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-- Foot and Mouth Disease Spread Might Have Been Deliberate
-- More details now available from John Damicone on Asian Soybean Rust Outbreak in Oklahoma.
-- Poultry Is Back- Growing Supplies to Grab Center of the Plate from Tight Beef Stocks.
-- Japanese Newspaper Says Maybe Japanese Government Close to Raising Age Standard.
-- Ag Technology Field Day in Chickasha is set for Tomorrow!
-- It's Election Season for Farm Bureau as they hold their annual August Area Meetings.
-- Angus Source and Select Vac decide to go steady!

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Foot and Mouth Disease Spread Might Have Been Deliberate
British authorities have concluded that there is a "strong possibility" the first outbreak of FMD among cattle in six years in England originated at one of two high bio-security animal disease labs just a few miles away. The report adds that there is a negligible chance that the virus was transferred from the labs by flood water or an airborne release- instead it is a "real possibility" that it was a human carrying the disease out of the labs that caused all of this mess and the report did not rule out what they called "sabotage."

There are now two separate herds that have been found with FMD inside the perimeter that British officials have set up. About 322 cattle have been killed to attempt to stop the disease in its tracks. The human side of this crisis came through as reporters talked with John Gunner who had his entire herd of Charolais and Sussex animals culled. "My old bull, Ned, was a lovely old bull; he's a great loss." Gunner shed a tear as he talked about his old friend Ned.

The economic loss is much wider and ripples out across the United Kingdom. Each week, the livestock industry is on hold because of this outbreak will cost producers a collective $20 million and may result in meat shortages within a week or so. All movements of cattle, sheep and hogs remain banned. FOR US- it's a reminder of what we might face on at least a regional basis if we should ever have FMD be confirmed somewhere in the United States. It would definitely cause chaos and a lot of economic harm.

Click here to read of a farmer's worst nighmare- your cattle are infected with a disease and they will be ALL killed.

More details now available from John Damicone on Asian Soybean Rust Outbreak in Oklahoma.
OSU Plant Pathologist Dr. John Damicone is the lead person in Oklahoma when it comes to watching for and reporting on Asian Soybean Rust. It appears that while we now have four counties where at least a tiny amount of Rust has been found- the high pressure dome that has arrived and brought with it sunny hot conditions lessens the chance of a major spread of this disease.

Damicone reports on the USDA website on Soybean Rust that "As of the 6th of August, rust was found in two new counties last week. The sentinel plot in Atoka Co. was positive for rust at an incidence of 10%. Rust was also found for the first time in the sentinel plot in Payne County at a 1% level. There was only 1 pustule found on 100 leaves at Payne Co. Both new find were were on MG3 soybeans at R6. Rust continues to increase in the Bryan County sentinel plot where rust reached an incidence of over 50%. Sentinel plots in Choctaw (where rust was found in a commercial field), Okmulgee, Ottawa, Sequoyah, Tulsa, Wagoner, and Washington Counties remained negative for rust last week. Rust also has not been found in observational samples taken from commercial fields in Garvin, Pottawatomie, and LeFlore Counties. Beginning this past weekend through next weekend, conditions are not expected to favor rust development. Hot windy conditions are expected to prevail state wide with temperatures reaching triple digits in some areas. Other diseases such as downy mildew, brown spot, bacterial blight, and frogeye leaf spot are widespread and continue to make rust recognition difficult."

As for a forecast of what the Rust may do and how we should respond, "Fungicide spray are recommended to protect soybeans from rust in affected counties and nearby counties to the north when soybeans are in the R1 to R5 growth stages. Most early maturing varieties are at R5 to R6 and the decision to spray at R5 is a judgement call. Full-season varieties are currently at risk for damage to soybean rust. However, weather conditions are not expected to favor rust increase this week and it may be possible to delay applications to a later growth stage. Furthermore, moisture stress is likely to be a factor in many areas if the weather forecast holds."

Poultry Is Back- Growing Supplies to Grab Center of the Plate from Tight Beef Stocks.
On today's Beef Buzz, Dr. Jim Robb of the Livestock Market Information Center tells us that poultry and specifically chicken is really roaring back from real problems of just a year or so ago as the chicken companies have adjusted to higher grain prices and are increasing tonnage rapidly.

We talk with Dr. Robb about what impact this will be having on cattle prices and you can hear his thoughts on that by checking out our Wednesday Beef Buzz that is a regular feature of the Radio Oklahoma Network.

We have today's program linked below- but remember you can go and check out previous shows on our website by clicking on the left hand button, Beef Buzz. We have some of our best interviews and stories from over the past year- some great perspectives on where we have been over the last year in the beef business!

Click here for today's Beef Buzz with Ron and Jim Robb on Competing Meats for the Beef Business.

Japanese Newspaper Says Maybe Japanese Government Close to Raising Age Standard.
The Japanese government may loosen its restrictions on U.S. beef to allow imports of meat from cattle up to 30 months of age, a Japanese newspaper reports. Yomiuri Shimbun cited unnamed sources who claim Japan may inform the U.S. before September that it is willing to raise the minimum age for imported beef.

The U.S., however, will continue to ask for all age limits to be removed. On Tuesday, Japanese Agriculture Minister Masatoshi Wakabayashi told a news conference that USDA Secretary Mike Johanns called him the night before asking for the removal of all age limits on U.S. beef. Japan has imposed an age limit of 20 months on beef imports from the United States over mad cow disease fears since it lifted a ban on U.S. beef imports in July last year.

Ag Technology Field Day in Chickasha is set for Tomorrow!
High Tech for crop agriculture will be front and center tomorrow in an all day Field day on the Grady County Fair Grounds in Chickasha. Producers and those in agribusiness are invited to come and see the latest in agricultural technologies, test drive automatically steered vehicles, and observe sprayers in action.

The field day is being sponsored by OSU Extension, the Oklahoma Wheat Growers and a whole host of ag companies that are involved in moving this technology into production agriculture. Among the things to be discussed will be GPS guidance, sensor based fertilizer control systems and the economics of this new technology.

We have the program that they will be offering tomorrow- and have it linked it below for your inspection. This is a must attend event if you are interested in any of these cutting edge technologies as they apply to farming.

Click here for the program for the Ag Technology Field Day tomorrow in Chickasha!

It's Election Season for Farm Bureau as they hold their annual August Area Meetings.
It's not a year divisible by two- but it is an important election year here in Oklahoma for those involved in agriculture as one of our two large general farm organizations, the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, will have a new President after their annual meeting in November, as Steve Kouplen is out based on term limits that are a part of the OFB bylaws.

We have briefly introduced you to both candidates that are currently announced- current Vice President Bob Drake and current State Director Mike Spradling. They are busy traveling to several of the August Area Meetings of the farm group and we are working with both Bob and Mike to record a conversation with each of them to explore why they want to be OFB President and find out a little bit about their philosophy that may offer some insight into how they would lead the farm group over the next several years.

Speaking of those Area Meetings, they have one additional meeting planned for this week, then a very heavy schedule of meetings planned for all of next week. The last of the meetings planned for this week is tomorrow evening in Enid as District 7 meets at the Garfield County Fairgrounds.

Click here for more details of those August Area Meetings of Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

Angus Source and Select Vac decide to go steady!
The American Angus Association and Pfizer Animal Health announce a marketing alliance for two premier feeder calf programs. The collaboration pairs AngusSource®, an age-, source- and genetic-USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) for Angus-sired cattle, with SelectVAC®, the premier branded preconditioning program from Pfizer Animal Health. "Pfizer is excited for the opportunity to work with the American Angus Association to help bring more value to their customers," says Pierre Bertrand, SelectVAC marketing manager for Pfizer. "We admire the dedication of the AngusSource program for helping Angus customers market high-quality calves."

More than 132,000 calves have been enrolled in AngusSource-nearly 51,000 in the first half of 2007. "The program continues to drive the beef industry toward quantifying true Angus genetics," says Sara Moyer, AngusSource director. "Our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to maximize their marketing options and profit potential," Moyer adds. "While we aren't requiring them to participate in SelectVAC in order to register with AngusSource, we highly recommend it for the added benefits of better health and quality it brings to their animals."

Angus officials says that partnering with a preconditioning program like Select Vac will complete the value picture for these animals that are a part of Angus Source. Both programs claim extra money is put in the pocket of producers who are involved in their programs- and they believe that using both programs will add even more value to a calf going through the auction ring or being sold on a video satellite auction.

To read more about this new relationship- click here...

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