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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Friday January 11, 2008!
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-- American Farmers and Ranchers Working on Policy as their 2008 Convention Nears...
-- Forty Four Million in Disaster Aid and Counting...
-- The Running of the Bulls- talking production agriculture!
-- Wheat Seedings a Major Part of Today's January Crop Numbers...
-- More Beef Buzzing with Jay Truitt- talking politics!
-- Dupont Stacks Ingredients and Modes of Action in New Wheat Herbicide Just Approved by EPA.
-- In Honor of the Enid Farm Show- Here's the Best Two Spots on the Dial To Hear Ron and Ed on RON!

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American Farmers and Ranchers Working on Policy as their 2008 Convention Nears...
We caught up with Francie Tolle, Legislative Policy Analyst for American Farmers and Ranchers- as she broke away fro a few minutes yesterday from the ongoing Policy Committee meetings that were held on Wednesday and Thursday of this week by the general farm organization.

Francie tells us that their policy committee actually entertains presentations from both sides of controversial issues in order to get a real feel for them- and then will present their findings to the AFR delegates that are a part of their annual convention that is now about a month away in mid February. Among the issues they are wrestling with- water, immigration, truck weights and of course federal farm policy as Congress tries to complete work on the 2007-2008 farm bill.

Speaking of the farm bill work- we talked with Francie about that as well- AFR has no desire to see an extension of the 2002 farm law- but has as a high priority the continuation of direct payments to producers, as she points out that for wheat farmers the last couple of years- the only safety net received has come from those direct payments. We have our audio conversation linked below.

We invite you to check out our Saturday morning TV feature on KWTV News9 as Francie will join us to talk about both the Federal and State issues- this during the Saturday morning news block that runs from 6 am until 8 am. They have been using our In the Field segment around 6:40 am and often repeat it at 7:40 am.

Click here to listen to Ron and Francie Tolle talk policy from the AFR viewpoint.

Forty Four Million in Disaster Aid and Counting...
The checks and direct deposits have been flowing from the Farm Service Agency over the last couple of weeks- you may recall just before January first- we had word that some offices paid some claims before the start of the new year, while others were waiting in order to not spring a "surprise" on farmers of some unexpected income with no way to offset it for tax purposes before the end of the year.

We talked with the state director for Oklahoma FSA, Jim Reese- and he tells us that with a couple of weeks now under their belts, just over thirty million dollars has been paid to Oklahoma producers in the Crop Disaster Program($30,264,000) while the Livestock Compensation Program has had $13,773,000 worth of payments credited against it- and the Livestock Indemnity Program has had claims from mostly the blizzard of last January of $150,000 made.

It's interesting to note that the Livestock Compensation Program has had a substantial percentage of the monies paid out nationally come to Oklahoma as 21% of the national pay out as of earlier this week had come to Oklahoma producers.
Jim Reese does remind folks that signup is still open on these programs- and he suggests working with your local FSA office to investigate your eligibility under these disaster assistance programs.

The Running of the Bulls- talking production agriculture!
I caught on the business channel CNBC a most interesting discussion of agriculture yesterday, as the CEOs of Monsanto and Mosaic had a substantial conversation with one of the CNBC anchors.

Hugh Grant with Monsanto says the current boom in agricultural commodities is more than just ethanol- as he points out that a billion people in Asia will be joining the middle class in the next five to ten years, adding that they all want to upgrade their diets. Grant thinks Monsanto will double their business in seed technology over the next four or five years. It was most interesting that he spoke of their research efforts- of the need to develop ways for farmers to grow more with fewer inputs- especially less water.

James Prokopanko of Mosaic added that he believes that the surge in commodity prices is for real- is not a bubble and can be sustained. He says the surge in prices for ag products is demand driven- and that agriculture is a relatively recession proof business- offering the conventional wisdom that people have always got to eat.

CNBC has put this hunk of video up on their website- it runs about eight minutes- can you believe that a national network was talking agriculture for almost ten minutes? We have it linked below- check it out- whether you are a fan of Monsanto's technology or not- the comments from both of these gentlemen will be worth your time.

Click here to watch the CEOs of Monsanto and Mosaic Talk About the Commodity Bull

Wheat Seedings a Major Part of Today's January Crop Numbers...
USDA has a whole bunch of numbers that they are releasing on this Friday morning at 7:30 am central time. The big numbers we will be watching closely will be the winter wheat seedings, which are expected to show a jump of as many as three and half million acres in winter wheat planted this past fall versus a year ago.

We have a link below of a preview of the numbers before the report is out- and that will turn into a recap of the numbers later in the morning- I would guess by nine am central- we will have that recap up and available for you.

Click here for details of the USDA January Crop Reports Being Issued on Friday.

More Beef Buzzing with Jay Truitt- talking politics!
We wrap up our conversation on this Friday with Jay Truitt of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association- and we talk politics today with Jay during this most interesting year divisible by four- which means it is a Presidential election year.

Based on NCBA's internal analysis, they believe that about 90 races in the US House that are really in play this year. In the Senate, there are some very important races from a cattle industry perspective. One lawmaker that Truitt says will be a real loss for the cattle industry is Wayne Allard of Colorado, who is stepping down from his Senate seat in Colorado. It's actually Dr. Allard as he is a veterinarian and Truitt says that as a result, he really understands the cattle business.

Truitt says the important thing is that cattle producers and others in agriculture become engaged in the process from start to finish- that friends of the business in Congress are essential if things like the ban on horse slaughter is to be avoided in the days ahead.
We have a link below of today's Beef Buzz with Jay Truitt- our Beef Buzz is the regular look at the beef cattle business that is heard on great radio stations around Oklahoma on the Radio Oklahoma Network.

Click here for today's Beef Buzz with Ron and Jay talking politics!

Dupont Stacks Ingredients and Modes of Action in New Wheat Herbicide Just Approved by EPA.
DuPont has received registration approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Agility SG herbicide, a new product designed to provide wheat growers with a better tool for broad spectrum weed control, including ALS resistant species. DuPont Agility features four active ingredients and two modes of action in a single formulation to offer convenient, broad spectrum control without the hassles of mixing multiple products.

Jim Collins, the General Manager of Dupont Crop Protection says that the Agility SG herbicide harnesses two patented, proprietary technologies from DuPont: homogeneous blends and DuPont TotalSol® soluble granules. The homogeneous blend technology enables DuPont to rapidly develop new herbicides with multiple active ingredients to respond to changing weed control issues. TotalSol® is a new formulation that dissolves completely for more consistent weed control and improved tank cleanout.

Agility SG controls more than 80 tough broadleaf weeds, including Russian thistle, pigweed and kochia, even ALS resistant species. Agility SG also is covered by the DuPont Crop Protection Plus® wheat program, which provides growers who purchase qualifying herbicides with product cost replacement if their crop is destroyed by drought, flood, frost/freeze, fire or hail.

Click here for the Dupont Crop Protection Website...

In Honor of the Enid Farm Show- Here's the Best Two Spots on the Dial To Hear Ron and Ed on RON!
Whether you want the premiere information station in northcentral Oklahoma- or the very best country station around- we've got you covered with a pair of outstanding radio stations that are a part of the Radio Oklahoma Network family. As you travel in and around the Enid area for the local farm equipment show underway today and tomorrow- take a listen to KGWA on the AM dial and KOFM on the Fm dial!

KGWA AM960 is the information station, offering some of the finest talk shows in America, along with local news featuring J Curtis Huckleberry- and reports through the day from Ed Richards and Ron Hays on the Radio Oklahoma Network.

Your Hot Country choice is KOFM at 103.1 on the FM dial- and again they not only play the very best country- but our RON reports are heard hourly through the day when the commodity markets are open. We have a link below that will give you the actual times of our agri information that you can hear on KGWA as well as KOFM- two of the great radio stations that are a part of the Radio Oklahoma Network.

Click here to see the full schedule of Ron and Ed on RON ag reports on both KGWA & KOFM!!!

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