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-- Talking Wheat with Jeff Krehbiel...
-- Annie's Project Coming to Oklahoma in the 4th quarter of this year.
-- Eliminate Animal Agriculture!
-- Grain Standards for Ethanol- GIPSA wants your input.
-- Express Ranches Big Event V Happens Labor Day!

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This week and Next- "LITE" Emails
The last two weeks of August are the true Dog Days of Summer- and we are out of the office taking some vacation time- and as a result this email will be a "lite" version. The miracle of the Internet means that even though I am thousands of miles from Oklahoma- I can still keep up with things that are going on that affect our farmers, ranchers and those involved in agribusiness.

We do have a daily Beef Buzz to share with you- as well as some other features that we will have for you the balance of this week and next- and I will be back on the Tuesday after Labor Day full speed ahead!

Talking Wheat with Jeff Krehbiel...
Past President of the Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association, Jeff Krehbiel of Hydro, says that while wheat producers really wanted a higher Direct Payment in the Farm Bill proposal approved by the full House last month. Krehbiel, who is the Vice Chairman of the National Association of Wheat Growers Policy Committee, says that that NAWG is disappointed that there was no increase, but believe that under the circumstances of the challenge offered by Congressman Ron Kind and others to do away with Direct Payments altogether, keeping that part of farm policy intact was an accomplishment worthy of praise.

Krehbiel adds that NAWG will definitely remain engaged as the Senate works on their version of farm policy- and will look for ways to get wheat a "better shake" when it comes to the Commodity Title.

As we sat down with Jeff recently, we also talked about his recent appointment to the Oklahoma Wheat Commission to fill the seat vacated by the death earlier this year of Paul Jackson of Apache. We have linked our conversation with Jeff below- take a listen!

Click here to listen to Ron and Jeff talk farm policy from a wheat perspective and more.

Annie's Project Coming to Oklahoma in the 4th quarter of this year.
Oklahoma farm women with an interest in business and agricultural networking can now take advantage of special classes devoted to helping them manage information used in making critical decisions. The classes are part of a program called "Annie's Project," named in honor of a woman who spent a lifetime helping to manage a family farm, constantly learning new skills to deal with both opportunities and adverse times. "Annie's Project is designed to empower farm women involved in an agri-business they married into, inherited, have been a part of their whole life or wish to start on their own," said Damona Doye, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension farm management specialist.

Annie's Project in Oklahoma is made possible by a grant from the Southern Region Risk Management Education Center and sponsorship from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, part of the OSU Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. "Given the benefits and relevance of the program, other in-state sponsors will eventually be lending their support as well," said Bill Burton, OSU Cooperative Extension area agricultural economist. "I've been in conversation with several organizations." Participants will receive practical training in such diverse areas as financial records, production records, marketing plans, risk management, legal and regulatory records and documentation, business communication, human resources and time management. The program will be offered in six sessions, each lasting three hours. Cost is $50 per person and class size is limited. Pre-registration is required.

There will be seven locations across the state that will each host the series of Annie's Meetings. The first of those meetings will begin in Guthrie on October 25th and running into December. Other sites that have been selected thus far include Kingfisher, Tulsa, Bartlesville and Walters, with two other locations to be announced for meetings in 2008. We have linked the details now available on our calendar page at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com- and your local extension office will have more details of "Annie's Project" as they become available.

Click here for our Calendar page at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Eliminate Animal Agriculture!
There are groups that want to do just exactly that- they don't like modern animal agriculture and want it to go away- to drive you as a livestock producer out of business. Kay Johnson is the Executive Director of the Animal Agriculture Alliance, and works on behalf of those who are in the livestock industry in attempting to battle uphill against these well funded organizations.

The amount of money these major animal rights groups have annually to use against livestock production in this country totals into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Kay Johnson talks about these groups with us today on our Beef Buzz- and you can hear her comments by clicking below.

Our Beef Buzz with Kay Johnson can be heard on the Radio Oklahoma Network- or you can click below to take a listen as well at your convenience. By the way, I just noticed that Kay will be one of the Monday speakers at the Texas Cattle Feeder Association Convention this fall down in San Antonio as she continues to spread her message on the challenge to animal agriculture.

Click here to listen to Ron and Kay on our Thursday Beef Buzz!!!

Grain Standards for Ethanol- GIPSA wants your input.
The US Department of Agriculture's GIPSA is asking for public comment on grain standards for corn and other feed grains that are being grown for ethanol production. They are asking agricultural groups and others their opinion of whether there is a market need for USDA to establish additional grain quality standards to better describe the type and quality of grain purchased for ethanol production, such as, differentiating corn with a high total fermentable starch content from other corn types.

They also want to know what the industry wants in the way of standards and ways to describe the DDGs that come out of the ethanol making process. USDA wants to know whether there is a market need for standards to describe the type and quality of feedstuff produced during the ethanol production process and marketed as various forms of distillers grains. During fermentation, grain starch is converted to ethanol and the remaining nutrients, such as protein, fat, minerals and vitamins end up as distillers grains or condensed distillers solubles.

All interested parties are invited to submit comments and supporting information to aid in GIPSA's evaluation on how we can best facilitate the marketing of distillers grains in today's evolving marketplace. Comments are due by the 18th of September. We have linked a current news release with details on how to submit comments below- and more on what GIPSA and their director James Link are looking for.

Click here for more information on GIPSA asking for public comment on grains involved with ethanol production.

Express Ranches Big Event V Happens Labor Day!
Bob Funk and his Express Ranch Team led by Jarold Callahan call it the Big Event with good reason- as one of the biggest sale events of the year from one of the largest seedstock operations in the country will happen on Labor Day at the Express Ranch headquarters just north of Yukon, beginning at 10 am.

The 2007 sale offering will include 100 Spring Calving Heifer Calf Pairs, 55 Spring Calving Bull Calf Pairs, 125 Spring Calving Cows and Bred Heifers, 120 Fall Calving Cows and Bred Heifers, 40 Fall Open Heifer Calves as well as flushes, Pregnancies and embryo lots.

There's a couple of ways to get a complete sale book. First, you can call Express Ranches at 1-800-664- 3977. Or, you can see it right now by going online to the Express Ranches web site linked below and click on the link for the Complete Sale Book. All told, there are some 382 lots to be sold, representing some 600 Registered Angus cattle- some of the best Angus genetics in the world!

Click here for the Home Page of the Express Ranches Website- from there click on their sale book for the Big Event.

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