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-- Senator Obama Talks Agriculture (Ten Minutes Worth)
-- Secretary Ed Schafer Speaking in St. Louis This Morning- You Can Be There
-- Nomination Dates Set for OK Steer Feedout
-- John Deere Sees Green in Smaller Tractor Market
-- Poor Quality Hay- Is It Worth Feeding to Your Beef Cows?
-- Canadians Already Complaining About COOL
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Senator Obama Talks Agriculture (Ten Minutes Worth)
Wednesday afternoon, Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama talked Agriculture with fellow farm broadcast colleague Stewart Doan. The lawmaker from Illinois talked about a major energy initiative he will push forth. Mr. Obama said - over the next 15 years we will spend 15 billion dollars a year on renewable energies, solar, wind, biofuels, a whole host of areas, which I think can be good for our national security and be good for our economy.

While he supports the 2008 Farm Bill, Mr. Obama said he would like to see some reforms. He said - it is important to make sure that farm subsidies are going to family farmers. Obama said - there are big agri- business operations that, frankly, just don't need help. Mr. Obama says he believes - in a time when taxpayers are going to be getting squeezed - we need to make sure the money is going to places, to people who really need it.

The Democratic nominee also expressed support for more money for EQIP, but also more regulation on CAFOs. We have more on this story- as well as the audio of the full conversation as the top story this morning on our website. Click below to check it out.

Click here to jump to the Barack Obama interview on agriculture

Secretary Ed Schafer Speaking in St. Louis This Morning- You Can Be There
You can be there via cyberspace courtesy of Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman and their new media company, ZimmComm. They are webcasting portions of the AgExecutive Forum from St. Louis today that is being sponsored by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Schafer is scheduled to speak a little after 8 AM this morning central time- so jump on over to the link we have to this event by clicking below. While in normal times, this event would not garner that much attention. This year it is very important given the meltdown we have seen in the financial world.

You will need to look for the Agwired Live TV link on this page we take you to- it's at the top of the right hand column.

Click here for more on this AgExecutive Forum being held in St. Louis today.

Nomination Dates Set for OK Steer Feedout
Cattle producers looking for a feedback program that allows for the opportunity to evaluate the genetic merit of the calves they produce for feedlot performance and carcass merit should look into the 2008-2009 OK Steer Feedout. "The OK Steer Feedout is a vehicle for cattle producers to evaluate the genetic merit of their calves," said Kent Barnes, Northeast District area livestock specialist. "Producers are commended for their efforts to discover the feedlot performance and carcass merit of the cattle they produce. We celebrate the educational value of this information feedback program and look forward to serving cattlemen for many years to come."

This year the OK Steer Feedout will be at the Cattleman's Choice Feedyard near Gage, Okla. Entry fee is $25 per producer group and is due by next Wednesday, Oct. 15. This will allow time to conduct PVP audits before delivery date. Cattle should arrive at the feedyard Nov. 16 or Nov. 17. Delivery sites will be designated to assist cattlemen in getting their steers to the feedyard. "There will not be separate feedouts for fall-born and spring-born cattle. We should be able to accommodate both in a single feeding program. Steers must be born after Sept. 1, 2007," Barnes said.

We have more on the OK Steer Feedout on our website on our calendar page- click here for our story on this event and the entry deadline that comes up next week.

Click here for details on the 2008-2009 OK Steer Feedout

John Deere Sees Green in Smaller Tractor Market
It is being called the "Drive Green" event being put on by John Deere for the agricultural media this week in Sarasota, Florida. We have had the chance on Wednesday to learn a lot about the smaller end of the new lineup of tractors that John Deere is touting for 2009 and beyond. One John Deere Exec has proclaimed 2009 as the year of the Utility tractor. And John Deere seems to be geared up for that emphasis. They have added several new models that are just now being released to the dealers in the compact utility class, as well as what John Deere calls their 5 and 6 series tractors. These are tractors that range in size from 4 to 105 horsepower and can be used on a small acreage right up to being a good utility tractor on a large farm or ranch operation.

One of the John Deere officials that we caught up with on Wednesday while we were in the field seeing, touching and driving many of the new models was the Director of Tactical Marketing for John Deere, Larry Christenson. He acknowledges that the utility tractor field is a crowded one- but believes the John Deere brand can blow away the competition with these new models and some of the innovations they have developed.

We have more on this story on our website- including a picture of yours truly checking out one of the new 6 series tractors in the field. The story is linked below on our website, www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Click here for more on the John Deere strategy for 2009 to Push Utility Sized Tractors.

Poor Quality Hay- Is It Worth Feeding to Your Beef Cows?
Dr. Glen Selk of OSU tells us on today's Beef Buzz that it is. If you have a lot of poor quality hay laying around on your ranch, feeding it to your mama cow herd this winter can work, if you will add a little supplement to what is offered those cows.

Dr. Selk says that feeding studies at OSU suggest that cows get a couple of benefits from the supplement. One, the supplement helps the gut of the animal in boosting the number of good bacteria which will help digest and move the roughage through the system of the cow faster. And, that allows the cow to actually consume more roughage, which allows here to get more nutrients.

We have Glen Selk's comments in full on our Thursday Beef Buzz, a regular feature heard on radio stations around the state on the Radio Oklahoma Network. We also have an extensive archive of Beef Buzz shows on our website- you can go to our Beef Buzz link and check them out.

Click here for today's Beef Buzz with Glen Selk of OSU

Canadians Already Complaining About COOL
The Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling law went into effect last week. Now, Canadian livestock producers are saying COOL is hurting their business. Travis Toews, chairman of Canadian Cattlemen's Association's foreign trade committee, says Canadian markets have - already seen disruption. He expects more negative impact on volume and prices. But some Canadian traders are taking a "wait-and-see" approach.

Meanwhile, both the Canadian Cattlemen's Association and the Canadian Pork Council continue to put pressure on the Canadian government. They want their government to take action against the U.S. at the World Trade Organization level. They believe they have a justifiable complaint under both WTO and NAFTA rules.

Jurgen Preugschas, president of the Canadian Pork Council, says - the potential for trade-damaging effects with COOL looms over North America's highly- integrated markets. He adds, - COOL rules unfairly target ground meat, hamburger and patties, while other processed foods are exempt.

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Let's Check the Markets!
At the OKC West Market in El Reno, they ran 3,232 cattle on Wednesday, with yearling steers called three to five dollars cheaper, and steer calves two to three dollars down from a week ago. Still, the market news reporter said there seems to be some improvement. "Demand moderate for calves with most action on light weight calves ready to turn out on new wheat. Several nice loads of feeders available. The downward slide in the feeder market has slowed somewhat as today's market showed some improvement from earlier in the week." Five to six hundred pound steer calves sold for $106 to $111, while yearling steers around the seven to eight hundred pound range came in from $98 to $101. We have the complete report for you if you will click here.

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