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-- History Suggests We Could Be on High Center Til February!
-- Senator Tom Coburn Wants Major Farm Bill Reform- But Totally Different Than the Ken Cook Crowd's Concept.
-- WRDA Override Vote in the Senate Today- Senator Coburn will be only Oklahoma Lawmaker to Vote Against Override.
-- Cotton Leader to Help Advise Oklahoma State's FAPC
-- Oklahoma Wheat Grower's Set Date for Their Annual Meeting
-- Reserve Grand Champion Bull Honors Claimed by a Pair of Oklahoma Angus Producers
-- Chuck Conner's View of Beef Trade Woes in the Pacific Rim

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History Suggests We Could Be on High Center Til February!
No agreement is in sight between Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and his Republican counterpart, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky as it relates to how amendments will be handled on the floor of the Senate for the 2007 Farm Bill. Senator McConnell pointed out on the floor earlier this week that the 2002 Farm Bill debate hit the same hurdle- and it took from December to the following February to finally resolve it.

At this point, Farm Bill Deliberations are not on the agenda today and we may see another attempt to move the process next week- but it is now very doubtful that we can finish the Senate's work on this bill before their Thanksgiving recess that begins at the end of next week.

One word that has been uttered by several lawmakers in recent days- including our own Oklahoma lawmaker on the House Ag Committee, Mr. Lucas, is the "E" word- Extension. However, one veteran lobbyist that we have heard from says that an extension is simply not acceptable- because if we wait another year or two to write farm policy- the budget baseline will look even worse than it is this year. In addition, there are already some "winners" from the process thus far and those groups and interests will not willingly let go of what they have achieved in the 2007 Farm Bill debate- they want to see this process pulled through to a successful conclusion.

Senator Tom Coburn Wants Major Farm Bill Reform- But Totally Different Than the Ken Cook Crowd's Concept.
Oklahoma's Junior Senator is well known for his battles against waste in government spending- and he pointed out to us in our conversation with him yesterday that there is plenty of that over at USDA- but his real complaint with the current farm bill proposal is that even with the so called reforms many are touting- subsidies leave us vulnerable to WTO challenges, and that they address a short term fix, instead of offering a long term solution.

Senator Coburn's solution would be to help farmers build capital through government assistance- which will allow them to better withstand the ups and downs of the business of farming and ranching.

In addition, the Senator does plan on offering some amendments regarding crop insurance- specifically, he wants to offer an amendment that will require all producers to buy crop insurance if they want ANY government aid from farm programs- he says that should help bring down the cost of crop insurance for all if everyone is participating. We have our farm bill conversation with the Senator linked below- take a listen.

Click here to listen to Ron talk with Senator Tom Coburn about the 2007 Farm Bill.

WRDA Override Vote in the Senate Today- Senator Coburn will be only Oklahoma Lawmaker to Vote Against Override.
Speaking of Senator Coburn, he indicated to us that he will support the President's Veto and vote against the override of the "WRDA" Bill when it hits the Senate floor, with that vote expected to happen later today.

Earlier this week, the House voted to override 361-54. In a statement, a White House spokesman said "We understand that members of Congress are going to support the projects in their districts. Budgeting is about making choices and defining priorities- it doesn't mean you can have everything. This bill doesn't make the difficult choices- it says we can fund every idea that is out there."

Coburn acknowledged that he will be the only member of the Oklahoma delegation to vote against the override, as all five House members supported the override vote in that body. Senator Coburn offered us several reasons as to why he considers this measure bad policy because it turns over all the decision making to the appropriators because the Army Corps of Engineers have a major backlog of projects for the money given them annually- and Coburn contends this bill adds to that backlog and does nothing more. Click below to take a listen to the Senator's comments.

Click here for Senator Tom Coburn on the WRDA veto override.

Cotton Leader to Help Advise Oklahoma State's FAPC
A cotton industry leader has been appointed to the Industry Advisory Committee of the Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center on the Oklahoma State University campus. The Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives appointed Jay Cowart, director of warehouse operations for Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA) in Altus, Okla., to the committee. "We are pleased to have Mr. Cowart on our Industry Advisory Committee," said J. Roy Escoubas, FAPC director. "The FAPC will benefit from his experience and leadership in the agriculture industry."

Cowart said he is excited about the opportunity to serve on the committee. "I am honored to be considered," he said. "The committee already has some cotton knowledge, but my past experience has provided me with an understanding of issues beyond just warehousing of cotton, including marketing and textiles." As director of warehouse operations, Cowart manages the cotton warehouse storage and shipping facilities of the Oklahoma Cotton Cooperative Association located in Altus, Okla.; Frederick, Okla.; Liberal, Kan.; and Memphis, Texas and the Rolling Plains Cooperative Association located in Sweetwater, Texas; Hamlin, Texas; Rule, Texas; and Flower Mound, Texas.

"One of my main responsibilities is overseeing the storing and protecting of the integrity of the cotton once we receive it from the gins," Cowart said. "Once the cotton has been purchased, I help make sure the cotton is ready for the buyer." Cowart said he is preparing for a busy year. PCCA's warehouse storage and shipping facilities have a capacity of storing 1 million bales, and it is projected the facility will receive 1.5 million bales. Cowart said he is working on an effective way of stacking the bales for both efficient use of space and shipping. Communication between the buyer and the warehouse helps give the facility more lead time to accommodate for efficient shipping. Cowart has held several local, state and national positions that he believes will help him in his new role as a member of the Industry Advisory Committee. Some of these positions include board member and secretary of the Oklahoma Cotton Council, warehouse delegate and board member to the National Cotton Council, secretary of the Cotton Growers Warehouse Association, member of the Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Chair Advisory Committee and member of OSU's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Dean's Advisory Committee. "I am looking forward to working with the FAPC," Cowart said. "I think what the FAPC is doing is very beneficial to the state of Oklahoma."

Oklahoma Wheat Grower's Set Date for Their Annual Meeting
A date has been set for the Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association annual convention on December 8, 2007. The Meeting will be from 9:30am to 3:30 pm. Lunch will be provided as a part of the day's events.

OWGA is still working on their speaker lineup for the 2008 meeting. They will once again, as they have the last couple of years, meet at the Express Event Center in Oklahoma City, 8512 NW Expressway.

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Honors Claimed by a Pair of Oklahoma Angus Producers
The 2007 Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) Roll of Victory (ROV) Angus Show, Was held a couple of weeks ago in Billings, Montana. Two Oklahoma Angus producers hauled one of the best Bulls of the show to Billings for that event.

David Burleson, Fairland, Okla., and Scott Morris, Balko, Okla., led the reserve grand champion bull. QLC Authority 2785 is a February 2005 son of Sedgwicks Powerstroke 7502 and first topped the senior division.
Congratulations to David and Scott!

Speaking of the Angus Breed, one of their biggest show events comes up next Monday and Tuesday at the North American Livestock Exposition in Louisville. Their National Roll of Victory Bull Show is next Monday, while the National Roll of Victory Heifer Show happens next Tuesday.

Chuck Conner's View of Beef Trade Woes in the Pacific Rim
Acting Secretary Chuck Conner seems to be surprised that the Pacific Rim countries of Japan and South Korea have not immediately responded to the OIE ruling that the United States is a "controlled risk" country when it comes to BSE and that our beef should be considered safe as a result.

In comments from this past weekend, Conner remains baffled how one dairy cow from Canada in 2003 could still be blocking trade from what used to be our first and third largest international beef customers. The attitude that we heard a couple of weeks ago from Dr. Chuck Lambert of USDA that the Bush Administration will not be happy with a step by step process of reopening trade in these countries- but instead is pushing with intensity for a full reopening NOW.

Others from our country that have worked with the nations and cultures involved for many years advocate the step by step approach. Phil Seng, President of the US Meat Export Federation thinks we will have to accept the Japanese and South Korean plans to gradually open their markets- first to beef aged 30 months of age or younger in Japan- up from the 21 month limit now in place- and up to 30 months of age beef- boneless and bone-in for South Korea. Seng thinks we will be able to recover those markets- but trying for a complete buy-in of the OIE recommendations makes it a lot more difficult. You can hear what Secretary Conner has to say about this issue by clicking below and taking a listen to today's Beef Buzz from the Radio Oklahoma Network- it reveals a little of where the Administration's "head" is on this subject.

Click here to listen to today's Beef Buzz with Ron and USDA's Chuck Conner.

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