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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday November 28, 2007!
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-- One Wheat Marketing Option- Do Nothing!
-- WTO- Deal or No Deal???
-- Jhett Skaggs Benefit Auction Set for TONIGHT in Lawton!
-- Rural Development Funding Flows From Uncle Sam!
-- Campaign Seminar Set for Next Week by Oklahoma Farm Bureau
-- Talking Supply and Demand on Today's Beef Buzz
-- Next Week- the 14th Tulsa Farm Show!

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One Wheat Marketing Option- Do Nothing!
This is a very resilient wheat market that we have seen in the late summer through fall time period. Dr. Kim Anderson of OSU says the main reason for the rally has been tight supplies with strong global demand- resulting in the fear that we might run out of wheat before we get new crop supplies next May and June. Dr. Anderson believes this is a "weak" rally- one that could fold like a house of cards if we don't keep feeding it with bullish news.

Bullish news would be things like the continuation of dry weather in the southern plains- or perhaps arctic air blasting in on stressed and exposed wheat- producing winterkill.

As as far new crop marketing strategy is concerned- Dr. Anderson says we have a lot of volatility in the market and that makes early locking in of wheat prices for 2008 is a risky proposition. He says if you really want to price some of the 2008 production now- consider forward contracting. Otherwise, his recommendation is to sit tight and see what happens as we watch this current crop develop in the US over the next few months. He believes the downside risk (the floor) for 2008 wheat is around $5.00 a bushel- with the upside at $8 (which could be too low). Take a listen to our comments with Kim by clicking on the link below.

Click here to listen to Ron and Kim talk through the Wheat Market.

WTO- Deal or No Deal???
Apparently- Texas farmer and American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman thinks the answer is "No Deal." Bob Stallman says the long-awaited world trade deal will remain out of reach until developing countries can agree to open their markets to more U.S. farm goods. The top man at AFBF told members of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation that talks are stuck because many developing countries want the United States to reduce its farm subsidies without cutting their tariffs in return.

Stallman said - too many developing countries decided - oh, this is a free ride for us. We're going to get something and we're not going to have to give up anything in return. Stallman says that's -problem number one - with the negotiations. Stallman said - we have to secure a deal that balances whatever we give up in our domestic supports in return for increased market access.

Meanwhile Pascal Lamy- the Director General of the WTO says there will be no movement on the Doha Round until sometime in the first quarter of 2008. The next milemarker that could result in progress in the WTO is when Crawford Falconer of New Zealand, who chairs the WTO agricultural talks, issues his latest revised negotiating text- that is expected to come no earlier than February as behind the scenes work continues on language on how to measure the consumption of politically sensitive farm products in the Developed Countries.

Jhett Skaggs Benefit Auction Set for TONIGHT in Lawton!
We have been telling you about the benefit auction planned for ten month old Jhett- he and his family live in the Lexington area- his dad, Brian, is a past President of the Oklahoma Limousin Breeders Association and has always been busy helping others in need.

According to Ken Holloway, one of those organizing the Auction this evening- there will be an impressive list of items to be sold starting around 7 PM this evening. There is now a listing of the items online- you can go to our calendar page linked below and scroll down to the second item which is the Jhett Skaggs Benefit Auction- and take a listen to our conversation with Ken on the Auction- as well as a direct link to the Skaggs Auction website where they have the sale catalog and a master list of all items that have been donated for the sale to this point.

Ken mentions that you don't have to go to Lawton to participate- you can go online and watch the auction and sign up to bid as well. Details are there on the website that we have linked on our calendar page- check it out!

Click here for the WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com website Calendar Page where you can get more info on the Jhett Skaggs Benefit Auction.

Rural Development Funding Flows From Uncle Sam!
The November Newsletter from the Oklahoma State Office of the USDA Rural Development Agency is now available- and we have it linked on our website on our Featured Audio page. We also have it linked below for you to access as well.

It features stories on how USDA dollars are making a difference in communities like Miami and Woodward- and has links to information on grants and meetings coming up that you may want more information on.

In talking with Brent Kisling a few weeks back- he mentioned a major "broadband" success story that is unfolding in southeast Oklahoma- and we will look forward to providing more info as it becomes available on a WiMax project that will really bring a portion of rural Oklahoma right up to flank speed in the world of cutting edge technology.

Click here for the November Newsletter of the USDA Rural Development Agency

Campaign Seminar Set for Next Week by Oklahoma Farm Bureau
Potential candidates for public office are invited to attend an upcoming seminar designed to assist them in running a successful campaign. Oklahoma Farm Bureau's Campaign Management Seminar will be held December 4-5 at the Oklahoma Farm Bureau office in Oklahoma City. "This seminar continues to grow each year," said Lori Kromer Peterson, OFB vice president of Public Policy. "Numerous elected officials previously attended the Campaign Management Seminar to gain valuable knowledge and were successful in their campaign efforts."

Cody Lyon, director of grassroots and policy advocacy for the AFBF office in Washington, D.C., will lead participants through case study exercises, including a computer-simulated campaign, which tests the candidate's campaign techniques, tools and methods. The candidates also will gain valuable skills in media presence when OFB Corporate Communications/Public Relations Director Sam Knipp interviews them on videotape. Candidates for local, county and state elected offices all have benefited from the seminar in recent years. Spouses of candidates, as well as campaign managers, also are welcome to attend.

The official deadline has passed for registration- but for those that might still have interest-you might check with Lori and her staff on possible cancelations that would open up a spot for you. We have a link to more on the Seminar linked below- or you can call Ericka McPherson, OFB National Affairs director, at 405-530- 2668.

Click here for more on the Campaign Seminar Planned by Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

Talking Supply and Demand on Today's Beef Buzz
Extension Livestock Marketing Economist Dr. Jim Mintert is our guest on our midweek edition of the Beef Buzz- and he indicates that beef demand has enjoyed at least a slight bump up in the last couple of weeks- and that's the reason for recent strength in the wholesale boxed beef trade. He attributes that to interest in featuring beef in this "after Thanksgiving" time frame.

Meanwhile, we have somewhat tighter supplies of market ready cattle- which offsets any larger weights of beef carcasses that we have seen this fall- those weights as of yet are not coming down as they often do in the fall. The biggest problem we have right now is that there is a LOT of pork being produced right now going through the pipeline- and that is really a tough competitor for beef.

You can hear Dr. Mintert's comments on our Wednesday Beef Buzz- our regular radio feature on the Radio Oklahoma Network. You can hear this on great radio stations around the state as well as clicking and listening on our website on the Beef Buzz page. We also have today's Buzz linked below for your listening consideration.

Click here to listen to Ron and Jim on today's Beef Buzz from RON!

Next Week- the 14th Tulsa Farm Show!
I can remember the very first Tulsa Farm Show- a young Cajun by the name of Carey Martin was working with me at a network not to be named- Carey's comment to me was- it's a great facility- the people involved seemed to want it to work- but I just don't see how it will. You could walk around that first show in a matter of an hour- if you walked slow. Well, the Tulsa Farm Show has come a long way since then- has grown and grown and now fully occupies the upper level of the giant Expo Square Building that is now being called the Quik Trip Center.

Add to that a private treaty bull sale that will be set up in the lower level of the huge building- and you have the next phase of growth being undertaken in the 2007 Tulsa Farm Show that runs next Thursday through Saturday in Tulsa at the Fairgrounds.

We really appreciate John Sampson, Ron Bormaster, John Riles and their entire team for job they do- as well as their long time sponsorship of this daily email. When you go to the Tulsa Farm Show next week- take a moment and thank them for their support- and enjoy the show, complete with Gentle Horse Training by Craig Cameron, the Animal Health Demos, the Cattle Handling Skills Contest on Thursday and hundreds of exhibits of cutting edge products designed to make your farm, ranch more profitable- or even your rural home more comfortable and attractive.

Click here for more information on the 2007 Tulsa Farm Show December 6-8.

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