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-- We Have A Deal!!!! South Korea FULLY Reopens Their Market to our Beef!
-- We Have NO Deal on the Farm Bill- Stuck on the Money and Priorities.
-- Scott Daily a Featured Part of the 4th Annual Southern Plains Farm Show!
-- Monsanto/DeKalb to Partner With Oklahoma FFA Chapters in Winter Canola Yield Contest
-- Commodity Futures Commission Holding Public Session Next Week to Deal with Futures Markets- Are they Broke?
-- Sorghum Commission Set to Meet on Monday...
-- Parker Angus Sale Happening Tomorrow at the Ranch
-- It's time for an End of the Week Check of the Markets...

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We Have A Deal!!!! South Korea FULLY Reopens Their Market to our Beef!
The U.S. and South Korea have reached formal agreement on a plan to lift the Asian nation's long ban on U.S. beef exports- this agreement announced Friday evening Seoul time and early this morning US time.

"I am pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the South Korean government to reopen the Korean market to all U.S. beef and beef products, from cattle of all ages," said U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab in a statement released by her office. Mrs. Schwab said the agreement is consistent with international protocols, and will be "a huge boost to our ranchers and producers who have waited patiently to regain the access to the South Korean beef market that was lost in December 2003."

Mrs. Schwab said the new protocol providing for renewed beef trade between the two countries will take effect in mid-May and will allow for "a full reopening of the market." Under the agreement, all U.S. beef and beef products from cattle of all ages will be allowed to be exported to South Korea.
The agreement comes as President Lee meets with President Bush later today and tomorrow at Camp David- with comments on this and other issues to come during a news conference set for tomorrow after the two leaders finish their meetings.

Click here for additional details on the reopening of the Korean market to US Beef.

We Have NO Deal on the Farm Bill- Stuck on the Money and Priorities.
Thursday was a tough day for those that were optimistic that we would resolve the differences between the House and Senate and get a farm bill this month- or even next month. Apparently the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has weighed in and perhaps even moved the goal posts further away from the deal that was getting close to being done. As a result, we have the public Conference Committee meetings that were cancelled yesterday- however, the late word we now have is that there will be a Conference Committee meeting this morning at 9 AM Central time.

One bit of good news this morning on the farm bill front is that we now are hearing that President Bush will sign the one week extension passed by the House and Senate this week- putting the next deadline out to April 25.

Apparently, Speaker Pelosi looked at an offer that was being made by the Senate- and demanded a new deal that includes another billion dollars for nutrition- and cuts in Direct Payments and a reduction in the amount of monies that would go to a permanent disaster plan.
We have a couple of the most recent articles on the offers and counteroffers that were made outside of the public meeting process- as well as some of the thoughts of Francie Tolle of the American Farmers & Ranchers after yesterday's inaction. Check all of that out on our Farm Bill 2007 webpage- we will have updates after the morning Committee Meeting- if it is held and hope to be visiting with Congressman Lucas as well on the continuing farm bill saga.

Click here for the latest Farm Bill news on our website- WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Scott Daily a Featured Part of the 4th Annual Southern Plains Farm Show!
Brian Brus with the Journal-Record wrote a nice piece on Scott Daily, the 33 year old horse trainer that is being featured twice a day at the 2008 Southern Plains Farm Show at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. The Farm Show runs today and then Saturday as well- with Scott Daily offering two performances daily.

Brian wrote about Scott's work with horse that have a bit of an attitude. "I get horses that will dang-sure be a little bronc-y," Daily said in the middle of a training session with a new colt. "A lot of times, they'll come in that way, but whenever they come out they'll be pretty nice. I'm not saying they'll be your mother-in-law's pet, but they're a lot better off than they were."

Remember to come out to the Farm Show and look us up in the Cox Pavilion on the West end- as we have some great prizes that we are registering for here in 2008- including the Grand Prize of a Westinghouse High Definition Flat Panel TV!!! We are hoping to add a bunch of new readers to our daily email- but you can register and be eligible to win even as a subscriber already- just come to our booth and sign up!!!

Click here for the Brian Brus story on Scott Daily who is offering Seminars Twice Daily at the Southern Plains Farm Show!

Monsanto/DeKalb to Partner With Oklahoma FFA Chapters in Winter Canola Yield Contest
When the Oklahoma FFA Convention gets underway in a few weeks, one of the exhibitors in the Career Show will be wanting to talk with the Advisors of the FFA Chapters that are located in the primary target counties for winter canola production here in the state of Oklahoma. Monsanto is wanting to work with a select number of these chapters- up to forty- that are interested in participating in a Yield Contest for Winter Canola for the 2008-2009 growing season.

The plan is to have the local chapter partner with a local wheat producer that has not grown Canola at this point- and work cooperatively with him in the entire production cycle. The idea is to help introduce Canola to the members of the FFA Chapter, to that producer and to their community.

It's going to be not just an educational experience- but also a income generator for the Chapters that participate. Each chapter will receive $2,000 for their involvement in the project- if they participate and complete the cycle- and there will be cash prizes for the top placing yield winners on top of that. Dr. Jeff Koscelny with Monsanto says they are excited about the possibilities of supporting Oklahoma FFA in this positive way- and he's hopeful that advisors will take a hard look at including this in their plan of work for the coming school year.

Commodity Futures Commission Holding Public Session Next Week to Deal with Futures Markets- Are they Broke?
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) will hold a public "roundtable" hearing April 22, 2008, beginning at 8 AM central time, to gather information about whether agricultural futures markets are properly performing their risk management and price discovery roles.

The hearing will be broadcast live via Webcast at their website and a live audio feed through a toll-free (domestic U.S.) telephone number. CFTC will also accept written statements from the public for up to two weeks after the roundtable.

The roundtable discussion will focus on such topics as price discovery, hedging, margin levels and agricultural credit. National Association of Wheat Growers Second Vice President Jerry McReynolds, a wheat producer from Woodston, KS, will participate in the hearing- and there will be representatives from all of the major agricultural groups participating in this hearing that day according to the CFTC website.

Click here to go to the CFTC website for more information about this Public Gathering next Tuesday morning.

Sorghum Commission Set to Meet on Monday...
The Oklahoma Sorghum Commission have their next regular meeting set for this coming Monday morning at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Board Room. The group will be reviewing their budget, hearing reports on research efforts as well as a farm bill update from Tim Lust, the Executive Director of the National Sorghum Producers.

The state commission will also get an update on the continuing efforts to get a national sorghum checkoff in place. The state checkoff based group meets quarterly and have their next scheduled meeting planned for July 24 in Goodwell.

Parker Angus Sale Happening Tomorrow at the Ranch
The Annual Production Sale of Parker Angus Ranch, Waurika, Oklahoma happens this Saturday, April 19 at High Noon. Eddie and his wife Karen will be selling ninety 18 to 20 month old performance tested carcass evaluated Angus bulls. The Parker's have a complete Igenity DNA Profile on this set of cattle, including tenderness information. They have five bulls with a tenderness score of 10; 14 bulls with a tenderness score 0f 9- and 50% of bulls have tenderness scores of 7 to 10.

All of the Parker Ranch bulls carry a one year breeding guarantee. The Parker's will also offer 70 females: fall calving bred heifers and cows as well as open heifers.

Call Eddie or Karen Parker @ 580-228-3251 (office) or 580-313-0248 (Eddie's cell) for a catalog. We also have their sale information available on their webs site- which we have linked below.
This sale will be available live on the Internet! Buyer must create an account prior to the sale.Visit Live Auctions to create an account and request a buyer number. Details on doing this can be found at the link below!

Click here for the Sale Information about the Parker Angus Production Sale Tomorrow- April 19.

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It's time for an End of the Week Check of the Markets...
Tom Willander with Country Hedging writes that the corn futures stayed slightly in positive territory as traders wait on planting progress to pick up. He adds that "The increased cost of corn is keeping livestock production margins basically negative through 2008. Profitability improves in 2009. Ethanol processing margins remain positive up to $7 corn futures given the current ethanol price of $2.55/gallon. So higher prices are currently rationing livestock demand, but not Ethanol. Ethanol is catching blame for rising food and feed grain costs around the world."

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