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-- Veto Busting Vote Brings Farm Bill Conference Report to the Brink of Victory.
-- Led By Oklahoma's Man on the Conference Committee- All Five Oklahoma Congressmen Vote AYE on Farm Bill
-- Meanwhile, Oklahoma's Senior Senator Weighs In as Schafer Assures One and All- a Veto is Coming!
-- Promises Promises- South Korea Breaks Promises Made and Offers a Delay Rather Than Reopening...
-- Last Call for the Lahoma Field Day!
-- Windy City Does a Slap Down on PETA- Reverses Ban on Foie Gras.
-- Yearling Cattle Markets Continue to RALLY!

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Veto Busting Vote Brings Farm Bill Conference Report to the Brink of Victory.
It appears the U.S. House has sent a strong message to the President. Wednesday afternoon the House passed the Farm, Nutrition and Bioenergy Act of 2008 by a vote of 318 to 106. That means that 75 percent of those voting were in favor of the legislation. And that margin indicates the House would vote to overturn a Presidential Veto - something the President has pledged to do. During a news conference following the vote, Minnesota Representative Collin Peterson credited the National Farmers Union and its President, Bob Buis, for keeping everything on track.

"I'm so proud of my team," says House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn. "It's been a real struggle, but we've got back to what this committee has always been, a bipartisan committee that works together not as Republicans and Democrats but as people that care about this country and care about agriculture; making sure that our people are the best fed and our farmers are the most successful in the world."

Representative Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., gave Peterson and the committee's ranking member, Bob Goodlatte, R-Va, great credit for keeping the bill alive and said that this is an example of what Congress can do when they work together. "I'm very pleased that both parties cast a majority of their votes for this Farm Bill, I think that is a very significant point," Goodlatte says. "As a result we don't have a 2 to 1 majority in this vote; we have a 3 to 1 majority." Goodlatte says he thinks the struggle of the last few months working out compromises improved on both the House and Senate bills. He pointed out that the conference report came in $4 billion less than the House bill and $5 billion less than the Senate bill.

Once the Senate passes the bill (which is likely to happen by early this afternoon, it will be sent to President Bush. Peterson says it will likely reach the President's desk on Tuesday. After passing the Farm Bill, the House by unanimous consent extended current farm legislation another week until Friday, May 23. If the President vetoes the bill immediately, Congress can attempt to override the veto next week prior to the Memorial Day recess.

Led By Oklahoma's Man on the Conference Committee- All Five Oklahoma Congressmen Vote AYE on Farm Bill
Urged on by all of the major farm and rural groups in our state- and taking a cue from the state's inside man on ag issues (at least usually inside)- all five members of the Oklahoma House Delegation were a part of the 318 members that voted for the Farm Bill Conference Report. That meant that Tom Cole, Mary Fallin, John Sullivan, Dan Boren and Frank Lucas all were on board on what was the decisive vote on the Conference Report- as it sends a huge signal down Pennsylvania Avenue that the White House has a slim and none chance of getting a veto to stick- and as Pat Roberts loves to say- there's only slim and none- and Slim was seen riding out of town this afternoon!

The lone Democrat of the delegation, Dan Boren, had signaled his intention to support the final farm bill package, whatever it was, to members of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau when they were in Washington more than a month ago. In the past, whenever you mention a farm issue like this major five year package, the other members of the delegation usually relate a desire to get a read on how it impacts Oklahoma from Congressman Lucas.

Tuesday afternoon when we were in Congressman Lucas' office- he admitted that he understood that his vote is not just a single vote- but one that does carry weight within the delegation. So for those of you that listened to that Tuesday conversation with the Republican from Roger Mills County- you could hear in his voice the likely intent to take a deep breath and vote for the bill.
We talked with Congressman Lucas on the phone right after the strong vote that suggests a veto will not have a chance in the world of getting sustained- and he told us that at the end of the day- he decided that those who were telling him to take the half a loaf as it simply was the most that could be done given the hostility of many urban oriented leaders in the US Congress. We have the link to our Wednesday afternoon "after the vote" conversation with the Congressman- take a listen!

Click here to listen to Ron and Congressman Lucas after the Farm Bill Vote.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma's Senior Senator Weighs In as Schafer Assures One and All- a Veto is Coming!
From Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe's staff- we have preliminary word that the Senator will support the Conference on the Farm Bill and the report that the Senate will vote on later today.

In the email provided to us "Senator Jim Inhofe looks forward to casting his vote in support of the bill when it reaches the Senate. "This important legislation is long overdue. It has been given many extensions and now it is time to provide our farmers with the assurance of these vital programs," says Senator Inhofe. "The passage of this Farm Bill will ensure that Oklahoma continues to be a leader in America's agriculture production." Senator Inhofe pushed for provisions that are included in the bill that will benefit Oklahoma's farmers, including transitional assistance to encourage development of biofuels and including language supporting grant proposals to find innovative ways to make use of animal waste, specifically poultry waste. Senator Inhofe's office will release a full report of the bill's impact for Oklahoma's farmers upon the final passage."

Speaking of emails- we have the latest statement from USDA Chief Ed Schafer- and it's the same song from USDA- just another fresh verse. "Eight months behind schedule, Congress will send a bill to the President that is trade distorting and fails to provide meaningful reform to the adjusted gross income limit, beneficial interest or the international food aid program. However it is better late than never for the beneficiaries of the massive earmarks in this bill, like the $170 million for the salmon fishermen on the West Coast, or $500 million for a single entity land buy in Montana, just to name a few.
"Reckless spending like this is not what farm bills should be about. Congress had a real chance to implement reform and strengthen farm programs for the next decade. This reform could have allowed for savings to be reinvested in future agriculture needs, such as energy and research. Instead, they decided to spend billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to grow government and invest in the tired status quo.
"The President will veto this bill, and I encourage Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to support his stand for fiscal discipline and the best interests of America's farmers and ranchers."

We have the full Secretary Schafer statement on our farm bill webpage- click here to jump over there.

Promises Promises- South Korea Breaks Promises Made and Offers a Delay Rather Than Reopening...
The South Korean government has apparently given in to internal pressures and announced they won't be importing U.S. beef as previously agreed to. The Asian Times reports that tens of thousands of young Koreans have been hitting the streets of downtown Seoul to protest the trade deal which was to begin May 15. Gregg Doud, Chief Economist for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, says the decision comes as a surprise -- even as Korean auditors were in the U.S. to help get trade started.

Doud says, reports from the South Korean government indicate the delay in beef trade will last a matter of days. However, other reports indicate it will be several weeks before the United States is permitted to ship beef into South Korea.

Public protests in South Korea have escalated recently due to consumer concern about the safety of U.S. beef due to BSE. According to Doud - the delay in implementing the new beef agreement is purely political. We have the latest comments from Gregg Doud( after we were in his office on Monday- things fall apart on Wednesday). Doud is featured on our Thursday Beef Buzz heard on great radio stations across the Radio Oklahoma Network. Click below to take a listen!

Click here for the latest Beef Buzz- featuring comments from Gregg Doud of NCBA.

Last Call for the Lahoma Field Day!
Chad Godsey is a relatively new specialist on the agronomy team at OSU, and he joins the line-up of experts who will be making presentations during the popular Northwest Oklahoma Wheat Research Tour at OSU's Lahoma research location TOMORROW, starting at 9 AM. Chad will be discussing utilizing soybeans in a wheat cropping rotation.

A lot of the usual players are on the program- including OSU wheat breeder Dr. Brett Carver, Grain Marketing Economist Dr. Kim Anderson and Oklahoma Wheat Commission Executive Director Mark Hodges- just to name a few.

The tours begin at 9 AM, with a lunch to follow the tours right around noon. It's one of the larger spring field days found in the state- and we have it listed with some additional details on our calendar page- and there are also a lot of other things happening that we have linked on our calendar page as well- click on the link below to jump to our Calendar page at www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com!!!

Click here for the Calendar page at www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Windy City Does a Slap Down on PETA- Reverses Ban on Foie Gras.
An Associated Press story reports that PETA got taken to the cleaners in Chicago, as the Chicago City Council decided they did not need to act as the city's food police as they reversed a two year old ban on the serving of Foie Gras in city restaurants.

AP reports that PETA is not pleased. "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called the repeal a political maneuver benefiting the restaurant industry. The Norfolk, Va.-based group said the council's first "compassionate decision was reversed in a secretive, rushed bow to special interests that benefit from the cruel treatment of animals."

Wednesday's vote was led by Mayor Richard M. Daley, who called the ban the "silliest" ordinance the City Council has ever passed. The repeal measure passed by a vote of 37-6 with no debate, an about- face from the original ban, which passed in April 2006 by a vote of 48-1.
We have the full story via Fox News linked below- click and take a look!

Click here for the Chicago turnaround on Foie Gras!

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Yearling Cattle Markets Continue to RALLY!
Two of the Wednesday markets that we got preliminary reports on early this morning- Southern Oklahoma Livestock Market in Ada- and OKC West in El Reno, both had nice rallies in the yearling cattle they sold yesterday. The Ada market jumped three dollar per hundred higher, with five weights from $112 to $122 and seven weights from $104 to $107.50.
OKC West sold over 6300 head of cattle- yearling weights were from $1 to $3 up- and that included six weights from $11 to $117, seven weight steers from $109 to $112.75 and eight to nine hundred pounders from a dollar a pound to $1.07 per pound.

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