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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday March 20, 2008!
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-- "Ozzie" the Steer Wins It All! (More Coverage from the OYE- Courtesy of the Radio Oklahoma Network and McDonalds!)
-- Making "Good Kids" in Mass Production- The OYE Through the Eyes of the Market Hog Judge...
-- Conservation Day Celebrated at State Capitol!!!
-- CSP Signup Coming- Upper Washita Watershed Included for the 2008 Signup!
-- Beef Buzzing with Dr. Derrell Peel- we talk profitability!
-- Join Us Over in Shawnee This Easter Weekend Saturday for the Heart of Oklahoma Cattle Conference!
-- Purvine Farms Production Sale Set for Next Saturday & Sunday- March 29-30.

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"Ozzie" the Steer Wins It All! (More Coverage from the OYE- Courtesy of the Radio Oklahoma Network and McDonalds!)
The Oklahoma Youth Expo is down to its last day- with the Premium sale of the top animals from the thousands that have come and mostly are now gone since the tenth of March set for 4:00 PM this afternoon. There will be 70 Steers, 65 Market Hogs, 45 Market Lambs and 15 Meat Goats to be auctioned off.

The Grand Champions in the three traditional species were selected last night- and Fifth Grader Morgan Wynn pulled her Crossbred Steer, "Ozzie", to victory as the animal received the Grand Champion slap around 8:00 PM. Morgan is from Pittsburg County- this is her third steer to ever show- and she hit the jackpot as the third time proves to the charm for her.
The Grand Champion Market Hog was driven by Stephanie Payne of Yukon FFA, who actually raised her barrow from a litter on her family's farm.
The Grand Champion Market Lamb belongs to Jade Terbush of the Navajo FFA- showing the Crossbred Champion- completing the trifecta of Crossbred Champions that came in as Grand Champions in their respective species.

We have multiple interviews and complete listings of the top winners for each of the breeds in all species from this year's show- this on our website's Oklahoma Youth Expo page linked below. I really encourage you to jump over there- and look over the winners- and listen to several of the interviews of the top young people who showed their animals to victory as well as received scholarships last night.

Speaking of Scholarships, a ton of money was handed out in the form of scholarships last night- and we have the list of the SIXTEEN Agricultural All Staters who were announced last night- Fourteen of them received $5,000 scholarships- and two of them, Carly Schnaithman of Garber and Riley Pagett of Woodward earned $10,000 Scholarships for their achievements!
Interviews with Carly and Riley-plus several of the owners of the Grands were done by our Radio Oklahoma Network Intern Kaitlin Nipper of OSU- she did a fabulous job- so go and listen to Kaitlin and these winners- it's a lot of fun to just listen to the future of our state and our industry!!!

Click here for the Oklahoma Youth Expo page on WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Making "Good Kids" in Mass Production- The OYE Through the Eyes of the Market Hog Judge...
While on our Oklahoma Youth Expo page, you can also listen to the judge that had to handle the most animals of any of the judges at this years event- Warren Beeler- the judge of the Market Hog show- Warren is from Kentucky and works for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. (I knew I liked him the moment I saw his Kentucky Proud cap that he was wearing).

We talked about the hogs he saw- lots of quality here that he says would win most shows around the country- but we also talked about the kids- and he says that Oklahoma has a program second to none when it comes to showcasing our Youth through the livestock show process.

We have linked direct below our conversation with Warren- you can get insights into the hog industry listening to this- but maybe more importantly, you can hear the assessment of our Youth programs here in the state from an outsider looking in who is mighty impressed!

Click here to listen to Ron and Warren talk Hogs and Kids from the Oklahoma Youth expo!

Conservation Day Celebrated at State Capitol!!!
Just a quick note on Conservation Day at the Capitol- taking care of our Natural Resources was the focus and spotlight of the 2008 Conservation Day- with several awards handed out- we detailed those earlier in the week.

One of those honored on Wednesday was Rick Jeans of Kay County. Rick has called out for being the Outstanding District Director from the more than 400 Directors that serve across the state at this time. We talked with Rick about the honor- and some of his thoughts about conservation- and we have that linked for you below. Click and take a listen!

By the way, in the next couple of days, we will share with you the update we received from Clay Pope on all things legislative that pertain to Conservation while we were at the Conservation Day festivities.

Click here to listen to Ron and Rick Jeans talk Conservation from the Blue Room of the Capitol on Conservation Day!

CSP Signup Coming- Upper Washita Watershed Included for the 2008 Signup!
Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer has announced a sign-up for the Conservation Security Program (CSP) that will be available starting on April 18 to approximately 64,000 potentially eligible farms and ranches in 51 watersheds covering more than 23.7 million acres.

In Oklahoma, the Upper Washita watershed is being opened to the Green Payment program- and will mean that some 1.7 million acres of land could be impacted by the this CSP signup- and a total of 3,429 Oklahoma farmers are in that eligible category. The Oklahoma watershed involved means that the Oklahoma potential acreage is the second largest in the country- second only to the two million acres that in a South Dakota watershed that will be open to signup this spring.

CSP is a voluntary conservation program that supports ongoing stewardship of private, agricultural working lands and rewards those producers who are meeting the highest standards of conservation and environmental management on their operations. Payments can include three components: 1) an annual stewardship component for the base level of conservation treatment, 2) an annual component for maintenance of existing conservation practices, and 3) an enhancement component for exceptional conservation effort. Enhancement activities could include limited pesticide applications, renewable energy generation, and widening existing riparian forest buffers for restoring critical stream habitat.
We have the full news release for this CSP signup linked below- and it has links in it that will take you to the details on which watersheds around the country are among the 51 that will be opened to this CSP signup here in 2008.

Click here for more details on the Conservation Security Program Signup Announcement made yesterday!

Beef Buzzing with Dr. Derrell Peel- we talk profitability!
Our Thursday Beef Buzz guest on the Radio Oklahoma Network is Dr. Derrell Peel, Extension Livestock Market Economist for OSU. Peel says the stocker cattle run coming off wheat pasture is over, as those cattle have been pulled off wheat pasture all over the state in hopes of harvesting as many bushels of hard red winter wheat in 2008 as possible.

He tells us that while calf prices remain strong- possibly as strong as we saw in 2007- costs are up and that puts the squeeze on profitability. And that means controlling costs where you can is more important than ever.

We also talked about concerns over beef demand with many economic observers throwing the "R" word around more and more- he says in many cases you have consumers trading down to less costly beef cuts or to other proteins, which can spell problems for beef demand as we go forward. You can listen to our Beef Buzz conversation with Dr. Peel by going to our Beef Buzz page on WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com- or you can use the link before and jump right to our Beef Buzz for today with Dr. Peel!

Click here to listen to Ron and Derrell Beef Buzzing on the Radio Oklahoma Network!

Join Us Over in Shawnee This Easter Weekend Saturday for the Heart of Oklahoma Cattle Conference!
We will be handling the "emcee" chores at the 2008 Heart of Oklahoma Cattle Conference at the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center in Shawnee this Saturday. We have worked with Joe Benton when he was the Extension agent in Cleveland County- and now that he has moved on to Pottawatomie County- we are pleased to be able to work with him in this venue.

Benton has put together an excellent program looking at production practices that can save you money- and that makes you money in today's high cost environment!

We have details of the Conference up on our Calendar page at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com. GO to the link below and scroll down to March 22 for that info- and check out the other events on the calendar page while you are there as well!

Click here for the Calendar Page of our Website- WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Purvine Farms Production Sale Set for Next Saturday & Sunday- March 29-30.
Chet and Stephanie Purvine have a great set of cattle they will be offering next weekend on March 29 and March 30 at their Farm in Fay, Oklahoma. This is their fifth annual Production offering- and will be featuring their bull offering on Saturday and then some excellent females on Sunday afternoon.

The Bull Sale begins 1:30 PM on Saturday the 29th- Selling over 70 head of service age bulls featuring the best in Angus, SimAngus, Maine/Mainetainer and Chiangus Composite Genetics.
On Sunday at 4:00 PM, Chet has lined up a select set of bred fall calving females including a great set of first calf heifers, AI'd to popular calving ease sires and proven cows, bred to today's hottest AI sires. This sale will feature a group of fall born show heifer prospects. Several Mainetainer, Sim-influence and Chiangus females, including daughters of Sweetness, Goliath, Hannibal, Golden Child & more.

For more information, give Chet a call on his Cellphone at 580-623-3693. We also have their Sale Flyer on our website's Calendar page linked- and we have that link for you below- or you can jump straight to their website at WWW.purvinefar

Click here for a look at the Sale Flyer for the Purvine Farms Production Sale Coming March 29-30!

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