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-- Eight Bucks Will Buy You a Bushel of Wheat!
-- Yonhap Cites Government Source as Saying South Korea Ready to Accept Bone In US Beef.
-- Chaos Continues in Japanese Government as Prime Minister Abe Stepping Down
-- Carbon Credit Meeting Set For Louisiana, Oklahoma & Texas Landowners
-- Britain May Have Another Case of FMD!
-- USDA Crop Production and Supply Demand Numbers Out This Morning-
-- Check our Calendar Page- Livestock Show Schedule for both State Fairs Now Available

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Eight Bucks Will Buy You a Bushel of Wheat!
One trader says that the wheat market went "Kaboom" yesterday just a few minutes before the close of the open outcry session- and panic buying ensued. Traders were scared of being left on the sidelines ahead of the Supply Demand numbers that will be issued today by USDA- as well as the expected updates on the size of several important international wheat crops.

When the dust and prices settled- we had new all time highs in Chicago and Kansas City on wheat futures contracts. The Kansas City September finished thirty cents higher as it settled at $8.60 a bushel, well above the previous all time high in intraday trading of $8.38. Active December also went limit up to $8.59 a bushel.

Local grain elevators pushed their grain bids posted by thirty cents per bushel as well across the state- and we now have at least four locations that the Oklahoma Department of Ag reports on that are at or above the eight dollar mark. Cherokee, Manchester, Ponca City and Medford all are posting bids at or above eight dollars- it may be time to go get the camera and snap a couple of shots to help mark this bit of history.

You can check your an elevator in your part of the state by clicking below on the daily Cash Grain summary from the ODAFF.

Yonhap Cites Government Source as Saying South Korea Ready to Accept Bone In US Beef.
Korea will ease rules against bone-in beef imported from the United States., but will push to keep the current specified risk material (SRM) and age restrictions on animals butchered for the Korean market, government sources were quoted as saying Tuesday by Yonhap News Agency. The position comes after nine government policymakers and civilian experts held a livestock quarantine consultation committee to exchange views on rewriting the country's import guidelines.

Officials in South Korea have a very low level of trust of the US meat industry after repeated msitakes have been made by major US Meat Packers in shipping boxes of US meat that have been mislabeled or somehow have gotten through their quality control with bone in beef in those boxes. "There is consensus that Korea cannot accept U.S. requests to lift all restrictions," said a Korean government source, who declined to be identified. He said that past on-site inspections have shown that the U.S. cannot effectively keep track of all its animals or meat, and that the country's meat processing facilities may inadvertently cause "cross-contamination" between good beef and SRMs during the butchering and packaging process.

But, it does appear the South Koreans are ready to step up and accept US bone in beef. The Government official quoted by Yonhap says that Seoul would probably allow the import of bone-in beef like ribs and T-bone steak, which has accounted for the bulk of imports in the past. No time line was mentioned in the report from Yonhap from earlier today.

Chaos Continues in Japanese Government as Prime Minister Abe Stepping Down
There are reports swirling around in Japan today that Prime Minister Abe has decided to resign, after a string of damaging scandals in recent months. Those scandals have included several of his choices to be Farm Minister, as no one has stayed in that position in the Abe government for more than a few months, with the latest Minister only in office for a week while one of his predecessors committed suicide earlier this year.

This continuing turmoil in the Japanese government will likely hinder our ability to get a decision to ease restrictions on US beef- and this word of Abe planning to step down comes after a weekend meeting with President George W. Bush where our President urged the Japanese Prime Minister to expedite the lifting of restrictions against US beef.

The immediate goal is to get the Japanese to raise the age limits on US beef from twenty months to at least the more internationally accepted thirty month mark. Beef from animals older than twenty months is currently not accepted from the US, while the US wants that standard moved to the thirty month level- and in fact, the US government has been clamoring for the Japanese to fully recognize OIE standards for countries that are considered "minimal risk" for BSE as the US is considered- a ruling that came back in May of this year.

Carbon Credit Meeting Set For Louisiana, Oklahoma & Texas Landowners
An upcoming conference promises to walk landowners through four steps to making a profit from selling carbon credits, said a Texas Cooperative Extension expert. The Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana Carbon Credit Conference is scheduled Sept. 28 at the Texas A&M University System Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Overton.

""We are going to bring in people who are in the know, nationwide, who are either involved with the carbon registries or the carbon credit exchange," said Dr. Eric Taylor, Extension forestry specialist."These are the people who are making the rules and regulations. And they're going to be discussing how carbon credits might possibly be a viable market for landowners, not just forest landowners but all landowners." Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana landowners are currently being approached by carbon-credit brokers offering to pay them not to harvest their timber until 2011. To the uninitiated, it may sound like a scam, but the basic business concept is legitimate, Taylor said.

Registration for the all-day event is $30 per person and will include lunch. To register online with a credit card, go to . Or they may pay with cash or check at the door on the day of the event. Credit cards cannot be accepted for at-the- door registration. We also have a brochure on the Conference linked below. For more information, contact Judy Cole at 903-834- 6191.

Click here for more information on the Carbon Credit Conference Sept. 28 in Overton, Tx.

Britain May Have Another Case of FMD!
Word comes this morning from southern Britain in Surrey of a herd of cattle that is suspected of having Foot and Mouth Disease. This comes after British officials had apparently been successful in stopping the spread of FMD that got out of a biosecure lab and affected several herds a little over a month ago.

As we write this- they are testing the animals in question, are culling the herd and have placed a quarantine zone around the farm in question. Government officials have stated if the case is positive- a nationwide ban on livestock movement will be once again put in place to try to stop the spread of the disease.

We have linked one of the late stories on the developing story below- check it out- and you may want to do a "google" search yourself for Britain FMD later today to see if results are available on this possible latest case of FMD.

Click here to check out one of the latest stories on the suspected case of FMD in Southern England.

USDA Crop Production and Supply Demand Numbers Out This Morning-
The reports are out this morning at 7:30 am Central time from USDA in Washington- and we will have an audio report- as well as some details on the numbers on the front page of our web site. That will likely be available between 8:00 and 8:30 AM this morning.

Among the numbers we will be watching closely- the size of the US Corn Crop. In August, the USDA predicted a thirteen billion bushel corn crop- traders expect a slightly bigger corn crop than that record smashing number this go round.
On the international scene, USDA will probably give us updated wheat crop numbers of the size of the crop in countries like Australia, Argentina and Canada- all of those numbers could be lower compared to previous USDA assessments.

Go to our front page of our website, WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com and under the banner "Today's Agricultural News" look for report coverage later today. We have a link to the site below.

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Check our Calendar Page- Livestock Show Schedule for both State Fairs Now Available
Lots of Livestock Show activity will be happening at both the State Fair of Oklahoma over the next ten days in Oklahoma City, as well as at the 2007 Tulsa State Fair the latter part of this month into early October.

We have the links on the Livestock Show Schedule of both Fairs on the Calendar page of our website- and we have that Calendar page linked below.

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