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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Monday April 21, 2008!
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-- Another Week- Another Farm Bill Deadline on Friday!
-- Lots of Reaction- Mostly Positive About the Plan for Korea to Reopen their Market to US Beef.
-- Bullish Cattle on Feed Numbers Reported...
-- Trespass Bills Moved This Past Week- OCA Delighted with Progress.
-- The Calendar for this week- Busy Busy.
-- With Warmer Weather- Time to Worry About West Nile.
-- Kervin-Hall-Coyote Hills Female Sale Set for May 3!
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Another Week- Another Farm Bill Deadline on Friday!
There was a Conference Committee meeting on the Farm Bill that was held on Friday morning- but nothing was accomplished and Chairman Harkin pulled the plug on the meeting after several members vented their frustration over various portions of the measure. He set the next Conference Committee meeting for Tuesday- probably on the House Side of the Hill. After both the House and Senate passed another short term extension that last for just seven days- out to this Friday April 25- the President signaled that he would sign this measure- but with reluctance.

One development over the last few days has been the demand of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and her minions- as she calls for MORE money for nutrition programs at the expense of the Commodity Title- specifically the pot of money that is called Direct Payments.

Congressman Frank Lucas was one of those that stepped up and defended the Commodity Programs as helping subsidize food prices in this country, helping those who are struggling paycheck to paycheck. We have Congressman Lucas' comments linked below- they are also on our FarmBill 2007 page at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com.

Click here to listen to Frank Lucas defending the Commodity Title in the Conference Committee this past Friday.

Lots of Reaction- Mostly Positive About the Plan for Korea to Reopen their Market to US Beef.
Here's a sampling of reaction to the word Friday morning that South Korea will be reopening fully to US beef in the days ahead- First Ed Schafer, our US Secretary of Agriculture: ""Today's announcement that South Korea has fully complied with international trade standards regarding beef and beef products is great news for America's ranchers and beef industry. By allowing complete market access for U.S. beef and beef products from cattle of all ages, South Korea has made a decision that is based on science and in line with international guidelines." Schafer adds that "South Korea has raised the bar for other Asian nations, such as Japan, Taiwan and China, and the United States will continue to press for full market access throughout the rest of the Pacific Rim so that unreasonable restrictions on U.S. beef and beef products are fully removed."

"This is outstanding news for the U.S. beef industry and for South Korean consumers," said Philip M. Seng, president and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). "Our industry has lost between $3.5 billion and $4 billion in beef exports to South Korea since the end of 2003. And we know that there is a significant demand there for quality U.S. beef that has not been satisfied for more than four years."

"This agreement with Korea has been a long time coming," said AFBF President Bob Stallman. "Farm Bureau has been steadfast in its support for fully reopening foreign markets for U.S. beef in compliance with OIE standards. It is important that all ranchers are able to ship their beef based on sound and predictable rules. It is now time for other countries that have continuing restrictions against U.S.-produced beef to act in conformity with the OIE standards," noted Stallman.

Here in Oklahoma, Scott Dewald, the top hired hand for the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association was singing the praises of the deal between South Korea and the United States. We have Scott's comments linked by clicking here as we talked with him about this news out on the grounds of the Southern Plains Farm Show.

AND- here is a link to a fact sheet from the USTR's office that lays out the agreement with South Korea in detail.

Bullish Cattle on Feed Numbers Reported...
OSU Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist Dr. Derrell Peel offered some quick thoughts on the latest Cattle on Feed Numbers issued on Friday afternoon- "The April USDA Cattle on Feed report should further boost the stronger market tone of this week that has begun to offset the market weakness of recent weeks. Feedlot placements in March were 89 percent of a year earlier, somewhat lower than most pre-report expectations. Likewise, March feedlot marketings were higher than expected at a level just equal to last year. The combined effect of lower placements and higher marketings helped pull the April 1 on-feed inventory to a level equal to one year earlier and slightly lower than expected."

Peel adds that "The decrease in placements has been expected and is expected to continue in April and May as supplies of yearling feeders are expected to remain tight. Placements in the Southern Plains were even less than the average with Oklahoma among the lowest at 74 percent of one year ago. Among the top feeding states only Nebraska had placements larger than last year."

Another perspective comes from Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities out of Kansas- Tom agrees that the placements number was the "star" of the report and calls the report overall a "friendly" report. This was the second smallest placements in the last 13 years- so we really pulled back on the number cattle going into the feedlots during the month of March. We have Tom's audio comments linked below- click to take a listen.

Click here for Cattle on Feed thoughts with Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities.

Trespass Bills Moved This Past Week- OCA Delighted with Progress.
Senate Bills 1735 and 2111 successfully passed their last hurdles this last week and now sit on the desk of Governor Brad Henry for hopefully his signature. These measures will require those caught trespassing to pay for damages that they have incurred- in addition to any fine and/or jail time that may be assessed.

Dewald calls this session as one of the most "smooth" legislative years he can remember for agricultural interests. He credits the regular meetings of the ag groups on Monday as a positive way for the various groups to share their takes on bills that they are supporting or have concerns about. He credits Secretary of Agriculture Terry Peach for helping accommodate this regular get together.

We have the audio comments with Scott Dewald linked below- click and take a listen.

Click here to listen to Ron and Scott Dewald talk about where we stand on several issues from a Beef Industry standpoint at the State Capitol.

The Calendar for this week- Busy Busy.
Among some of the meetings that are lined up for this week- regular Commission meetings for two Commodities- Grain Sorghum Today at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and the Wheat Commission regular monthly meeting set for Wednesday at the Commission's offices on NW 63rd Street in Oklahoma City.

In Washington, we have talked a lot of about the continuing Conference Committee meetings for the farm bill planned- with Chairman Harkin having set the next meeting for Tuesday morning. Also on Tuesday in Washington, there will be an important session hosted by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on the Ag Futures Markets- and the impact of huge sums of money flowing in and out that have nothing to do with the fundamentals of the market from Hedge and Index Funds. This meeting will be available to monitor on the Internet- as will the next Conference Committee meeting.

At the end of the week- we invite you to be in Hinton as we will be joining the Coyote, KWEY Radio (95.5 on the FM dial and 1590 on the AM dial) as they celebrate Customer Appreciation Day in the Hinton Community. We plan on being there for a portion of their day's celebration from around midday till 3 PM or so.
Also at midday Friday, there will be a big Wheat Pasture Field Day at the OSU Research Farm near Marshall, Oklahoma- and for this and these other events- we have details up on our website on our Calendar page- it's linked below!

Click here for the latest Calendar listings on WWW.OKlahomaFarmReport.Com

With Warmer Weather- Time to Worry About West Nile.
With springtime fully arrived, it's time be thinking about West Nile and the need to vaccinate all your horses every single year. That's how you protect them against the West Nile virus.

We had the chance to visit with Dr. Wendy Vaala of Intervet about how you avoid mosquitoes as much as possible. She says that while prevention strategies such as draining any standing water is something that needs to be done- but you also need a good high antibody count in the bloodstream of your horses as the season begins- and she says that one choice you have for vaccination to get that high antibody count is a product that has been developed by Intervet called Prevenile.

Dr. Vaala says the great thing about Prevenile is that it only takes a single shot annually to offer protection to your animals throughout the mosquito season. We have talked in the last few days with Dr. Wendy Vaala about this subject- and if you own horses- you may want to listen to this conversation we had with her to get some ideas on how to be best protected against West Nile here in 2008.

Click here to listen to Ron talk with Dr. Wendy Vaala about West Nile Prevention Strategies!

Kervin-Hall-Coyote Hills Female Sale Set for May 3!
There will be more than 200 females to be sold on Saturday May Third at the Coyote Hills Ranch in Chattanooga, Oklahoma. These 200 ladies will be sold as 257 lots and will include SIXTY purebred pairs, 41 Lim-Flex Pairs, 24 Fall Bred Purebred Heifers and 31 Fall Bred Lim-Flex Females.

Ken Holloway of Coyote Hills Ranch writes in his welcome for the catalog to this sale that "the Kervin- Hall-CHR Female Sale represents a cross section of what the program is striving to produce. You will find a strong offering of Limousin genetics that are bred to perform under what some would call less than ideal conditions - namely the hot, arid conditions of southwest Oklahoma with an annual rainfall of 27 inches or less. Many times it all comes the same weekend in May. You will find females that wean a high percentage of the weight in high quality weaned calves annually. You will find genetics that represent some of the breed's most popular proven sires as well as some of the new sires. You will find fullbloods, purebreds and Lim-Flex females all performing under similar conditions. If they do not perform they have already taken their place in America's food chain."

We have details linked below for you about this upcoming sale on May 3. Click below to be taken to the Kervin-Hall-Coyote Hills website where you can either look at the online catalog or download a print version of the catalog in PDF format that you can print out if you care to do so.

Click here for details about the Kervin-Hall-Coyote Hills Female Sale Set for Saturday May 3.

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Let's Check the Markets!
We sold Slaughter Cattle on Friday in the Southern Plains feedlots- and at significantly higher money- $90, which was up three dollars from a week ago.
Meanwhile, the wheat market is expecting large supplies as we begin harvest in this country and other major producers over the next several months- and it was that bearish expectation that hammered Kansas City and Chicago wheat futures by thirty to more than forty cents per bushel. It was reported that Commodity Funds dumped some 2,000 contracts on the Chicago Board of Trade on Friday, adding to the selling pressure.

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