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-- Back in Washington Again...
-- The 2008 Farm Bill- NAWG Decides to be an Advocate of the Bill.
-- Farm Bill Timing- the Return from the 2002 Bill of "Pencil Dust"
-- 2008 Wheat Crop Remains Behind Normal- But Still Rated in Good to Excellent Shape.
-- Five Nation Beef Conference Kicks Off Today in the US Heartland
-- National Value Added Conference Coming to Oklahoma in June.
-- This Sunday- Red Hills Herefords with their "Save the Grass Dispersion Sale"
-- Higher Higher on Feeder Cattle- that and More on the Markets!

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Back in Washington Again...
After being in the Washington area last week for the FMD exercise, we are back in our nation's Capitol one more time- this go round as a guest of BASF Ag Chemical Company. This German based company has brought in some of their top research people from both their Plant Science and Crop Protection Divisions to meet with the ag trade media from both the magazine side as well as from broadcast. In addition, they have added a couple of Washington based guest speakers which will be of interest to one and all- we'll have a chance later today to interact with Bruce Knight, Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs- who's at the epicenter of the COOL and National Animal ID System efforts. Knight has been the USDA point person on Animal ID, promoting the idea of premise registration being the right thing to do even as USDA has left it a voluntary program because of huge criticism by those who don't want the government knowing any more about their business than is possible.

This evening- we will have a chance to hear from one of hte sharpest analysts around when it comes to the US political scene- Charlie Cook, who will be offering his handicapping thoughts on the Congressional elections of 2008.

The 2008 Farm Bill- NAWG Decides to be an Advocate of the Bill.
One of the stops we made on Monday afternoon once we arrived in our nation's capitol was the National Association of Wheat Growers office- and we visited with Daren Coppock, CEO of NAWG. Just as we arrived at their office, they were issuing a statement that declared their support of the 2008 Farm Bill Conference Report.

Coppock admitted that they still did not have the final Conference Language- but had seen some of the internal details from the Ag Committees' staffs- so felt comfortable with making the call. The number one priority for NAWG during the farm bill process has been protecting the Direct Payment, as that has been about the only support wheat farmers have received from the 2002 Farm Law- and with wheat prices far above where target prices and loan rates have any relevance- it may stay that way for much of the life of this farm bill as well. Coppock pointed out to us that if the other two legs of the three legged stool- countercyclical payments and loan deficiency payments- came into play, we would be in major trouble since input costs have escalated so sharply pushing the cost of production much higher than what those "safety net" programs could help buffer.

Coppock calls the Permanent Disaster Program a "good place to start" in regards to lessening the need to come hat in hand and asking Congress for Ad Hoc Disaster Aid.
We have our Conversation with Daren about the Farm Bill Conference Report linked below- click and take a listen.

Click to listen to Ron and Daren talk Farm Bill "stuff" direct from the NAWG offices in Washington.

Farm Bill Timing- the Return from the 2002 Bill of "Pencil Dust"
I suspect one of the reasons that groups like NAWG and lawmakers like Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas and Kansas Lawmaker Jerry Moran have been slow to endorse the final Conference Report until they see the actual language and the details that make up the Conference Report is lack of trust for how lawmakers like Senator Tom Harkin has handled this entire process.

For example, back in the Senate Ag Committee, the honorable Chairman was able to slip in several "pet projects" in a Managers Amendment which the Senators agreed to without any idea what it actually contained. That resulted in the livestock industry having to spend time and resources to stop his proposal to slap a ban on Packer Ownership of Livestock until the last couple of weeks before slaughter.
Going back to 2002- there was an "end of the bill" discrepancy in actual cost of the measure versus what had been touted by the Conferees as they wrapped their process up. Senator Harkin called that multi billion dollar difference "pencil dust" and it looks like the CBO has found a little more "pencil dust" that is giving staff heartburn over getting the final language out on their websites.

It seems that as CBO has scored the measure- it has been discovered that there are several billions of dollars less that can be counted on that will come from the Customs Users Fees that were the main offset for paying for the extra billions of dollars in nutrition spending that has been demanded by Speaker Pelosi and others.
As we write this on early Tuesday morning- we have yet to see the final language and there is no indication that they will be able to have a vote on the Conference Report in the House on Wednesday as anticipated at the end of last week.
There is an updated "one pager" on the House Ag Committee website that is updated as of Monday May 12- Click here to reiew that overview prepared by the House Ag Committee staff. Meanwhile, we have linked below the address of the Senate Ag Committee where the language is supposed to land once it is ready. Check here from time to time on Tuesday if you have interest in details of the final Conference Report language.

Click here for the Senate Ag Committee Website.

2008 Wheat Crop Remains Behind Normal- But Still Rated in Good to Excellent Shape.
The latest Oklahoma Crop Weather Update details the terrible twisters of this past week- along with details on hail damaging some wheat fields in mostly north central Oklahoma. The update does mention that even the Panhandle got some much needed rain this past week- helping irrigated crops but still leaving the area in mostly drought like conditions.

Excessive moisture last week led to lower than average stages of development and disease problems in small grain fields across the state. Flood and hail damage resulted in the loss of a few wheat fields in North Central and Northeastern districts. Winter wheat Headed, at 88 percent, was eight percentage points behind the five-year average. Twenty-three percent of the State's wheat was in the soft dough stage, 11 points behind normal. Rye heading was complete by weeks end. Fifty-four percent of the rye crop was in the soft dough stage, an increase of 40 points

As far as spring planting is concerned- we are actually slightly ahead of the five year average in planting of corn and peanuts, while we slightly behind in getting grain sorghum and soybeans into the ground. Cotton has lagged substantially behind the five year average of 25% planted by this date, with only ten percent of the expected crop in the ground at this time.

Click here for the full report from NASS of the Oklahoma Crop Weather Update

Five Nation Beef Conference Kicks Off Today in the US Heartland
Cattle producer groups from four of the major beef exporting countries- as well as producer leaders from Mexico- are headed to Kansas City today for the every other year Five Nations Beef Conference. These are not government people or academics- but rather producers who are leaders in their respective national organizations. The countries involved include the US, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.

The group will start in Kansas City as they arrive today and will spend Wednesday on the campus of Kansas State University, will move later in the week to Grand Island, Nebraska and then back down to the Lake of the Ozarks region for their actual meetings.

Gregg Doud, Chief Economist of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, says it is kinda like a conversation over a cup of coffee at the local Cafe between cattle producers- they won't be talking official policy- but rather trading ideas and comparing notes about what's going on in the beef industry in their country. He expects the countries to talk quite a bit about animal rights groups, a common concern, as well as issues like the biofuels debate that has heated up a great deal here in this country.
We have a conversation about the Five Nations Beef Conference that we had here in Washington on Monday afternoon with Greg Doud- and that audio Q&A is linked below- take a listen.

Click here to listen to Ron and Gregg Doud talk about the Five Nations Beef Conference.

National Value Added Conference Coming to Oklahoma in June.
The tenth annual National Value Added Conference is being planned for Stillwater and Oklahoma City June first through the third. The Robert M Kerr Food and Ag Products Center at Oklahoma State University is a major sponsor of this event- along with USDA's Rural Development Agency in Oklahoma headed up by Brent Kisling.

.This year's conference will feature topics such as value-added and economic development provisions proposed in the next Farm Bill, organic labeling regulations and their impacts on niche meat marketers, as well as hands-on product manufacturing experiences at the FAPC.

Early Registration for this conference ends on May 20- you can save fifty dollars by registering before that date. We have the brochure on the Conference linked below- take a look if you have interest in the world of Value- Added Agriculture.

Click here for details about the National Value Added Conference to be held in OKC June 1-3.

This Sunday- Red Hills Herefords with their "Save the Grass Dispersion Sale"
Red Hills Herefords will hold a "Save the Grass Dispersion Sale" at the Flaming Farms Sale Facility, Clinton, Ok. with over 425 head to sell. The sale is set for Sunday, May 18 beginning at 11:00 AM.

Jimmie Johnson writes on their website "Darla and I would like to invite you out to the Red Hills of Western Oklahoma on Sunday, May 18th 2008 for the biggest Hereford sale ever to be held in Western Oklahoma. We will sell approximately 275 cows. Nearly all will have a calf at side. We are going to sell every single cow 2-years-old and older. By doing this, you can know that we are not holding back "the best ones." I have always said that one of the good things about our cattle is that they can go about anywhere and do well- simply because of the honest cattle conditions they are raised on. There will be cattle in this sale for every type of buyer, so come out Saturday night the 17th for food, drink and fellowship. Hopefully, you can find some moneymakers on Sunday that can help your program. Whether you are looking for the donor types or good uddered, hard working young cattle to start a herd or just add to your own good herd, we have something for everyone. As an added benefit, over 100 of these pairs are first calf heifers and another 100 are less than 5 years of age. You won't find that many young Hereford cows selling anywhere that I am aware of."

We the link to their website below- that has more information on their Hereford cattle- as well as a link there to download the full catalog for the upcoming sale. If you would prefer to give them a call- call Jimmie on his mobile phone at 580-331-8534.

Click here for the Red Hills Hereford Website- where you can get details on their May 18 Female Sale.

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Higher Higher on Feeder Cattle- that and More on the Markets!
It was a big run on Monday at the Oklahoma National Stockyards- with 10,000 head of cattle estimated being sold. And they sold at better money- one to two dollars up on yearling cattle and in a light test- calves were as much as five to seven dollars higher.
I thought the commentary might be of interest to you this morning from the USDA market reporters- "Most buyers aggressive for numbers while others are on the sideline. A few cattle are still coming off graze out wheat, however, much fewer than normal. Moderate numbers of feeders are now going to northern feedlots as available supplies get tighter there. Several cattle continue to come from out of state but in thin flesh or gaunt conditions."

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