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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Monday October 22, 2007!
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-- No Surprises Out of the Cattle on Feed Numbers- for the most part.
-- 2007 Farm Bill Mark Up in Senate Ag Committee set for this Wednesday.
-- US House Members Voicing Concerns About Cotton Language within Doha
-- San Antonio Today and Tomorrow- then on to Indy!
-- Sponsor Spotlight- Farm Credit of East Central Oklahoma!
-- Dr. Jeff Edwards Invites you to Take a Look at Newly Planted Variety Plots!
-- USDA Buying Big Bunch of EID Tags

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No Surprises Out of the Cattle on Feed Numbers- for the most part.
Placements of cattle into feedlots jumped by nine percent compared to September of a year ago- and that could produce some reaction by commodity traders today and in the near future. One trader says that this report was friendly to the near by cattle market, but the back end could well be in trouble- with the implication of bigger placements being more beef in the pipeline next February and March.

Marketings were slightly better than expected by the pre report guesses at 97% of a year ago, while the overall cattle on feed number was down 4% from October 1, 2006, about in line with what the experts were anticipating.

Our own Ed Richards had the chance to visit with Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities about these numbers and what they may mean- and Tom is a our featured guest on the Monday edition of the Beef Buzz as a result. You can hear the Beef Buzz on great radio stations across the Radio Oklahoma Network- you can also listen to it by going to our web site and clicking on the Beef Buzz button, which takes you to links to all recent Beef Buzzes. AND, we have today's show linked below for you as well. Take a listen!

Click here for the latest Beef Buzz with Ron and Tom Leffler on the Cattle on Feed numbers.

2007 Farm Bill Mark Up in Senate Ag Committee set for this Wednesday.
The leadership of the Senate Agriculture Committee has set a date and time for the Committee to mark up the 2007 farm bill. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin of Iowa and Ranking Member Saxby Chambliss of Georgia say the meeting will take place Wednesday morning, October 24, 2007, at 9:30 a.m. EDT in room 328A of the Russell Senate Office Building. The meeting will be broadcast over the Internet.

The Committee has posted details of the Harkin proposals for the Committee to begin with. We have that linked for you below. Click on the link below- look for the big green button in the middle of the page that says "2007 Farm Bill," click there and you will be taken to the listing of the ten titles that the Committee has prepared for the Senators to work through-0 starting on Wednesday morning.

Click here to be taken to the Senate Ag Committee website and their listing of details of their Farm Bill Proposal.

US House Members Voicing Concerns About Cotton Language within Doha
A group of 32 House Members has sent a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab citing their serious concerns with the cotton language in the draft text released by World Trade Organization Agriculture Negotiating Chairman Crawford Falconer. In the letter the groups say - the treatment of cotton assumes a consensus opinion where there is none. Furthermore, the language ignores how best to address the underlying issues and help producers in four West African countries.

The lawmakers say they believed Ambassador Falconer erred by failing to bracket the "cotton language." They say - nowhere in the draft is there mention of the underlying distortions in the international cotton market and the efforts the United States has made, and continues to make, with initiatives such as the West Africa Cotton Improvement Program and the African Growth and Opportunity Act. The letter concludes, given the agreement in the Hong Kong Declaration that any further cotton domestic support adjustments would be negotiated after an overall agriculture agreement is reached. We are concerned the draft text creates added pressure for a separate cotton agreement in advance of an agriculture agreement.

The Representatives stated, though, - while the benefits of a comprehensive and multilateral agreement are great, we cannot abandon a group of farmers who have operated within the parameters of a program written to comply with the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture and the status of which continues to be adjudicated in the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body. The Representatives said treating cotton differently than all other agriculture products erodes our support for the WTO and the Administration's trade agenda.

One of the key lawmakers involved in this effort was Congressman Randy Neugebauer of the Texas High Plains- he met personally with Schwab and hand delivered the letter to her. We have linked the Neugebauer News release on that meeting with the Ambassador- and he mentions in the release that he also urged continued pressure on Korea and Japan to open their markets more fully to US beef.

Click here to read the news release from Congressman Neugebauer on the meeting he had with Ambassador Schwab.

San Antonio Today and Tomorrow- then on to Indy!
As you read this- we are heading to San Antonio and the 2007 annual meeting of the Texas Cattle Feeders Association. TCFA represents feedlots in Texas, New Mexico as well as here in Oklahoma. They have an outstanding meeting planned over the next couple of days- and we will offer significant coverage from there tomorrow as well as Wednesday here in this email as well as on our radio reports on the Radio Oklahoma Network.

The 80th annual convention of the National FFA organization is cranking up in Indianapolis- and we will be getting in there late Tuesday- and covering the events the balance of the week. One of the young ladies that we featured on TV about a week ago, Laila Hajii of Guthrie, is there already and is very busy with interviews and tests and all that goes into making a run for one of the six national officer slots for FFA nationally that will be announced this coming Saturday.

We feature some comments with Laila on our morning farm news being heard on the Radio Oklahoma Network, as we asked her about how she might explain the value of FFA and Ag Education to those who might not be familiar with it but still have control over its future- she offered an amazing answer and you can take a listen for yourself by listening to our morning farm news on the great radio stations across the state- or by clicking below and hearing that morning farm news as linked regularly on our website at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com. That link is below- check it out!

Click here to listen to Ron on RON for our Monday morning farm news featuring comments from Laila Hajii- National FFA Officer Candidate.

Sponsor Spotlight- Farm Credit of East Central Oklahoma!
This daily email is produced as a service of Griffin Communications and the Radio Oklahoma Network- and it is made possible by those wonderful sponsors that help us pay the bills. I know that many of you have expressed to me how valuable this daily service is- and I would really like to point you back to our sponsors- they know that is is a valuable service as well- but it really helps cement their involvement with this report when you let them know you appreciate their support of what we do.

One of our sponsors in recent months has been John Poindexter and Farm Credit of East Central Oklahoma. These folks understand agriculture- and are a great source of funding for your farm, ranch or rural enterprise. One of the great things about Farm Credit is the way it is organized, the individual Farm Credit groups can pay patronage refunds back to those who are their borrowers in a given year. Word has come down in recent days that Farm Credit of East Central Oklahoma is once again paying patronage refunds totaling three million dollars here in 2007- back to those who were repaying loans in 2006.

Farm Credit of East Central Oklahoma has eleven offices across their territory- all ready to help match your borrowing needs up with the right loan for your farm or ranch. You can contact the Broken Arrow office to get details on which office serves you by calling 1- 800-972-9134- or click on the link below. And the next chance you have to let John Poindexter know you appreciate their support of agriculture in so many different ways- their support of our rural youth, of young farmers as well as the support of this email service- be sure and let John know with a big Thank You!

Click here to be taken to the Farm Credit of East Central Oklahoma Website!

Dr. Jeff Edwards Invites you to Take a Look at Newly Planted Variety Plots!
Just as wheat farmers across the Oklahoma wheat belt have been very busy planting their 2008 winter wheat crop as moisture has permitted, OSU personnel and supporters have been busy getting the 2008 Variety trial plots in at many locations already around the state. OSU State Wheat Specialist Dr. Jeff Edwards tells us "Most of these locations have emerged, so I encourage you to stop by and take a look when you are in the area. If you need any help finding a location check with the county extension office or send me an email." (That email address is

Jeff adds that "Locations yet to be planted include Buffalo, Frederick, Haskell, Kildare, Kingfisher, Lahoma, and Marshall Grain Only." He says that they hope to plant these sites this week if conditions allow.

Dr. Edwards adds that it has not been the easiest year to get all the bases covered in planting this trials- "I want to recognize the hard work of our county and area extension staff. Our variety testing crew is a little short- handed this fall, so planting has occurred as a result of everyone pitching in and going the extra mile. Next time you see your county or area staff, be sure to say thanks."

Dr. Edwards has a map that he has provided us of the where the various locations that have been planted thus far are located- click below to take a look and make it a point to check these out over the next couple of weeks and then periodically through the growing season- that will help you in that quest to find the best fit when it comes to varieties for your wheat farming operation.

Click here to review Dr. Jeff Edwards' map of wheat variety trials around the state.

USDA Buying Big Bunch of EID Tags
USDA has signed contracts with three manufacturers to produce 1.5 million radio frequency identification ear tags that are compliant with National Animal Identification System standards. The combined cost of the contracts is 1.7 million dollars. The ear tags will be used specifically for USDA state-federal cooperative disease control and eradication efforts, such as bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis and will be distributed in geographic areas which are determined to be of increased risk for disease outbreak or spread.

Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs Bruce Knight, says - this marks another step in our efforts to reach our long-term goal to trace an animal within 48 hours during a disease outbreak. Knight says - production and distribution will make it easier for state and federal officials to trace production animals to their source in the event of a disease outbreak or animal health emergency.

The ear tags will use radio frequency identification device technology, which will allow producers and animal health officials to electronically identify and store information contained on a tag that is attached to an animal. This will greatly increase the efficiency of an animal disease investigation that involves tracing of exposed and potentially infected animals.
Three manufacturers are under contract to produce the radio frequency identification ear tags: Allflex USA Inc., Dallas Ft. Worth Airport, Texas; Digital Angel Corp., South St. Paul, Minn.; and Global Animal Management, Summit, N.J.

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