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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Friday March 21, 2008!
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-- $52,000 for Ozzie at the 2008 Oklahoma Youth Expo!
-- Cattle on Feed Numbers- Mildly Bullish.
-- National Ag Groups Pick Up the Fight for Boren-Fallin Truck Weight Bill.
-- Check out Rob and Ron on Horizon this weekend!
-- Some Thoughts About #3 JBS Swift Buying The Number Four and Five Beef Packers- Clem Ward Weighs In.
-- Some Emergency Help to Battle Sandbur Available Effective Monday!!!
-- Good Friday Today- Markets Take the Day Off.

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$52,000 for Ozzie at the 2008 Oklahoma Youth Expo!
The Oklahoma Youth Expo is officially done, as the Premium Sale of the top animals wrapped yesterday evening and the cash raised in the premium sale will exceed $800,000 when all the final add-ons are computed, so says the Executive Director of the OYE, Jeramy Rich.

At the front end- the Grand Champion Steer was close to an all time record as a "combine" of companies and ranches bought the Steer by the name of "Ozzie" from Morgan Wynn of McAlester who was showing her third steer ever- that Crossbred steer commanded $52,000! Among the buyers who purchased the top steer of the World's Largest Junior Livestock Show were Express Ranches, Bank of Western Oklahoma, First Capital, Senator LeBlanc and Limestone Ranch.
The Reserve Grand Steer commanded $25,000- purchased by the State Fair of Oklahoma and Dorchester Capital- the second best steer in the show was exhibited by Morgan Swink of the Guthrie FFA.

The Grand Champion Barrow was shown by Stephanie Payne of Yukon FFA- and was bought for a final price of $25,000 by a combo of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau and Blue and Gold Sausage. The Reserve Grand Barrow was shown by Carli Newby of Lindsay 4-H- and she got a payday of $17,000 from a combo set of buyers- the Daily Oklahoman and the Choctaw tribe.

The Grand Champion Market Lamb got a final bid of $23,000- which was the same price as last year's top Lamb- and the purchaser was the same- Touchstone Electric. The Lamb was owned by Jade Terbush of the Navajo FFA. The Reserve Lamb came in at $17,000 with the Choctaws and Chesapeake Energy teaming up to buy the number two Lamb shown by Heather Glass of Elgin FFA.
We have a special audio review of the auction and some final numbers from the Oklahoma Youth Expo- all linked at our webpage for the Oklahoma Youth Expo on WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com. And later on Friday,we will have an interview with Jeramy Rich reviewing this year's event- so you can check that out as well.

Here's the link to the BEST coverage of the Oklahoma Youth expo to be found on the Internet at www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com!!!

Cattle on Feed Numbers- Mildly Bullish.
The number of cattle in the major feedlots in the US jumped 2% above the same time of one year ago in the USDA monthly Cattle on Feed Report issued just in front of the three day Easter holiday weekend. What analysts seemed to like is that the placements figure came in a little lower than was expected at four percent above a year ago- versus the pre report guesses of 5.3% of a year ago.

The marketing number was better than what the pre report expectations were-so that was friendly as well. We have some audio commentary to share with you from Tom Leffler, who can be heard on our market wrapup daily on the Radio Oklahoma Network, as Ed Richards visits with him daily after the close.

Click below to hear Tom's take on the Cattle on Feed numbers, as well as some comments on the USDA Cold Storage report as well.

Click here for Tom Leffler talking Cattle on Feed...

National Ag Groups Pick Up the Fight for Boren-Fallin Truck Weight Bill.
A half dozen farm groups have sent a letter to Congress this week urging support for H.R. 3098, a bill that exempts agriculture producers from certain commercial trucking rules. H.R. 3098 aims to restore and update farm vehicle exemptions to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Specifically, the bill would raise the federal exemption on the maximum weight for farm vehicles to 26,000 lbs. on a national basis. H.R. 3098 is sponsored by Reps. Dan Boren (D-Okla.), Mary Fallin (R-Okla.) and Robert Aderholt (R- Ala.).

Changing the FMCSR definition, as the Boren/Aderholt/Fallin bill does, of a commercial motor vehicle from 10,001 pounds to 26,001 pounds would provide much-needed uniformity among states and clarity for enforcement officials, the letter says. "Farmers and ranchers work every day to transport food products to markets or processors within close proximity to their property. They are not commercial truckers who are driving cross-country," says the National Cattlemen's Beef Association's Executive Director of Legislative Affairs Colin Woodall. He adds "As such, we do not believe that individual cattle producers should be subject to the same restrictions as drivers of commercial motor vehicles."

The six groups that came together on the letter include the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, American Farm Bureau, American Soybean Association, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, National Association of Wheat Growers and USA Rice Federation.

Check out Rob and Ron on Horizon this weekend!
Rob McClendon, Host of Oklahoma Horizon, the weekly TV show seen on OETA as well as the RFD Network, is featuring the recent Oklahoma Ag Leadership Program's travels to China over the next few days, as McClendon sat down and talked with us about the trip- and the differences that we saw between 1984 and today- and as we reported to you during our travels to China- they were dramatic.

OETA broadcasts Horizon on Sunday afternoons at 3:00 PM central time. RFD repeats that broadcast of Horizon several times during the course of the week- check your schedule for exact times and days.

We have linked the Horizon website link below for you to check out- Rob does an excellent job and covers a lot of important rural stories for Oklahoma on a regular basis.

Click here to jump to the Oklahoma Horizon website for more on this weekly TV effort of the Oklahoma Career Tech.

Some Thoughts About #3 JBS Swift Buying The Number Four and Five Beef Packers- Clem Ward Weighs In.
We are facing significant concentration in the beef packing industry as Brazilian based JBS Swift has contracted to buy the fourth largest beef packer in the US, National Beef, as well as the fifth largest beef packer, Smithfield Beef. The new math is that three plus four plus five equals one- the number one beef packer in the US and the largest in the world- if allowed to go through.

We sat down with Dr. Ward in his office and talked about this merger- comparing it to previous big mergers in the industry and looking at what JBS Swift might have to do to satisfy US Regulators to make this happen.

Our conversation with Dr. Ward- at leas the first part of it- is on our Good Friday edition of the Beef Buzz. You can hear the Beef Buzz on great radio stations around the state, as well as going to our web site and listening to Beef Buzzes since the time that we started here on the Radio Oklahoma Network! In addition, we have this Beef Buzz with Clem Ward linked below for your listening convenience- check it out!

Click here to listen to Ron and Clem on today's Beef Buzz from RON!

Some Emergency Help to Battle Sandbur Available Effective Monday!!!
The Environmental Protection Agency has granted a crisis exemption to allow Oklahoma producers to use the chemical Prowl H2O to control sandbur infestations in Bermuda grass from March 24 through April 8. The agency granted the Oklahoma Agribusiness Retailers Association (OARA) requested the exemption. Texas recently was granted a similar exemption for this chemical.

The Noble Foundation in Ardmore and Oklahoma State University concurred with the request and provided EPA with letters supporting the exemption.
Prowl H2O is a selective herbicide for controlling sandbur as it germinates and producers have a very narrow window of opportunity to treat their Bermuda pastures and meadows for this weed.

The OARA and the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry also remind producers that this is also the optimal time to treat pastures for invasive weeds such as musk thistle. 2,4D type products are effective during this time of year.

Good Friday Today- Markets Take the Day Off.
It's our hope that you have an opportunity to consider what is without a doubt the most important weekend of history that we commemorate as we observe Easter.

No, it's not the Easter Bunny Arriving- but rather the forces of good and evil squaring off on a hill overlooking the inconsequential town of Jerusalem- and the battle that was then carried to a cave used for a tomb- for three days. There was one Victor- and He has won that victory for all mankind- for the "whosoevers" of the world.

I have linked for you something a little unusual for this email- but it's news you can use- for encouragement, for enlightenment- for the opportunity to change your life forever if you have not yet dealt with the decision that the Roman Ruler Pilate had to ask about some two thousand years ago- What do I do with Jesus?
Max Lucado writes in a piece that he calls "Passion, Pain, Promise" "It's a fair question. A necessary question. What do you do with such a man? He called himself God, but wore the clothes of a man. He called himself the Messiah, but never marshaled an army. He was regarded as king, but his only crown was of thorns. People revered him as regal, yet his only robe was stitched with mockery. Small wonder Pilate was puzzled. How do you explain such a man?"
We have the link to Max Lucado's review of what he calls the "most significant week the world has ever seen" below- check it out- consider it my gift to you for this Easter holiday.
We'll see you on the other side of Easter- next Monday!

Click here for Max Lucado's Look at the Passion, the Pain, the Promise!

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