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-- The Painful Realities of the 2007 Oklahoma Wheat Crop
-- If you plant early for Wheat Pasture- better treat your wheat!
-- Costa Rica to vote on CAFTA this fall...
-- The 2008 Road to Durant begins on September first of this year!
-- No Till on the Plains Offers Summer Educational Event Next Week!
-- From the Old "Email Bag"
-- Check our Calendar Page!

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The Painful Realities of the 2007 Oklahoma Wheat Crop
A review of the 2007 Oklahoma Wheat Crop will happen this morning on campus at Oklahoma State University, with Mark Hodges, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission leading the discussion of what he calls a "painful crop."

He says they will not just review what happened as this crop developed and then was snatched away from so many of our producers in the last few weeks of production with freeze damage, leaf rust, a few armyworms and entirely too much rain once the crop was dead ripe- they will also look at the issues that the 2007 crop leaves for 2008 production, including the problem of not enough high quality wheat seed for fall planting and left over disease and insects from the trash left behind from all those unharvested wheat acres in some of our most productive counties.

Mark also tells us that the official size of the 2007 wheat crop in Oklahoma will still likely be reduced- just later than we first thought. It had been expected that the crop would be adjusted in the August crop report- it appears that the Kansas harvested acres were cut back by a 100,000 acres- but no similar reduction was made for Oklahoma's abandoned acres. That reduction is now expected to occur with the September Crop Report. Hodges believes it is very possible that the 2007 wheat crop could end up BELOW a hundred million bushels for the second straight year. You can hear our conversation with Mark Hodges on the 2007 Wheat Crop Review by clicking on the link below.

Click here to listen to Ron and Mark talk about the second sub par wheat crop is as many years.

If you plant early for Wheat Pasture- better treat your wheat!
It will be very cheap insurance to treat your seed wheat in 2007, especially with all the problems that thousands of acres of unharvested wheat from 2007 leave behind in our wheat fields. Several members of the OSU Wheat Team have written a paper on the need to consider lots of disease and insect problems if you plan on planting wheat in the early part of the fall window in order to try to get wheat pasture up to stand and ready for cattle.

Later planted wheat in October for just grain does not face as many problems with these pests but there still may be some concerns even at that point, given the problems of getting rid of volunteer wheat, left over lodged wheat from 2006 and then battling any other challenges that may pop up as we get out the grain drills.

It's interesting to note that the costs of treating your wheat seed ranges from one to five dollars per bushel, with the most expensive treatment, Goucho XT, also providing protection from all of the major problems that could rear their heads in the next few months. You can review the list and recommendations from the OSU folks by going to their publication that we have linked below.

Click here for the full rundown of the diseases you may face by planting wheat early to capture wheat pasture.

Costa Rica to vote on CAFTA this fall...
The U.S. beef industry hopes Costa Rica will ratify the Central America Free Trade Agreement. Voters are expected to decide the issues on October 7th in a referendum election. CAFTA has increased access and decreased tariffs for U.S. products in several Central American countries. But in Costa Rica, the question is: is implementing CAFTA in the best interest of local producers and businesses. The present duty on U.S. beef graded as prime or choice is 18 percent. Implementing CAFTA would reduce that figure to zero.

Now, Costa Rica produces more beef than it consumes, but its beef is from the Cebu breed of cattle slaughtered at more than 30 months of age, and that produces a tougher product. U.S. beef is grain fed and comes from younger cattle- so US Beef has a natural advantage of a more tender, palatable product.

All U.S. inspected beef processing plants will be approved to export to Costa Rica. The current system includes plant inspections done by veterinarians from Costa Rica. Observers believe the trade agreement will be ratified, and that will increase access for U.S. beef and pork products to this growing market

The 2008 Road to Durant begins on September first of this year!
The Livestock Marketing Association is planning to use their regional live auction approach to getting their semi finalists for the 2008 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship that will happen next June in Little Dixie- Durant, Oklahoma. June of next year is a long time off- but to get on the road for that championship as a livestock auctioneer, you need to get your application together and submitted in a matter of a couple of weeks- the deadline for the first couple of regional events is September 1, 2007.

Included in the two early regionals that will be held in October is one for the southwestern part of the country at the Dalhart Livestock Market in the northwest corner of the Texas Panhandle in Dalhart, Texas. There are also regional events planned for California, Alabama and Iowa- with eight to qualify from each of these regional locations for the Durant showdown.

Our friend Billy Perrin is excited about hosting the LMA annual meeting and the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship next June in the Durant area- but for those who might want to be involved in the shouting out prices next June- now is the time to check out the entry requirements from the LMA- their toll free number is 1-800-821-2048. We have a special audio feature on this journey that will crank up this fall that will end next June in Durant- give it a listen.

Click here for Ron's feature on the WLAC plans to crown their next Champion in Durant, Oklahoma!

No Till on the Plains Offers Summer Educational Event Next Week!
No-till on the Plains, Inc., the premier no-till organization of the Midwest, is planning a summer event which will provide farmers with ways to increase profitability, gain better agronomic understanding of soils and their reactions to fertility, improve water quality, and also increase efficiency with new rotations and sequencing of crops. Partially funded through a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust and PrairieLand RC&D, No-till on the Plains offers this high-quality educational event. The Whirlwind No-till Expo is set for August 22 in south-central Nebraska with power-packed hands-on learning featuring expert speakers as well as experienced local no-tillers from the area. The day- long event will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Brian and Keith Berns' farm which is one mile east of Bladen. Bladen is located west of Hwy 281 approximately 33 miles south of Hastings, NE and 54 miles north of Smith Center, KS.

The Expo will feature soil pits on-site and in-the-field demonstrations. This will be an excellent opportunity to see the rainfall simulator in action and witness the impact that continuous no-till practices have on soil. A catered lunch will be provided to all attendees who pre-register.

Registration Deadline for this event that goes on next week is this Friday, August 17. For more information on the Whirlwind No-Till Expo or to pre-register by August 17, contact No-Till on the Plains, Inc. at 888- 330-5142. You can also go to the website link we have below for more information.

Click here for more on No Till on the Plains by browsing their website.

From the Old "Email Bag"
We have received several emails in recent days as feedback on some of the various stories that we have offered on this daily Email Farm and Ranch News update. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. When there are events going on that you notice we have not mentioned- or will be happening that your group is planning, be sure and drop me an email and give me some details. It's hard being everywhere at once- I have a Father who can do that- but for me, no way. As a result, I need you to be my eyes and ears of what's going on in your corner of the agricultural world!

One email that we have received this week is in regards to the South Koreans being upset that Cargill shipped to them by mistake a box of T-Bone steaks instead of the boneless Chuck Eye Roll that was ordered. Janet from Guymon writes "Ron, could you get word to the Korean's for me that I will take that box of t-bones!"

When I got up on my soapbox on Monday, I got several responses to the story I did on rising milk prices and the fact that maybe the Animal Rights Terrorists who have caused multiple companies to not accept milk from animals fed rBST is one of the reasons that milk prices are rising. I attached a op-ed piece from Hoard's Dairyman(one of the most respected magazines for years in the Dairy Business- I remember looking through issues of it back in the 1960s at my Granddaddy's farm in Kentucky) and I got this comment back from Mike- "Hello Ron, As I read the dairy article that you attached to todays news I can see a lot of similarities with what has happened with the horse slaughter. The media and other not involved in the industry have won and the market is lost for the US."

And, I also got a thank you for spotlighting some of the new technology that production agriculture and folks in rural areas are now using to our great advantage- GPS. Trevor writes "Thank you for your piece on the uses of GPS. As a crop insurance agent, I use GPS to provide my insureds with maps that they can then give to the local co-op for deliveries or application, to the hired man to make sure he works the right fields, or just to keep for their records. Thanks again for your coverage of this exciting technology."

Let me hear from you- what you have liked or what we need to do better- and I really appreciate it when I hear from folks that you have found this daily email useful and have passed it on to someone else in the business. That's how we keep on getting more and more subscribers- and your help is invaluable!

Check our Calendar Page!
We have updated our calendar page this morning- mostly to drop some of the events that have occurred in recent days. But, there are still a lot of events coming up in the next few weeks- and we have information on a bunch of them.

There are still Town Hall Meetings that are coming up for several of our US Congressmen between now and the end of the month. Click on the name of interest and you can see their list. We also have the Wheatland Stocker Conference coming up next week in Enid- we have details for you of that.

AND- this Thursday and Friday will be the Grazing Lands Conference at the Biltmore in Oklahoma City- we have a link there for you on that- and we are beginning to add events for September and October as we get them. If you have a calendar event to add, drop me an email with as many details or a link as you can- we will work it up and get it on our calendar to share with one and all!!!

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