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-- Has Corn Been the Price Leader??? Nope- Try Wheat!
-- Oklahoma Cattlemen Hoping that South Dakota Judge will Reject Attempts to Derail Canadian Border Reopening.
-- Farmers Needed For Farmer's Markets in 2008!
-- Gray Land and Cattle Company's Production Sale Happening This Friday.
-- More Colin Woodall on Today's Beef Buzz...
-- Gobble Gobble Gobble- Let's Talk Turkey!
-- Being Thankful as we Approach Thursday!

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Has Corn Been the Price Leader??? Nope- Try Wheat!
The world continues to use more wheat than we are producing- and according to Terry Francl, Senior Economist of the American Farm Bureau- that means that wheat has really been the price driver for grains here in 2007- MORESO than corn! In the latest monthly report on economic factors from the AFBF- Francl writes:

"The wheat stocks-to-use ratios reflects the extremely tight situation for wheat throughout the world. It should also be noted, most obviously in the domestic number, that the stocks-to-use ratio has been slowly but surely tightening over the past eight years. In other words, use has been outpacing production.

"Contrary to what is often been repeated in the media, it has been wheat that has lead the price increase in crops for most of the past year, not corn. And the past couple of years the reduced wheat production was almost totally weather induced, both here in the United States and in several other major wheat producing countries like Australia."

We have the full Economic Analysis for you to review- lots of interesting observations to consider from a price outlook of fertilizer to a look at grain and livestock market factors- click below to take a look!

Click here to take a look at the November AFBF Economic Update

Oklahoma Cattlemen Hoping that South Dakota Judge will Reject Attempts to Derail Canadian Border Reopening.
In talking with Scott Dewald of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association, he tells us that there are several of his cattle producer members that have deals ready to go if the Mexican government follows through on their promise to quickly reopen their country to US live cattle imports once we open up the border to Canadian cattle.

The Canadian market is open- as of early this week, but Dewald admits he is concerned that if the cattle and consumer groups that want the market access closed back down through court action get their way- that could delay Mexico in moving to reopen their borders to our cattle. We are being watched by other countries in how we conduct ourselves in this post BSE world- and Mexico is a prime example. Dewald expects the final "go" on reopening the Mexican market to US cattle will come in meetings between the two countries shortly after our Thanksgiving holiday.

According to the NCBA, the implementation of the Minimal Risk Rule #2 moves us forward in opening that Mexican market. "The implementation of this rule also sets the stage for normalization of beef and more importantly live/breeding cattle trade with Mexico, and this will have a positive impact for U.S. cattlemen. We're also very mindful of the fact that our international trading partners are watching how we handle the resumption of trade with Canada (and Mexico) and will likely apply some of the same standards to resuming trade with us."

Farmers Needed For Farmer's Markets in 2008!
Next Saturday, December first, OSU Extension, the Kerr Center and the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture are teaming up to offer advice to those that have interest in getting in on one of the exciting trends in agriculture for those that want to grow fruits and vegetables for a local market- the Seminar planned in Tulsa County is being called "Becoming a Farmers' Market Grower."

Sue Gray, OSU Horticulturist in Tulsa County says that you can be a part of one of the fastest growing sectors of Oklahoma agriculture as producers meet the rising demand for fresh, locally grown products! This is a free workshop for potential producers of fruits and vegetables- the products that are in highest demand at local farmers' markets. Home gardeners, acreage owners and farmers, are all welcome to attend.

The event is planned for Saturday morning from 9 am til noon at the Tulsa County Extension office, 4116 E. 15th Street, Tulsa. We have a link to more details of this event- click below to learn more.

Click here for info on the December 1 Farmers Market Informational Meeting in Tulsa.

Gray Land and Cattle Company's Production Sale Happening This Friday.
While consumers rush to the stores for Black Friday this week- cattle producers wanting some of the leading Hereford genetics in the country can do some shopping of their own at the Gray Land and Cattle Company Big Polled Sale Volume XIII- beginning at 1:00 PM this Friday, November 23.

The sale will be held at the Ranch just off I-35 at Waterloo Road north of Oklahoma City- and they will be featuring 50 service age Bulls- EPDs on several key traits and Ultrasound information will be available. Charles and Karen Gray will also be selling 50 Bred Females that are spring calvers bred to low BW (birthweight) trait Hereford Bulls.

Here are two phone numbers for you to call to get more details of the offering that will be sold by Auctioneer Jim Birdwell on Friday- those numbers are 405-341-6861 or 405- 341-7445. You can also email Charles at

More Colin Woodall on Today's Beef Buzz...
As we mentioned yesterday, it appears the Packer Ban on Livestock Ownership will survive the debate on the floor of the US Senate whenever we finally get around to the actually Senate Farm Bill Debate. But Colin Woodall and others believe that the real choke point for this offering of Senator Tom Harkin, the Chairman of the Committee, will be in the Conference Committee.

Beyond the Packer Ban- we talk today on our Wednesday Beef Buzz about an amendment that has been called the "Captive Supply" amendment and one that Woodall and the organization he represents are VERY worried about. It calls for transparency at a very high level for just about any market transaction of forty or more cattle.

We have written about this measure before- you may remember Steve Dittmer's piece on it a few weeks back- but NCBA is bracing for a major fight to keep this amendment out of the final version of the Senate Farm Bill. You can listen to Colin's take on this measure by clicking below and checking out today's Beef Buzz- our regular Beef Industry Spotlight from the Radio Oklahoma Network.

Click here for the Wednesday Beef Buzz with Ron and Colin Woodall of the NCBA.

Gobble Gobble Gobble- Let's Talk Turkey!
One of our Farm Broadcaster friends, Todd Gleason, has compiled a whole list of turkey facts as we await Thursday and the annual eating of the bird that many will enjoy with family and in some cases, friends. (I know that a lot of folks will also enjoy ham and in some cases, a wonderful beef roast- most folks are focused on turkey for at least this one week of the year!)

Forty-five million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving, while Twenty-two million turkeys are eaten each Christmas. Ben Franklin, in a letter to his daughter, proposed the turkey as the official United States bird.

These and other facts of the bird have been put together by Todd- and we have his entire list linked below in a special audio report- click listen and enjoy your bird!

Click here to listen to Todd and his Turkey Talk!

Being Thankful as we Approach Thursday!
I am very thankful for the opportunity to offer each of you a special thanks for your interest in what we do in delivering farm and ranch news on a daily basis- whether it's this email, our daily radio reports, our website or our weekly KWTV News9 update on Saturday mornings.

It's my pleasure to know so many of you personally- and your support by listening or watching or reading what we report regularly is very gratifying and very much appreciated.

I am also very grateful to live in a country that celebrates being thankful for the blessings that are poured out upon us as a country and as individuals. I am most thankful for the personal relationship that is offered everyone by God through His Son that He sent to this earth some 2000 years ago.
It's my hope that you and yours will have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday 2007!!!

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