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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Friday October 12, 2007!
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-- Our World May be Facing a Herbicide Diversity Problem!
-- We talk with Crop Quest President Ron O'Hanlon
-- No Breakthroughs Yet over US beef to Korea.
-- It's Prime Time for those Hungry Mosquitoes!
-- School Land Leases Go Up for Bids Later this Month.
-- As She Prepares for her National Office Run at the FFA Convention in Indy, watch Laila tomorrow on In the Field with Ron Hays!
-- One last set of Observations- Random and otherwise- from Germany!

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Our World May be Facing a Herbicide Diversity Problem!
Over the last five days, we have been traveling on the Herbicide Innovations Tour, as presented by Bayer Crop Science. Our final day of presentations was Thursday, as we toured a huge industrial complex that was built by Hoechst Chemical, before that company was broken up and pieces sold to several companies- at least seven companies are operating at this complex where Bayer Crop Science has research and production facilities.

One of the most interesting presentations came on Thursday from the head of Herbicide Research, Hermann Stubler. He says there is a real concern among those who are involved in the ag chemical industry of the lack of herbicide diversity we now face. He says that we have a significant "innovation Deficit in the Herbicide Industry" over the last two decades. He believes that leaves a field that is ripe for the taking by companies like Bayer Crop Science that have the research teams in place to really search for and develop compounds that can deliver on new products that are not the same old chemistry rehashed one more time. He adds that based on the last five years- the companies that are continuing to research and bring products to the market are Bayer, Syngenta and BASF. It's interesting that the company with the dominate chemical, Monsanto, has apparently backed off of using resources to bring new active ingredient products to market- they have chosen to develop biotechnology solutions for the market and have been hugely successful up to this point.

Dr. Stubler acknowledges that Glyphosate is the proverbial eight hundred pound gorilla in the ag chemical world- that everything that happens in many of herbicide markets globally is a fit around this chemical or a reaction to resistance to Glyphosate. The domination of this chemical is not without danger to crop production, and Dr. Stubler contends "After 50 years of herbicide technology in use, weed resistance is becoming a growing danger in all major crops, globally." We talked with Dr. Stubler about where we have been and where we may be going in crop protection in this country- he has incredible vision and I would invite you to listen to where he sees the future of ag chemicals in the years to come- click below to listen.

Click here to listen to Ron visit with Dr. Hermann Stubler of Bayer Crop Science.

We talk with Crop Quest President Ron O'Hanlon
One of the participants in this Herbicide Innovations Tour this week is one of the founders of Crop Quest, based in Dodge City, Kansas. Ron O'Hanlon is President of Crop Quest, and we sat down during this event to visit with him about the Crop Consulting business.

Crop Quest was formed in the early 1990s and now has crop consultants working with farmers in five states here in the Great Plains- including Oklahoma. He says they have advised producers on a variety of crops down through the years- everything from the dominant crop in the region, winter wheat to more specialized crops like vegetables.

We have the complete conversation linked below for you to take a listen to- we talked about current crop conditions as he sees them and we even discussed the future of the Ogallalla Aquifer. Take a listen to that conversation by clicking on the link provided below.

Click here to listen to Ron talk with Ron O'Hanlon about the Crop Consulting Business.

No Breakthroughs Yet over US beef to Korea.
Seoul and Washington began talks on new South Korean guidelines for imports of American beef Thursday. Washington demands a full-fledged resumption of imports. But Seoul wants to maintain its ban on some U.S. beef parts. Officials from both sides began the two-day consultation at the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, to set up new sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) standards for beef imports.

The Korea Times reports that familiar positions were restated in day one of the talks in Korea. "According to sources, the South Korean negotiators proposed that the country allow import of ribs but maintain the ban on other SRMs such as brains, eyes, tonsils and spinal cords. U.S. officials, however, called for the resumption of full- scale beef imports, reminding Seoul of the fact that the country had received the ``controlled risk'' status in terms of mad cow disease from the World Organization for Animal Health last May."

By the time you get this- I will be on an airplane headed back to the United States and you may want to do your own Google search for the latest on this story. I would go to Google.Com and click on their news link- then type in Korea Beef and hit the news button and see what may have developed as the team led by Bruce Knight and Chuck Lambert from the US met with officials from South Korea on Friday.

It's Prime Time for those Hungry Mosquitoes!
We are cooling down as we move further into October- but the mosquito season is not yet done- and that means we could still have an end of season problem with West Nile in your horses. Dr. Wendy Valla is a Vet Tech with Intervet- and we talked with her in recent days about the problem with late season West Nile and solutions for your horses.

Dr. Valla visited with us about the need to vaccinate your horses if you never got around to it earlier in the season- saying that while the mosquito season is winding down- they do remain a serious problem for horses and humans. In fact, she says that as the bird population packs up and begins to fly southward as winter approaches, that leaves mosquitoes looking for something or someone to chew on- and if they can find a nice juicy horse, they can be voracious.

Of course, her company has a one shot solution in dealing with West Nile disease- and a major advantage of the product, Prevenile, is the fact that one shot and you have quickly have protection with this product. You can learn more about late season mosquitoes and Intervet's solutions for them by clicking on the link below.

Click here to listen to Ron and Dr. Wendy Valla talk about Prevenile!

School Land Leases Go Up for Bids Later this Month.
The 25th annual School Land Trust lease auctions will begin October 22nd in Beaver County and conclude November 6th in Lawton. This year's fall auctions will include a total of 578 leases in 36 counties. "Over 168,000 acres are being offered in these auctions," said Keith Kuhlman, Director of Real Estate Management Division for the Commissioners of the Land Office. "Some leases are suitable for grazing or farming operations and others are ideal for recreational hunting, fishing or other personal enjoyment uses." Most leases are for a term of five years, he said. Minimum bids are listed for each tract. Detailed lists are available from the CLO at (405) 604- 8100 or 1- 888-355-2637.

Leases in Beaver County will be auctioned at the Beaver County Fairground at 2 p.m. October 22. Cimarron County leases will be offered at 9 a.m. October 23 at the Cimarron County Fairground. Bidding for Texas County leases begins at 2 p.m. at the Texas County Fairgrounds in Guymon on October 23.

Leases in Woodward, Major, Harper, Woods, Ellis and Dewey Counties will be offered October 24th at 10:00 a.m. at the High Plains Vo-Tech in Woodward. Caddo, Washita, Kiowa and Beckham, Greer and Roger Mills County leases will be auctioned at 10:00 a.m. at the Western Technology Center in Burns Flat on October 29th.

On October 30, leases in Payne, Noble, Logan, and Pawnee Counties will be auctioned at the Payne County Fairgrounds in Stillwater starting at 10:00am. Garfield, Kingfisher, Grant, Blaine, Kay and Alfalfa Counties will be held on Wednesday, October 31st at the Garfield Co. Fairgrounds in the Chisholm Trail Pavilion, in Enid. The Pavilion Meeting room is a new location this year, still at the fairgrounds, just a different building. Signs will be posted.

Pottawatomie, Cleveland, Lincoln, Oklahoma, Garvin and McClain Counties will be auctioned at the Gordon Cooper Tech. Center, in Shawnee on November 5th at 10:00 and on the 6th of November, the Great Plains Tech Center in Lawton the auction for Comanche, Jackson, Cotton, Tillman and Stephens counties will be 10:00 am.

As She Prepares for her National Office Run at the FFA Convention in Indy, watch Laila tomorrow on In the Field with Ron Hays!
Oklahoma's Candidate for a National FFA office, Laila Hajii of Guthrie, is excited about her opportunity to be a part of the national FFA scene, hoping that she will hear her name called two weeks from this Saturday on the convention floor in Indianapolis as one of six national officers of the youth organization.

You don't have to go too far back to find an Oklahoman that served as a national officer- the National President of a year ago was Travis Jett from Slapout, Oklahoma. Laila tells us that Travis had some advice for her as she prepared for the interviews and call backs when she arrives in Indy- "Laila, be Laila."

We had the chance to have Laila join us in studio at KWTV News9 to record a segment for this Saturday morning on the morning news block that runs from 6 am through 8 am. Take a look live- it is scheduled for around 7:40 am- or go to our website, WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com and we will have a link to the video piece later in the day on Saturday from our In the Field segment. We also have audio interviews with both Laila Hajii as well as Chelsea Clifton that we will have on our FFA Convention page in the coming week- be looking for those as well!!!

Click here to go to our front page of our website, WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com and we will have a link later in the day on Saturday featuring our video piece with Laila Hajii!

One last set of Observations- Random and otherwise- from Germany!
In just a little while, I will be packing up and heading for the airport to head back home to Oklahoma- but wanted to share one last set of Random Observations from the perspective of a person who has traveled to both Boise City and Broken Bow and enjoyed them both.

Number ONE- we had some great pork this trip- but perhaps the best was one I let get away. I walked through a farmers open air market in downtown Frankfurt and one vendor was cooking up huge pork cutlets (Schnitzel) and they were big- plate sized big and really looked yummy. Unfortunately, I passed as they had dinner scheduled for us in an hour or so- that turned out to be one of the poorer choices of the trip- and the pork cutlet was only about $5 US.

Number TWO- Gas at the pump runs about 1.35- per Liter and of course that is in Euros. Do the math and you see that our German friends are paying right at $7.50 a gallon- one of the real reasons they drive much smaller cars- have no full sized pickups or SUVs and you see Billions of motorscooters and even ladies in high heels and skirts on bikes!!

Number THREE- We saw lots of tractor trailers on the Autobahn- mostly Volvos and Mercedes- while we saw a ton of freight trains interspersed with the passenger trains- it seemed like every five to seven minutes there was another train running on tracks on both sides of the Rhine River as we cruised for about an hour on Wednesday afternoon.

Number FOUR- English words just pop up at the oddest points on store signs and billboards- the KFC still proclaims itself Kentucky Fried Chicken and one point of purchase banner said "The Best of Kentucky" and then launched into a listing of what that was in German.

and finally NUMBER FIVE- The last of the three hotels we have been in is very European- two single beds in the room- soap in a dispenser in the shower AND- this was a new one to me- little samples of Bodyguard- which appears to be a Deodorant. Maybe the Germans have that in case any French guests show up!

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