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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Tuesday September 25, 2007!
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-- Wheat Seeding Lags Last Year and the Five Year Average.
-- Acting Secretary Conner Talks Farm Bill and More with Media.
-- Latest Wheat Production Newsletter is Out- Help for Figuring Wheat Pasture Budgets Included!
-- Cotton Harvest Virtually Here in Oklahoma- so Says J.C. Banks
-- How will Conservation interests fare when the dust settles on the 2007 Farm Bill?
-- More Details on the Decisions to be Made about Crop Insurance THIS WEEK!
-- Memorial Services Later this Week for Anita Kouplen

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Wheat Seeding Lags Last Year and the Five Year Average.
In the three Southern Plains Winter Wheat states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, the pace of putting wheat seed into the ground has been well behind 2006 and the five year average. The Oklahoma update said "Wheat seedings were running behind normal at 25 percent, but the pace is expected to increase significantly over the next few weeks." Specifically, we are much closer to last year's 31% seeding number but still lagging significantly the 38% five year average.

The Texas and Kansas numbers show wheat farmers in those states are also behind with Kansas checking in at 17% planted versus 22% last year and the 26% five year average- Texas farmers have been slow to pull the trigger with just 19% planted versus 38% done by last fall and the 42% five year average.

On the harvest side of the ledger- we have started on a limited basis the peanut and soybean harvests here in the state of Oklahoma- no numbers are actually given in this latest report while 11% of the grain sorghum has been combined and 73% of the corn crop is now out of the field. Back to soybeans, there is worry about Asian Soybean Rust- it is causing problems in several counties across the state. You can read the full Oklahoma update by clicking below.

Click here for the latest Oklahoma Crop Weather Update

Acting Secretary Conner Talks Farm Bill and More with Media.
A number of issues were raised by the Acting Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Conner as he met with reporters via teleconference yesterday afternoon. Conner was able to give his opening statement- then USDA had technical difficulties and had to have reporters call back later in the afternoon to do some Q&A with the interim chief of USDA.

Among the topics brought up by Conner- the need to get the Senate moving on the Farm Bill, the need to get Congress to bless the Free Trade Agreements with Peru, Panama, Columbia and Korea; the need for a WTO deal and the need for stronger oversight when it comes to Food Safety.

We have linked these comments from Chuck Conner on our Featured Audio page on our web site- and you can take a listen to them by clicking on the link below.

Click here for the Priorities Talked about by the Acting Secretary of Ag- Chuck Conner

Latest Wheat Production Newsletter is Out- Help for Figuring Wheat Pasture Budgets Included!
Dr. Jeff Edwards, OSU State Wheat Specialist, has released his latest Wheat Production Newsletter- and it includes an excellent overview of wheat pasture issues, as well as a look at Fall Armyworms from Dr. Tom Royer- now's the time to start scouting for these destructive pests.

On the wheat pasture portion of the newsletter, Edwards says there are three types of wheat pasture producers, the Cowboys, the Opportunists and the Optimizers. Edwards says that Cowboys are ranchers first, and wheat producers second. Opportunists are primarily wheat farmers who every once in a while will wake up in mid fall and realize they have a great deal of wheat pasture forage- and decide that they should take advantage. Dr. Edwards says the true dual purpose wheat producer is that third category, the "Optimizer."

The "Optimizer" is the producer who will run the numbers, have a sharp pencil and will determine which direction to go based on potential profits. One tool that OSU has developed those who want to runt he numbers is an Excel spreadsheet that is called the Wheat Stocker Planner- click on the name to download this excel file and follow our link below to learn more about wheat pasture strategies as well as the skinny on fall armyworms.

Click here for the latest Wheat Production Newsletter from OSU's Jeff Edwards.

Cotton Harvest Virtually Here in Oklahoma- so Says J.C. Banks
Cotton harvest is literally just around the corner- and now is the time to utilize cotton harvest aids to maximize your crop's potential- that according to OSU State Cotton Specialist Dr. J C Banks.

"Most May-planted cotton in Oklahoma is now ready for application of harvest aids," Banks said. "Some producers have been making applications, and we have initiated several harvest aids research and demonstration plots.The best way to determine if the crop is ready for application is by slicing the top harvestable boll on the plant. When the plant is ready for a boll opener, the seeds that have been sliced should have a dry (not gelled) inside and the seed coat should form a dark-colored ring on the outside of the seed.

"The most successful treatments are those involving both a boll opener and a defoliant. The boll opener not only opens bolls, but it makes the defoliant work more effectively.The most common treatments at this time of year are Finish plus Def or Ginstar or Prep (or other generic ethephon products) plus Def or Ginstar. Finish works faster than the other ethephon products, but also is more expensive. Def should be used on cotton that has cut out well, and does not have excessive new growth in the top of the plant. If a lot of new growth is on the plant, Ginstar should be used. "In cotton that is to be stripped, a sequential treatment of a desiccant might be considered one to two weeks later to dry the plant and condition it for stripper harvest. The most effective desiccant is a paraquat- based product such as Gramoxone Inteon, but caution should be taken if spraying this product near wheat. If wheat or other small grains are in the vicinity, one of the PPO inhibitor products should be used. The most commonly used PPO products are Aim, ET or Blizzard." Dr. Banks tells us that he has his harvest aid strategies on the NTOK Cotton website.

Click here for the NTOK Cotton Web Site- then click on Presentations by JC Banks to find his information on Harvest Aids.

How will Conservation interests fare when the dust settles on the 2007 Farm Bill?
The Playa Lakes Joint Venture is a non-profit partnership of federal and state wildlife agencies, conservation groups, private industry and landowners dedicated to conserving bird habitat in the Southern Great Plains. About the western half of the state of Oklahoma is included in their area they service- and beyond our state, they stretch over the Texas Panhandle, Eastern New Mexico and Eastern Colorado, the western half of Kansas and a portion of southwest Nebraska.

Their communications team leader, Debbie Slobe, regular produces a radio report about conservation and wildlife issues in this region- and her latest effort is very timely as it relates to the writing of the 2007 farm bill.

The new Farm Bill is on the horizon. With the 2002 Farm Bill expiring, Congress is currently deliberating the 2007 version. Debbie talked to Barth Crouch, regional wildlife biologist for Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever in Kansas, about what the new Bill holds for landowners and conservationists. We have linked her program featuring Barth Crouch from our Featured Audio page at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com. Click below to take a listen.

Listen to Debbie Slobe talk Farm Policy as it relates to Conservation with Barth Crouch of Pheasants Forever.

More Details on the Decisions to be Made about Crop Insurance THIS WEEK!
Oklahoma producers have already received from Uncle Sam right at $130 million in crop insurance pay outs here in 2007, with other claims still to be paid between now and the end of the year. Scott Bulling with Oklahoma Farm Bureau tells us that for every forty two cents that a farmer has paid into the program- he has received over $2 of benefit- mainly because of the many claims filed and paid on during the spring production and harvest cycle of the 2007 wheat harvest.

.While the insurance has been mostly at a 70% coverage level, which means it does not make a farmers whole- it has helped pay for many of the expensive inputs associated with this past year's wheat crop.

For the 2008 wheat crop- this week is your last chance to get the work done on making all the decisions associated with today's Crop Insurance. We did an audio interview with Scott Bulling about the value of crop insurance and what decisions have to be finalized by next Monday, October first. Click below to listen to the full conversation- to be found on our website on the Featured Audio page.

Click here to listen to Ron and Scott go in depth on the "whys and hows" of Crop Insurance here in 2007.

Memorial Services Later this Week for Anita Kouplen
Two services will be held for Anita Kouplen, wife of President Steve Kouplen, who passed away unexpectedly last Friday. One service will be held, Saturday, September 29th, 10am at the Forest Hill Christian Church, 2121 N. MacArthur, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
The other service will be held, Saturday, September 29th, 3pm at the Crossroads Baptist Church, 6962 Happy Camp Road, Beggs, Oklahoma. The church is located one mile north of Beggs on Alt 75 Highway.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Anita Kouplen's name to the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Legal Foundation, 2501 N. Stiles, Oklahoma City, OK 73105 or a charity of your choice.
If you wish to send a card of encouragement to Steve during this most difficult time- you may do so at the following address:
Steve Kouplen
5910 Garfield Road
Beggs, OK 74421-9751

Because of this time of grief in the farm community as we lift up Steve Kouplen in our prayers, we will be postponing the airing of our conversations with the two Presidential candidates for the position that Steve Kouplen has held and will step away from this fall as he hits the term limits established by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau. We will withhold those interviews with Bob Drake and Mike Spradling out of respect for Steve and share those with you in a couple of weeks in early October. (we had indicated last Friday that we would be airing them this week.)

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