Oklahoma for years- and he has had his hands full this summer with these June/July rains that have brought entirely too much water to the state- especially in northeastern areas of the state.

Herriman was unable to get any of his soybeans in the ground this year because of the wet conditions, so he will miss out on the high prices for the oilseed that available here in 2007. He also has had his house flooded, but counts his blessings because of the help of a lot of friends and neighbors in helping move things around and cleaning up some of the mess left behind.

Our friend Charlie Taraboletti with KWON, KRIG and KPGM radio in Bartlesville talked with Scotty about these challenges and we have an audio link to a report that we have assembled courtesy of our Bartlesville radio partners. Click below and check it out.

Click here for more on the northeast Oklahoma flooding from a first hand perspective of Scotty Herriman.

FSA Deadline for Committee Nominations is August First.
USDA Farm Service Agency Administrator Teresa Lasseter is reminding agricultural producers of the upcoming deadline for FSA County Committee nominations. She says farmers, ranchers and other producers have until August 1st to nominate eligible candidates.

FSA County Committees make decisions on county commodity price-support loan eligibility - establishment of allotments and yields - conservation programs - disaster programs - employment - and other issues related to farm programs.

Those participating or cooperating in an FSA program - who are of legal voting age - and live in the county or area where the election's held are eligible candidates. USDA is once again encouraging greater participation of minority and women producers in the county committee election process. Voting for FSA county committees will take place in November - with a December 3rd voting deadline. Those elected to serve take office on January 1st of next year.

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