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-- Rainfall Persists in Western Half of the State
-- Armyworms Continue Offensive in Oklahoma Wheat Fields
-- Half Done with the US Soybean Harvest
-- Is There Enough Growing Season Left for Double Crop Sorghum to Finish?
-- WIND Conference on the Calendar
-- Podcasting with Dr. Ray Huhnke
-- Two Sales in One Day- the Star Lake Herefords Bull and Female Sales Coming Sunday October 19
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Rainfall Persists in Western Half of the State
The latest crop progress numbers show that we now have three fourths of the 2009 crop now planted- right in line with the five year average. Farmers are wanting to get the rest of those acres planted- but it may be a few days before it will be dry enough, as the current rain system hangs around on this Wednesday morning.

The precipitation has pretty well stayed in the western half of the state- with very limited rainfall seen in almost the eastern half of the state. However, totals at two inches or more accumulated over the last three to four days are very common in western counties. In the Panhandle, we have seen four inches of rainfall in recent days in portions of Texas and Beaver Counties, while even Boise City has enjoyed more than three inches of rain over the last seven days.

We have a updating map of rainfall over the last four days across the state linked below from the Oklahoma Mesonet- it gives you a perspective of this system and where it has parked in recent days.

We do expect rain in eastern areas of Oklahoma today- and then we will see clear conditions through this coming weekend. Wheat farmers, anxious to plant their remaining acres, say bring on the sunshine.

Click here for the Precipitation Totals for Oklahoma over the last four days.

Armyworms Continue Offensive in Oklahoma Wheat Fields
That's the word from the latest Oklahoma Crop Weather Update- with that report out a day later than normal this week due to the Columbus Day holiday. The report says "Armyworms continue to cause problems for many small grain producers, with some operations having spray to save their crop with replanting necessary in some locations. Insect activity increased from the previous week with over one third of the State's cropland reported having heavy to moderate insect activity. Winter wheat seedbed preparation increased four percentage points from the previous week to reach 97 percent complete. Wheat planted was three-quarters complete by week's end, an increase of 16 points from the previous week, and two percentage points ahead the five-year average. Wheat emerged was nearly half complete, increasing 21 points from the previous week and was in-line with the five-year average."

Regarding our spring planted row crops- "Corn harvest was nearly three-quarters complete, increasing 17 points from the previous week, but 15 points behind the five-year average. Sorghum mature increased two points from last week to reach 39 percent by week's end, 29 points behind the five-year average. One fourth of the State's sorghum was harvested, 13 points behind normal. Soybeans mature were nearly half complete at 49 percent, up 10 points from the previous week but 20 points behind the five-year average. Eighteen percent of the State's soybeans had been harvested by week's end, 23 points behind normal. Eighty-three percent of the peanuts were mature by the end of last week, up 9 points from the previous week, but three points behind normal. Thirty percent of the State's peanuts had been dug by week's end, one point behind normal. Peanuts combined reached 18 percent, slightly ahead of normal pace. Cotton bolls were opening on 94 percent of the State's cotton by week's end, four points ahead of both last year and the five year average. Cotton harvested was at 10 percent by week's end."

We have the rest of the report linked below for your review- I might add that our pasture conditions continue to look good as move more fully into the fall season, with 10% of the pasture and range conditions rated in excellent shape, 49% good and 32% fair.

Click here for the latest Oklahoma Crop Weather Update

Half Done with the US Soybean Harvest
It appears that we have largely avoided a disaster that an early freeze could have brought to the midwestern corn and soybean belt here in 2008. Crops have been maturing rapidly, and harvest is moving right along. Fifty one percent of the soybean crop is harvested, ten points behind the five year average, while the corn harvest lags further back at 21% harvested, versus the five year average of 41% by mid October.

The southern crops are also a little behind the five year average for harvest, but the lag is generally in single digits. The US Sorghum crop is now 43% harvested versus a five year average of 51% done by this point, while the US cotton harvest is now 25% complete versus the average of 31% complete by this point.

We have the full crop progress summary linked below from the USDA NASS website- check it out.

Click here for the weekly crop progress report from NASS of the USDA.

Is There Enough Growing Season Left for Double Crop Sorghum to Finish?
That's a question asked by OSU Area Agronomist Roger Gribble in the latest OSU Newsletter from the Plant and Soil Science Department. Gribble worked with Al Sutherland of the Mesonet office in Norman to develop an answer to this question.

Gribble says "As the wheat harvest of 2008 finished, northwestern Oklahoma was left with enough moisture in the soil profile to consider a double crop option. Most considered soybeans, grain sorghum, sunflowers, corn or sesame. In some situations the decision was made on seed availability and some made on market price and delivery points. Double crop planting windows were excellent the last week of June in most places, but in some locations the wheat harvest was delayed and double crop planting took place after the 15th of July.

"As we stand today and look at double crop behind wheat, we see some excellent stands and above average crop potential in most places. The downfall of the crops looking this good is that we have been somewhat cooler than our normal weather and a producer has to scratch his head and wonder if the crops will have time to finish."
You can see information put together by Roger and Al in this analysis that is a part of the current PASS Newsletter- which we have linked below.

Click here for the latest Plant and Soil Science Newsletter from OSU.

WIND Conference on the Calendar
Organizers of the 2008 Oklahoma Wind Energy Conference have announced some of the details of the event planned for December 2-3 in downtown Oklahoma City.

The "save the date" announcement says "Come learn about Oklahoma's wind energy successes, energy policy developments, technology advancements, and what steps and actions are required to expand our state's wind energy contribution to America's energy mix. Featuring special keynote addresses by wind energy advocate T. Boone Pickens and The Nature Conservancy's CEO, Mark Tercek."

Wind energy has received a lot of attention as renewable power sources continue to be a hot topic. This conference will look at the economics, the transmission of the power once generated and how to craft a win-win with the environment. The website that has been turned on for the event is linked below- they have a place on that site where you can register.

Click here for more on the Oklahoma Wind Energy Conference- Revolution 2008.

Podcasting with Dr. Ray Huhnke
At this week's Oklahoma State University Biofuels Field Day, we caught up with Dr. Ray Huhnke who is the point person when it comes to OSU's efforts in ethanol research and development.

In our conversation here with Ray, we look at some of the specifics when it comes to research efforts here in the state as OSU is one of the three players in the Oklahoma Bioenergy Center- and we also look at the bigger picture and where we may be headed over the next several years in this renewable energy quest.

We have this conversation up on our website as one of our Ag Perspectives Podcasts- and we invite you to go to the link and click on the listen bar to hear the interview. You can also subscribe to the Ag Perspectives Podcast through Itunes and hear some of the sharpest minds around in the business of agriculture two to three times per week.

Click here for the link to our Podcast with Dr. Ray Huhnke on Biofuels- where we are and where we are headed.

Two Sales in One Day- the Star Lake Herefords Bull and Female Sales Coming Sunday October 19
It's your chance to select some of the best Hereford genetics around for your cattle operation on Sunday, October 19 at the Star Lake Cattle Ranch in Skiatook, Oklahoma.

At 11 AM- it's the Star Lake Fall Celebration Female Sale, offering 20 fancy show heifers and over 60 pairs. These females will feature the freshest genetics the ranch has to offer.
Then at 1 PM- the Ranch Ready Bull sale gets underway with 80 bulls to be sold. We will have more bulls than ever fitting the high-demand categories of added IMF and strong carcass numbers, lower birth weight and higher CHB index.

Montie Soules of Star Lake Herefords is proud of the lineup of the Range ready Bulls that will be offered, and he tells us "These are the premium genetics of the Star Lake New Hereford and they carry the right package of economic traits to help keep you in business. Star Lake bulls from past bull sales have performed for our customers, and these will too."
We have the Star Lake website linked below- there you can read more about their operation as well as view the catalog for these October 19 sales.

Click here for the Star Lake Hereford Ranch Website.

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Let's Check the Markets!

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