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-- Promoting American Wheat- the job of US Wheat Associates.
-- Understand the Global Market- Embrace It- and Thrive!
-- Sort Those Mama Cows and Get Your Body Condition Scores Up
-- Deadline to Get Cattle Listed for the Bellringer Sale is Tomorrow.
-- Holy Bin Busters- 385 bushels of corn- from one acre!!!
-- Our Email today-a little lighter than normal....

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Promoting American Wheat- the job of US Wheat Associates.
At the recent Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association meeting, we had the chance to sit down with the current Chairman of US Wheat Associates, Ron Suppes of Kansas. Suppes says that US Wheat is the group that aggressively promotes the several different classes of wheat that is grown in the United States- and that promotion includes an educational component.

In several regions of the world, US Wheat has establish milling and baking schools, to teach local operators how to best use a quality wheat like they can buy from the United States. Suppes says that one thing they are having to explain right now is the reality of a higher price plateau for wheat globally- and a lot of that can be traced back to the very tight stocks of wheat around the world.

We also talked with Suppes about the Biotech issue as it relates to wheat- and the fact that wheat continues to fall behind other crops because no transgenic varieties are available- US Wheat is working with NAWG when it comes to conversations with other wheat producing countries as they look for ways to educate the global buyers of benefits that could be had if certain traits were allowed to be incorporated into wheat by biotech methods. You can hear our complete interview with Ron on our website- and we have a link direct to that interview below- you will quickly discover this wheat farmer is a very thoughtful leader of this market promotion arm of the US Wheat industry.

Click here to listen to Ron and Ron on promoting US Wheat.

Understand the Global Market- Embrace It- and Thrive!
More opportunity exists in the cattle industry today than ever, in large part due to changes in the supply and demand fundamentals of the cattle market and outside forces. Randy Blach, executive vice president of Cattle-Fax, says in order to be successful, the industry needs to embrace the globalization of the marketplace and learn how to thrive in it. Blach was making these comments to cow-calf producers this past week during the Range Beef Cow Symposium held in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for beef producers, but we have to have access to these international markets. It is a much different ballgame with globalization and higher corn prices, and not the same business that we grew up with." Blach noted world beef production is growing, but the lion's share of the growth is happening in places like Brazil, China, Argentina and Uruguay.

"We need to understand what it takes to be part of that market and to be a viable industry in the future. We need to export more of our beef production," he says. "That means getting back the markets we lost in 2003, Korea and Japan, and adding China. Those markets would add $85 per head to what producers receive today."

We have details of Blach's presentation at this symposium this past week in Colorado- these details are linked below.

Click here for more from Randy Blach of Cattlefax and his comments made at the Range Beef Cow Symposium.

Sort Those Mama Cows and Get Your Body Condition Scores Up
Joining us on today's Beef Buzz is Glenn Selk- OSU Beef Cattle Specialist- who talks with us about sorting your younger and older cows out and giving them some extra care during this time of year to make sure they keep their body condition up.

The Beef Buzz is a daily radio feature from the Radio Oklahoma Network- and can be heard on radio stations across the state. And- we have many of our programs archived on our website on our Beef Buzz page.

We have today's Beef Buzz linked below for you to take a listen featuring one of our regulars- Glenn Selk.

Click here to listen to Ron and Glenn talk sorting of Mama Cows on today's Beef Buzz.

Deadline to Get Cattle Listed for the Bellringer Sale is Tomorrow.
One of the biggest cattle sales each year is the huge Superior Video Auction "Bellringer" sale held in Denver during the National Western Stock Show. The deadline to consign cattle for this sale is coming up TOMORROW- December 19.

If you want more information you can touch base with Ralph Wade at 405-574-6000 or his partner David Belleau at 580-695-2855. They are represenatives of Superior in the state of Okahoma and can help you with the details of getting a video of your cattle and position you to grab a competitive bid for your cattle- without those animals ever having to leave the ranch.

There are two sales most months for Superior- and we have a link to the auction results from this past Friday below- their next sale is that Bellringer event in Denver January nine through eleven.

Click here for the auction summary from last week's Superior Video Auction.

Holy Bin Busters- 385 bushels of corn- from one acre!!!
Word is out from the National Corn Growers Association and their annual corn yield competition for 2007. The winner of their national no-till/strip-till irrigated category was a farmer by the name of David Hula of Charles City, Va.

Hula also claimed the bragging rights as having the highest yield of anyone in the contest in 2007- an incredible 385.58 bushels per acre- he was growing a Pioneer hybrid variety- and they are proud as parents of the star quarterback of the local high school football team.

"Each year, we continue to see growers planting Pioneer corn hybrids succeed in the NCGA Corn Yield contest and we're thrilled that these growers choose Pioneer products for these winning yields," said Paul Schickler, DuPont vice president and general manager and Pioneer president. "We're especially impressed with the high yields our customers have with Pioneer corn products this year. That says a lot about the value Pioneer hybrids bring to the bottom line of growers in North America.

If you want to see the full list of National Corn Grower Yield Winners for 2007- we have a link that will take you to the list below- check it out!

Click here to review the list of winners of the National Corn Yield Contest of NCGA for 2007.

Our Email today-a little lighter than normal....
And it will likely be a bit shorter the balance of this week. My wife Jan and I are out of town relaxing a bit as we get closer to Christmas- and then we will be celebrating with my side of the family in Kentucky at the end of the week.

However, we have several stories that we have been working on that we have for you this week- and we will be checking several of our regular sources to make sure we have up to the moment information on farm news as it develops this week before Christmas Day.

I remember very well- as do many of you- the Cow that Stole Christmas in December of 2003- and most of that story came down on the 23rd of Christmas- so we have some special news sensitive reindeer out there watching for us in case that major story is lurking and surfaces this holiday season!

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