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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Tuesday May 20, 2008!
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-- Mark Hodges Declares "The Race is On!"
-- Crop Weather Update Indicates Wheat Harvest May Be Just Around the Corner...
-- OSU's Kim Anderson Says Maybe This is the Year to Sell at Harvest!
-- Japan Not Even Close to Changing Beef Rules on US Product
-- District Three Wheat Commission Seat Nominees To Be Made Wednesday
-- Senator Coburn Exposes What He Calls "Obscene Spending" Within USDA.
-- Beef Up the Blood Supply!!!
-- Checking the Markets- Big Oklahoma City Cattle Run This Week.

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Mark Hodges Declares "The Race is On!"
In an email to wheat leaders around the state- the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission, Mark Hodges, writes that "we are now in a "race" between physiological maturity (maximum accumulation of dry matter- or in other words- grain fill) verses plant shutdown due to disease, high temperatures or both. In either case, we have been blessed this spring to this point with mild temperatures that have been favorable to grain fill. Areas of southern Oklahoma should not only be fine with the higher temperatures, but many locations need it for dry down prior to harvest. However, as you move northward the "race" becomes more important- and as always the final analysis will be determined as grain hits the bin."

Mark's comments come as OSU's Dr. Bob Hunger has issued his latest on disease concerns for the 2008 winter wheat crop across the state. Dr. Hunger writes on Monday "With days of 90 degrees temperature arriving this week, wheat is quickly maturing, so there is not much new information to report regarding wheat diseases in Oklahoma. The one important new item is that wheat stem rust has been found in plots near Marshall, OK (approximately 40 miles west of Stillwater) and at Stillwater. This was found at both locations on McNair 701, which is a variety that is highly susceptible to stem rust. Stem rust has not been found on any other lines or varieties at these locations. Wheat stem rust occurs in Oklahoma only occasionally because our wheat generally matures sufficiently early so that it avoids infection."

Dr, Hunger adds "samples testing positive for one or more of wheat streak mosaic virus, high plains virus, and/or barley yellow dwarf have been received from the Oklahoma panhandle."
We have a link to Dr. Hunger's ongoing disease updates for you to check out- you can jump via the link below.

Click here for the latest Disease update from OSU Plant Pathologist Dr. Bob Hunger

Crop Weather Update Indicates Wheat Harvest May Be Just Around the Corner...
The latest Crop Weather Update talks about the additional rainfall of this past week- and the hot weather that is arriving this week. Both of these conditions have impact on the 2008 Winter Wheat Crop- "It was reported if temperatures continue to increase, wheat harvest will begin shortly. In the driest areas of the State, some operators will abandon their wheat crop. In areas where rainfall has continuously occurred, farmers believe disease pressure on wheat will continue to increase. Winter wheat headed was up nine percentage points from the previous week to reach 97 percent, only two points behind the five-year average. Forty percent of the State's wheat was in the soft dough stage, 24 points behind normal."

Regarding our spring planted crops- "Corn planted was at 94 percent, while corn emerged, at 83 percent, was 15 points ahead of normal. Sorghum seedbed prepared was at 83 percent and was 18 points ahead of the five-year average. Sorghum planted had reached at 24 percent, six points behind normal, with 15 percent of the crop emerged. Soybeans seedbed prepared increased 11 points from the previous week to 76 percent. Just over one-third of the State's soybeans had been planted while soybeans emerged was at 11 percent, eight percentage points behind the five- year average. Peanuts seedbed prepared increased seven points from the previous week to reach 98 percent. Peanuts planted was at 52 percent, with peanuts emerged at 26 percent, both behind normal. Cotton planted, at 37 percent, was six points behind the five-year average."

To review the latest crop weather update for the state- just click below and you can see where crop, pasture and livestock conditions now stand.

Click here for the latest Crop Weather Update for Oklahoma.

OSU's Kim Anderson Says Maybe This is the Year to Sell at Harvest!
We had a chance to visit with Dr. Kim Anderson of OSU this past Friday at the Lahoma Field Day- and he tells us his best guess is that about 40% of the expected Oklahoma wheat crop has been contracted by Oklahoma wheat farmers- at perhaps an average price of $8.00 per bushel- although he says that is just a guess at the very best.

He adds that a cash wheat price holding above $7.25 should be available to Oklahoma wheat farmers this harvest season- and Dr. Anderson says that the potential of a large crop globally may well mean that prices fall from there and could easily be down to around $6.00 a bushel by early fall. He thinks this may be a year that you should seriously consider selling across the scales at harvestime.

One final issue that we talked with Dr. Anderson about has to do with high levels of rye in our wheat- he sees this as a potential disaster for some wheat producers that have a significant amount of rye hanging on in their wheat fields- you can expect major discounts on wheat that has rye in it- and if there is too much, Dr. Anderson says you may hear from your grain elevator operator- sorry you can't dump it because I can't sell it.
We have our conversation with Kim linked below and you can take a listen- if you involved in the wheat industry- you may want to check it out.

Click here to listen to Ron and Kim dissecting the Wheat Marketing Options as the 2008 Harvest Arrives.

Japan Not Even Close to Changing Beef Rules on US Product
The Chief Economist of the National Cattlemen's Association, Gregg Doud, says that Japan's scientists have begun to admit that US beef is perfectly safe when it comes to the risk from BSE- but the problem in what used to be our largest export destination for US beef is pure and simply politics.

Doud says that the ruling party in Japan is facing even a tougher opposition party then the new Government in South Korea is now dealing with when it comes to accusing the party in power of kowtowing to the US over the safety of our beef regarding BSE.

While it appears that the new government in South Korea will be able to get that market open once again to US beef in a reasonable amount of time- the timeline for Japan widening their the rules for US beef is very uncertain. We have pushed for a full reopening using OIE international animal health standards- but that is being called totally unacceptable by many of the opponents to US beef in Japan.
We talk about all of this in todays' Beef Buzz as heard on the Radio Oklahoma Network- and linked below for your audio pleasure as well. Click and take a listen about the uncertain future we face in getting more beef into Japan.

Click here to Beef Buzz with Ron and Gregg Doud of the NCBA on Japan and US Beef!

District Three Wheat Commission Seat Nominees To Be Made Wednesday
The election of three nominees for District Three of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission is planned for this coming Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 PM at the Exhibit Building on the Kingfisher County Fairgrounds in Kingfisher. This is the position currently held by Tom Glazier of Loyal.

District three includes Kingfisher, Canadian, Blain, Dewey, Cluster, Washout, Roger Mills and Beckman counties. The vote is to decide on three nominees of wheat producers- those three names will be given to the Governor and he has the final say. The spot currently held by Tom Glazier expires as of July first- but Tom will continue to serve until a new commissioner is named by Governor Henry. We would normally expect to have a nominee selected and named by the Governor's office by sometime in early July- but you never know how the timetable will play out.

There will also be a Oklahoma Wheat Commission meeting planned for that morning at the same location- beginning at nine AM.

For more on the mission of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission- here's a link to their website

Senator Coburn Exposes What He Calls "Obscene Spending" Within USDA.
U.S. Senator Tom Coburn- our Junior Senator from Oklahoma, on Monday released an oversight report on the Department of Agriculture's (USDA) conference spending entitled: "For the Farmers or for Fun: USDA Spends Over $90 Million in Conference Costs."

"At a time when millions of Americans are being forced to tighten their belts, it is obscene that politicians in Washington are refusing to rein in wasteful spending. USDA spent over $19 million on conferences in 2006, sending employees to a 'Congressional' seminar at a Hawaiian resort, to a 'green' conference at a Virgin Islands resort, and to '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' conferences in Las Vegas," Dr. Coburn said.

"The Department of Agriculture, the first in a series of agency conference oversight reports I'll be releasing, is just one among many federal agencies that I believe has overspent on non-essential conferences and travel. Our federal agencies spent more than $2 billion on conferences from 2000 through 2006, USDA's conference spending alone has almost tripled since 2000, and little is being done about reining in this discretionary spending. Whether it is sending 270 employees in one year to Mickey Mouse's house in Orlando, attending 28 separate 2006 conferences in Hawaii, or spending a quarter-of-a-million dollars on Las Vegas resort- based conferences, these USDA trips have the appearance of a 'spring break' mentality for federal employees who are tasked with helping farmers and keeping our nation's food supply safe.

"Last week Congress passed another bloated farm bill that failed to rein in the wasteful pork-barrel farm politics of the past. I voted against the bill because Congress put the priorities of special interest non- farm lobbyists over the long-term interests of our nation's farmers and ranchers in a nutrition/social programs bill, with a few farm programs thrown in. But one worthwhile item in the farm bill is the inclusion of a conference transparency provision I helped author. If this provision is ultimately passed into law, USDA will have to begin posting detailed reports about its annual conference expenditures on its public website and taxpayers can join me in scrutinizing the Agency's travel spending."

To see the full report- click here and we will jump you to it.

Beef Up the Blood Supply!!!
Oklahoma's beef producers and the Oklahoma Blood Institute are looking to round up blood donors since donations typically drop before holidays. The OBI is hoping for a herd of donors at locations around the state on Friday, May 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. All donors can step up to the chuck wagon for a free all beef hot dog lunch and a chance to win a free "beef basket." In addition to the free beef lunch courtesy of Bar-S-Foods, Sysco and Sara Lee, donors will receive a free "Beef up the Blood Supply" t-shirt.

The Blood Institute reminds everyone that each time you donate blood you receive vital health checks at no cost including pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature and anemia (iron level). The Beef Council wants everyone that beef is one of nature's best sources of iron for the diet. Beef is also an excellent source of protein, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium and phosphorus, and is a good source of niacin, Vitamin B6 and riboflavin.

The Oklahoma Blood Institute and the the Oklahoma Beef Council will be teaming up in this "Beef Up the Beef Supply" at ten difference locations of the Blood Institute around the state.

Click here for more details about this Beef and Blood Promotion Set for This Friday!!!

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Checking the Markets- Big Oklahoma City Cattle Run This Week.
The estimate for Monday ended up at 12,500 cattle at the Oklahoma National Stockyards, with steady money on both the yearlings as well as the stocker cattle and calves. We have the link for you to review the Monday wrapup from that market- click to read.

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