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-- Cloture Fails- and the Senate Will Have to Regroup...
-- Congressman Moran Offers Extension to Help Sober Up Those Drunk on Reform Measures.
-- American Farmland Trust One of Those Groups Upset Over Possible Extension
-- A Good Story for Thanksgiving Week- 101,000 Meals From MIO!
-- Congrats to Oklahomans Selling High Dollar Animals at the North American in Louisville!
-- Marketings Up Six Percent From a Year Ago in the Latest Cattle on Feed Count...

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Cloture Fails- and the Senate Will Have to Regroup...
Falling five votes short of the 60 needed to invoke cloture - Senators left for home Friday without making any progress on the 2007 Farm Bill. Friday morning's vote was a last-ditch effort to block non-germane amendments to the farm legislation. Just four Republicans joined Democrats in favor of invoking cloture - with three Republicans not voting.

Senate Ag Chairman Tom Harkin accused Republican leaders of trying to kill the bill so the President wouldn't have the awkward position of vetoing the measure that's so important to conservative rural America ahead of the 2008 elections. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell dismissed those claims. He says Republicans were merely insisting on an opportunity to offer amendments of their choosing - including those that address taxes, immigration and other issues unrelated to the farm bill. McConnell says it's well known the Senate will pass a farm bill. Any statement to the contrary - he says - is laughable. He says a similar dance took place during the last farm bill debate in 2002. Once the games stopped - he says the Senate got back to work, had an open process for a week - and passed a bill. He says the Senate hasn't approved a bill at this point because the games haven't stopped. But he says they will - and that's when they'll finish the farm bill.

It appears that the "best case scenario" that is now floating around is that the Senate will be able to pull together a deal to allow debate and passage of a measure to occur in December before the Christmas break- with both bodies then appointing a Conference Committee and that group of lawmakers finishing a realistic measure before the end of January, with a final vote in both bodies to follow and a bill that is close to veto proof landing on the President's Desk before Valentine's Day. There may be some sort of a temporary extension of dairy provisions to take us past the first of the year- but this "best case scenario" gets us done before the 1949 Permanent Farm Law really becomes the proverbial naked elephant in the room.

Congressman Moran Offers Extension to Help Sober Up Those Drunk on Reform Measures.
Congressman Jerry Moran stopped by the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City on Friday to say hello to the nation's farm broadcasters on his way home to the big first district of western Kansas where he was scheduled to flip the coin at the opening of a mega small school football game as the playoffs are underway in Kansas- just as they are here in Oklahoma. Moran told the broadcasters that he and the other House Ag Committee Republicans had decided to move forward with dropping a bill that was actually the language offered some months ago by House Ag Committee Chairman Colin Peterson that would extend the recently expired farm law of 2002 by just ONE year to next October 30. While the Republicans really don't want an extension- if they had, they would have offered a two year extension to take us past the Presidential and Congressional Elections of next fall- Congressman Moran did say that he was very interested in throwing some cold water into the face of those who were holding up the process of getting an actual bill through both bodies of Congress and signed into law.

Moran told us that he is concerned about how the process this year has been hijacked more than ever before- with more and more people simply looking for a way to capture the money that was a part of the 2002 farm law's budget baseline for their own purposes.

He believes that the way the process works is still the ally of Production Agriculture, in that the "real" bill will get hammered out by the House and Senate Conferees, who have a better grasp of the big picture of agriculture and the needs of farmers and ranchers. We have The Congressman's thoughts on the process and a concern that he has about the support that may or may not be there from the US Speaker of the House for the House passed Farm Bill proposal- click on the link below for that audio overview with Jerry Moran.

Click here to listen to Ron and Jerry Moran on the Farm Bill Process.

American Farmland Trust One of Those Groups Upset Over Possible Extension
The American Farmland Trust, along with the National Farmers Union and a group known as the Food Action Research Center, joined several Democratic Senators who blasted the House Republicans who announced their intention of offering an extension for one year of the 2002 Farm Law because of the failure of those Democrats in the Senate to be able to move a farm bill forward. Ralph Grossi, President of the AFT, says that an extension is totally unacceptable because they don't want to give up the gains already achieved to this point in the 2007 farm bill process.

Grossi states "We need a new Farm Bill but time is running out. This is not, should not be a partisan issue. Both Republicans and Democrats want a new Farm Bill. The Senate Farm Bill was voted out of the Senate Agriculture Committee unanimously with eleven Democrats and ten Republicans supporting it. I am speaking on behalf of farmers and ranchers, who are Republicans and Democrats and fiercely independent. They want to improve the environment, they are the stewards of the land, but they are turned away because our conservation programs don't have enough funding. For these farmers and ranchers, for fruit and vegetable growers, for consumers shopping at farmers markets, and many others-extension of the existing Farm Bill is not an option. Extension would be like driving into the future of U.S. agriculture policy while looking in the rearview mirror. Extension means missed opportunities to protect working farms and ranches, improve water quality and enhance wildlife habitat. Extension means programs that protect wetlands and grasslands will be eliminated. Extension means more farmers and ranchers who want to help the environment will be turned away- and already two out of three are denied assistance."

The Democratic Senators involved were not only blasting the House Republicans for even thinking about a farm law extension- but also blasting the Senate Republicans for voting against cloture and how Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to manage the farm bill debate. Cloture, as we mentioned earlier, failed by a 55-42 vote- you have to have 60 Senators voting in favor of the cloture petition to get debate and discussion shut down on the Senate floor.

A Good Story for Thanksgiving Week- 101,000 Meals From MIO!
Oklahoma's Regional Food Banks received enough food donations this week from the recent Made In Oklahoma Coalition drive to provide 101,142 meals to those in need. "Our goal was to raise enough food to provide 100,000 meals so we're extremely pleased with this year's program to feed the hungry," said MIO Coalition Chairman, Garry Hess of Bar-S Foods. "We're proud of our coalition members and we really want to thank all the grocers and Oklahomans who helped make this year's program such a success by supporting Made in Oklahoma products."

Fourteen MIO companies participated in this year's feed the hungry campaign including Advance Brands, Bar-S Foods, Chef's Requested Foods, Clements Foods, Daddy Hinkle's, Fields Pies, Griffin Food Company, Head Country, Hiland Dairy, Ken's Baker, J.C. Potter's, My Bigmama's Kitchen, National Steak and Poultry, and Shawnee Mills.

The MIO Coalition began its annual food drive to benefit the Regional Food Banks of Oklahoma in 2003 when enough food was raised to provide 12,613 meals. Since that first year the coalition has doubled or nearly doubled the amount donated each year.

Congrats to Oklahomans Selling High Dollar Animals at the North American in Louisville!
Two Oklahoma FFA members claimed high honors at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville this past week. The top steer and the number two lamb at this year's junior show came from our state.

The Grand Champion Steer sold for $23,000 and was owned by 17 year old Ky Stierwalt of Leedey, Oklahoma. In the Wether Lamb division, the Reserve Grand Champion was owned and shown by Kashen Urban of Roosevelt, Oklahoma. His animal sold for $11,000 and Kashen completes his youth career as a 21-year-old this year. Kashen also has the distinction of having been in the Sale of Champs four times during his youth career. That accomplishment is seldom equaled in livestock agriculture.

The total Sale of Champions this year grossed $90,000 for six animals. Each youngster receives 80% of the gross sale price of their animal. Another 10% is used to advertise and recognize buyers who have paid premium prices to the young people, and the final 10% is donated to Kentucky Harvest to fund a "Blessings in a Backpack" children's school program. Meat from the animals in the Sale of Champions is also donated to Kentucky Harvest and used to feed the homeless.
As the North American International Livestock Exposition drew to a close in 2007, the expo's claim as the largest purebred livestock expo in the world remained intact. Over 21,000 entries were featured in approximately 140 shows and sales.

Marketings Up Six Percent From a Year Ago in the Latest Cattle on Feed Count...
But that was not enough- as the "experts" expected an even bigger marketings number- something like eight percent. Placements of cattle into the nation's feedlots came in 12% above last October and the total number of cattle in the nation's feedlots, 11.76 million head, was two percent under the cattle on feed number of last November first.

On today's Beef Buzz heard on radio stations around the state on the Radio Oklahoma Network, we have Tom Leffler join us to talk about what the numbers may mean and whether they are really slightly bearish or not.

You can hear what Tom had to say about the Friday Cattle on Feed report- and where this may lead us on cattle prices- by going to our website and scrolling down to the November 19 edition of the Beef Buzz- we have the link to our page below- you can also scroll through recent Beef Buzz updates and listen to other industry leaders about some of the hot topics of the day within the beef cattle industry- all on our web site, WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com.

Click here to go to our Beef Buzz page on the OklahomaFarmReport.Com and scroll down to November 19 to listen to Ron and Tom on the COF.

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