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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday August 16, 2007!
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-- The Gribble Report- How we are doing in tearing up those unharvested acres and getting ready to plant wheat...
-- OALP Class 13- Checking out Cows, Sows and Cotton in the Panhandle!
-- Final Revision of the Wheat Variety Trial Data is in from State Wheat Specialist Jeff Edwards...
-- It's Gonna Be a Big Event on Labor Day in Yukon!
-- The Green Line of Deere in the Black- DuPont Calls Seed Future "Bright!"
-- Next Wednesday- Wheatland Stocker Conference Happens in Enid
-- Bits and Pieces for a Thursday- Congrats to Reid and Best Wishes to Chelsea and Laila!

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The Gribble Report- How we are doing in tearing up those unharvested acres and getting ready to plant wheat...
Roger Gribble tells us that there's a lot more tillage equipment moving across unharvested wheat fields than in normal years- but, hey, this is definitely not a normal year. Gribble says the key for planting back for the 2008 crop this fall is to do a good job of destroying that volunteer wheat- and he adds that seed treatments will likely make a lot of sense, especially for those that want to plant earlier for wheat pasture.

We also asked Roger about spring planted crops in his area around Enid in northcentral over into northwestern counties of the state. He thinks that we will have 90 to 140 bushels per acre corn this year- lower yields will be in areas where not enough nitrogen was applied. Grain Sorghum looks tremendous- again in those fields where there is adequate nitrogen, Roger says we may be pushing 130 bushels per acre.

We have our conversation linked on our website on our Featured Audio page- and we invite you to go and check out this overview of crop conditions with OSU Area Agronomist Roger Gribble, as well as a whole host of other interesting interviews and audio reports on the business of agriculture. For this interview, we are providing a direct link to the MP3 file for your convenience- just click and listen!

Click here to listen to Ron and Roger conversing under a shade tree at OSU.

OALP Class 13- Checking out Cows, Sows and Cotton in the Panhandle!
Class Thirteen of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program is learning the ins and outs of one of the biggest farm income counties in the nation- headquartered in Guymon, last night through tomorrow. Today, these young leaders are touring one of the most modern hog processing facilities in the U.S. in the Seaboard Farms facility, then traveling up the road to Liberal for a Beef Processing Plant tour at National Beef, and finally will squeeze in a look at the huge cotton warehouse facility of Plains Cotton Cooperative, where one of the former classmates from OALP Class One is located- Dick Cooper.

The Class will also spend time learning about the diversified operation run by Paul Hitch and his family, as they are hosted by Jason Hitch. And, they will also get to spend some time with Jimmy Draper and his fabulous collection of memorabilia in his huge museum/barn in addition to touring the farming operation of Oklahoma Wheat Commission member Tom Stephens.

Class Thirteen will be meeting several more times this fall before final preparations are made for a February trip to Mainland China for their international agricultural learning experience. Over three hundred men and women are graduates of the OALP learning experience- all receiving training in an effort to equip those involved in farming, ranching, agribusiness and other pursuits in rural Oklahoma with a "big picture" context of the importance to our state's economy as well as way of life that agriculture plays.

Click here to learn more about the OALP from their website.

Final Revision of the Wheat Variety Trial Data is in from State Wheat Specialist Jeff Edwards...
An update has been added to the Variety Trial Information that we linked to a few weeks ago from Oklahoma State University and State Wheat Specialist Dr. Jeff Edwards. This update now includes protein data for the various varieties as well as information from the grazing trials conducted at the Marshall Research Facility.

One correction has been made in the variety comparison chart. Due to a typographical error in the original version, TAM 111 was listed as a '4' for stripe rust resistance and a '4' for powdery mildew. These ratings were incorrect. TAM 111 is a '1' for stripe rust. In other words, it has shown a high level of resistance thus far. The powdery mildew rating should have been a '3'. TAM 111 has intermediate susceptibility (middle-of-the-road) to powdery mildew.

We have the updated Variety Trial Data linked on our web site- on our front page under Today's Agricultural News- as well as linked below for your immediate reference.

Click here for the Variety Trial Info for the 2007 Oklahoma Wheat Crop.

It's Gonna Be a Big Event on Labor Day in Yukon!
Bob Funk and his Express Ranch Team led by Jarold Callahan call it the Big Event with good reason- as one of the biggest sale events of the year from one of the largest seedstock operations in the country will happen on Labor Day at the Express Ranch headquarters just north of Yukon, beginning at 10 am.

The 2007 sale offering will include 100 Spring Calving Heifer Calf Pairs, 55 Spring Calving Bull Calf Pairs, 125 Spring Calving Cows and Bred Heifers, 120 Fall Calving Cows and Bred Heifers, 40 Fall Open Heifer Calves as well as flushes, Pregnancies and embryo lots.

There's a couple of ways to get a complete sale book. First, you can call Express Ranches at 1-800-664- 3977. Or, you can see it right now by going online to the Express Ranches web site linked below and click on the link for the Complete Sale Book. All told, there are some 382 lots to be sold, representing some 600 Registered Angus cattle- some of the best Angus genetics in the world!

Click here for the Home Page of the Express Ranches Website- from there click on their sale book for the Big Event.

The Green Line of Deere in the Black- DuPont Calls Seed Future "Bright!"
Deere & Co., the world's largest farm-equipment maker, increased its full-year profit forecast after third- quarter earnings rose 23 percent on orders for tractors overseas. Deere predicts agricultural revenue in South America will climb about 30 percent this year as Brazilian farmers buy more to plant sugarcane for ethanol production.

The company also forecast 2007 equipment sales will increase 7 percent, up from its May estimate of 6 percent. It still projects industry sales of agricultural equipment in the U.S. and Canada will rise 5 percent, led by high-horsepower tractors. For the fourth quarter, Deere predicted a 16 percent increase in overall equipment sales. What is truly amazing is that they have been able to do this as they have increased prices for their equipment- the power of a great brand name seems to be at work throughout the western hemisphere for John Deere.

Meanwhile, DuPont Company on Wednesday said it expects its agriculture and nutrition business to deliver 10 percent revenue growth and 20 percent pretax operating income growth in 2007. "The growth fundamentals in seed markets around the world are outstanding; as a result, we are accelerating growth investments," said Erik Fyrwald, head of DuPont's agriculture and nutrition segment, in a statement. The key component of this growth is in their Pioneer brand seed- another great brand name that is performing well in the agricultural marketplace.

Next Wednesday- Wheatland Stocker Conference Happens in Enid
Greg Highfill of the OSU Area office in Enid has put together another excellent program for the Wheatland Stocker Conference that happens next Wednesday in downtown Enid at the Cherokee Strip Conference Center.

An excellent lineup of speakers from OSU and K-state as well as some leading cattle producers will share the latest information of importance to those who hope to get wheat pasture and cattle hooked up together again this fall.

What I Have Learned in the Stocker Business is what producer Tom Gallery will be talking about during the Conference- Tom runs Gallery Ranch near Bartlesville- and was honored this past year by Beef Magazine as the National Beef Backgrounder of the Year. To preregister- you need to do so by Friday- call the OSU Area Office in Enid at 580-237-7677!!!

Bits and Pieces for a Thursday- Congrats to Reid and Best Wishes to Chelsea and Laila!
We mentioned a few days back about Francie Tolle joining the American Farmers and Ranchers to work in the office of Vice President of the group, Terry Detrick. Francie's position is being called Policy Analyst according to her new boss. Her move to AFR after being closely associated with the Young Farmers and Ranchers organization of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau is quite a coup for AFR, a group that has its sights set on not only serving farmers and ranchers in this state, but on a more regional basis in the days to come. The other fairly new face for the general farm group is that of Reid Nichols, as he joins American Farmers and Ranchers to work with Bob Wright, taking on most of the state ag issues that had been handled previously by Mason Mungle.

Our best wishes go out to two young ladies that we have watched and judged down through the years as they have worn the Blue and Gold jacket of the FFA. Laila Hajji of Guthrie has been selected to be the national FFA officer candidate to represent Oklahoma here in 2007- and she's getting herself prepared for perhaps the toughest series of interviews in her young life in front of the selection committee that will pick out the six national officers of the premiere rural youth group in the country. We also wish Chelsea Clifton of Kingfisher the very best as well, as she completes a trifecta of representing Oklahoma in the three national speaking competitions that are held annually. She represented Oklahoma as a freshman in the National Creed speaking Contest, then has represented the state in the National Prepared Speaking Contest and this fall will have Oklahoma's honor on her back as she speaks in the National Extemporaneous Speech Contest. She was actually supposed to do this in 2006, but choose not to speak in the national event, as she chose instead to be a leader on the Kingfisher National Livestock Judging team that Crushed the rest of the competing teams, with Chelsea the high individual by a mile in last fall's event. We wish her the best as she ends what has been an incredible run as a speech contestant here in the state of Oklahoma and at the national level.

Finally, we got spanked a bit by one reader who did not like our attitude in the article at the beginning of the week on activists convincing several major companies to shun the marketing of milk from cows that have been on rBST, a product that our government has tested and approved for use by Dairy producers. LJ McCray writes "I must challenge you again on your "biased" agenda and just how closed minded you have become over time. This letter is in response to your article, "Self Inflicted Stupidity" regarding the use of benign "rBST". You, Monsanto, and "the educated community" seem bent on the fact that the American public is so "stupid", they should not be asking why we have all of the health issues that we do. Many are not only asking, "why the rampant explosion of diabetes" but also, "why do girls, 8 and 9 years old, have breasts the size of a high school graduate when we were in school", plus the epidemics of autism, Alzheimers, and Parkinsons just to name a few, not to mention the various forms of cancer. In case you didn't know, the public is paying tremendous amounts for "organic" milk and Monsanto and the universities are unable to capitalize on this. The "organic farmers" are responding to market forces you and the universities so handily espouse. This article only goes to show what your agenda really is. Please try to be a friend of the American farmer and not that of those that would destroy it. "
By the way, if you missed my original comments. they are in the Monday August 13 edition of our Farm and Ranch News- it is archived on our website and I have it linked below- I linked to an editorial from THE bible when it comes to the Dairy Industry- Hoard's Dairyman.

Click here for the Monday Farm and Ranch news and the last story in the email that discusses the rising price of milk!

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