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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday November 14, 2007!
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-- Are We Back on Track on the Senate Floor on the 2007 Farm Bill Debate???
-- The Wheat Market Continues to Play High-Low- we get the latest "tea leaves" reading from Dr. Anderson!
-- Two Weeks and Counting of NO Rain across the state.
-- Western Collection Sale Set for Saturday!
-- What about Calf Prices???
-- President Bush to Meet with Japanese Prime Minister Friday- and Beef Will Be Discussed.
-- In Kansas City the balance of the week...

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Are We Back on Track on the Senate Floor on the 2007 Farm Bill Debate???
It appears that Republican Minority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell has cried "uncle" and is agreeing with Harry Reid on the need to limit the number of amendments tossed up in the air and debated as the Farm Bill is processed on the floor of the US Senate.

Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss- the top Republican on the Senate Ag Committee proclaimed Tuesday evening on the floor that the deal is done and that we should be ready to begin debate on the Grassley-Dorgan Payment Limits proposal- likely to be followed by the Dick Lugar plan to swap out farm policy measures as he wants to sharply scale back farm program payments and replace that with a crop insurance policy that is largely paid for by Uncle Sugar. Those first amendments would get extra time on the floor of the Senate- ninety minutes total for each of these measures. After those first two amendments are disposed of- the time limit on other amendments comes down to one hour per amendment. If the Senate is willing to work some long hours- hold to the deal- and stay on course-we could come close to wrapping up the measure by late Thursday or early Friday- before the Thanksgiving recess. That's a best case scenario.

ALL OF THIS IS VERY FRAGILE and EXTREMELY UNCERTAIN! What Saxby Chambliss said on the floor last night may mean nothing when the Senate starts working this morning- but we will be watching closely to see if there might be a Senate Farm Bill that we could place right there on the Thanksgiving Dinner Table along side that big turkey! Of course, the question is which turkey is which.

Click here to listen to what Senator Chambliss had to say about the STARTING of Farm Bill Debate today in the Senate.

The Wheat Market Continues to Play High-Low- we get the latest "tea leaves" reading from Dr. Anderson!
The bloom has come off of the wheat market in recent days as we have backed away from the historic prices that we saw earlier this fall. But Dr. Kim Anderson says that while some of the "fear factor" has come out of the market- the fact of the matter is that the global wheat supply is still very tight and that these markets remain firmly seated on a hair trigger mechanism.

In the case of the July 2008 Kansas City Wheat futures contract- Dr. Anderson believes that it will be facing a winter/early spring roller coaster ride- and that the highs of that ride when we fear for the condition of the 2008 crop and available supplies of wheat will offer producers several chances to price some of the new crop wheat between now and harvest if they choose to do so.

We talked with Dr. Anderson about the factors that have gotten us to this point of the wheat marketing season- and what lies ahead- we have the link to that conversation below- check it out!

Click here to listen to Ron and Kim talk Wheat Prices!

Two Weeks and Counting of NO Rain across the state.
The latest Crop Weather report from USDA shows no rain falling across Oklahoma for the second straight week- and that means more concern for the 2008 Winter Wheat crop in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma crop remains mostly in fair to good condition- but in some of the drier areas of the state- wheat has yet to germinate in some fields- and in others where it has emerged, stress is evident from the dry conditions. 94% of the 2008 wheat crop has been planted, with only 70% now emerged. That emerged number is well behind the five year average number of 90%.

Harvest of our spring planted crops has moved rapidly with the dry conditions- corn harvest was done several weeks back, grain sorghum harvest is now 79% complete, soybeans at 63% harvested, 91% of the peanuts now combined and we stand at 55% of the cotton crop now harvested- with the exception of the soybean harvest- we are at or now ahead of the five year average on our harvest pace.

Topsoil moisture supplies continue to dwindle- with the tipping point of at least half of the rating now in the short to very short category hit this week- 61% of our topsoil is now rated in that short to very short category- that's compared to 45% short to very short a week ago. We are not far in the topsoil ratings from a year ago now- as we stood at 66% short to very short last year at this point in the season.

Click here for this week's Crop Weather Report for the state of Oklahoma.

Western Collection Sale Set for Saturday!
The Western Collection Fall Edition Cattle Sale is set for THIS Saturday November 17 at the K-Bar Cattle Company Sale Facility one mile west and one mile north of Canute- Exit 47 off Interstate 40. Sale time is set for one PM.

The Western Collection Breeders include Purvine Farms, JE Ranch, Dan May, Diamond Hills Cattle Company, DJ's Cattle Company and Strate Family Cattle Company. 150 head will sell- including Registered Angus, Maine Sim-Angus and Chiangus genetics- everything from service age bulls to show heifer prospects to spring calving bred females and even Embryo and flush opportunities.

This fall's sale is set up in a new format as they will offer 75 Elite, Registered individual lots- to be followed by 75 powerful spring bred females in uniform groups of three to five head. For sale information- you can contact MCS Auctions at 405-840-5461 or go to their web site that we have linked below.

Click here for more information on the Fall Edition Western Collection Sale set for Canute this Saturday.

What about Calf Prices???
OSU Livestock Market Economist Dr. Derrell Peel with us for one more day here on the Beef Buzz, heard on the Radio Oklahoma Network- and linked on our web site on our Beef Buzz page at www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com. We have that page linked below and you once you arrive there- scroll down and you can click on any of the three days that we have conversation with Dr. Peel on- November 12, 13 or 14.

On the 14th, we talk with Dr. Peel about Calf Prices- he sees the tight supply of calves keeping any major price drop from hitting us between the eyes, and adds that the market with the current relatively high feed grain prices is giving us opportunity to get more value from forage based gains.

We talk calf prices as well as the challenge of having good quality forage to feed as we head into the winter months- so click below and take a listen to the Beef Buzz for today, November 14.

Click here for the Beef Buzz for today with Ron and Dr. Derrell Peel.

President Bush to Meet with Japanese Prime Minister Friday- and Beef Will Be Discussed.
Only days before President Bush meets with Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, Tokyo said it won't unconditionally accept Washington's demand that it lift the age limit on U.S. beef imports, Kyodo News reported. Bush is expected to press the issue with Fukuda during a summit scheduled for Friday in Washington.

But Japanese officials, including Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Masatoshi Wakabayashi, said the government should base such a decision on "scientific evidence." "We should deal with the matter, bearing in mind that consumers are deeply concerned about the safety of the food they eat," Machimura was quoted as saying.

Of course the Japanese have been studying the issue for months- as they have had the same information that the OIE had last fall and through the early months of 2007 that led to the agency's ruling that the United State is a "controlled risk" country when it comes to BSE. The science is there but it appears that the political will to settle this issue in favor of America is not.

In Kansas City the balance of the week...
We are in Kansas City typing this update for you- and will be here the balance of the week for our annual professional meeting- the annual convention of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting. This morning, we expect to hear from the Acting Secretary Chuck Conner today- and a lot more to come over the next three days.

Meanwhile, as we are here in KC, we got a note early this morning from Joe Williams- the Director of the Oklahoma Ag Leadership Program, that Class 13 is headed for Ardmore today for the next couple of days for their November seminar that will be headquartered at the Noble Foundation- the seminar in that part of the state is always one of the highlights of the program- and I am sure that will be the case here in 2007.

One other note- the American Farmers and Ranchers Annual Speech Contest is underway this month- and it will culminate on December First with the State Finals in Stillwater. From some of the reports I am getting, the early district contests have been going very well- and we look forward to that event coming up right away!

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