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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday May 29, 2008!
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-- We Could See Full Swing Harvest in Frederick Area TODAY!
-- Senator Coburn Contends His Vote Against the Farm Bill Was Actually A Vote Against the "Nutrition" Bill.
-- Farm Groups Call Ethanol the "Fall Guy" and Contend Extreme Oil Prices Are Reason for Most Increases In Just About Everything- Especially Food!
-- Mad Cow Fears Grip South Korea!
-- Come See us in Fairview at the Major County Relay For Life!
-- No Worries- USDA will Hurry To Administer New Farm Law!
-- Checking the Markets...

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We Could See Full Swing Harvest in Frederick Area TODAY!
That's the word from Mike Cassidy of Cassidy Grain in Frederick. He offers this quick email as of late last night- "We are pretty much getting into full swing tomorrow. Busy today, moisture drying up, and test weights very good and heavy." Mike adds "Yields are pretty much as expected, still hoping for average, slightly better than average." It's a wide range he is hearing as farmers come in from their first fields they are cutting- anywhere from 33 bushels per acre up to an eye popping 65 bushels per acre.

Jimmy Kinder from Walters also dropped us an email yesterday- and indicated they have been cutting a little as it gets ripe since Memorial Day- adding "Did cut several truck loads. Moisture high, test weight well over 60 and so far, less than average yields but the best is yet to come. We do have some very good wheat if the weather holds and we get to cut it. Several fields of Jagger have been cut(in the area) but we don't have any so we are getting a slow start."

The daily report from Mark Hodges of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission reflects limited cutting in that area south of US 62 because of rains across some of that area on Tuesday. He does expect a lot more cutting in that region today. He did have the sad report of some fields being hit by baseball size hail near Duke- ending those folks hopes for harvest just hours before a combine could have harvested their bounty. That's always a tough thing to have to report.
We do have Mark's report linked on our Wheat Harvest Webpage- and you can go and take a listen by jumping to that page via the link below!

Click here for the Official Wheat Harvest Page for the 2008 Oklahoma Winter Wheat Harvest at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Senator Coburn Contends His Vote Against the Farm Bill Was Actually A Vote Against the "Nutrition" Bill.
It was our first opportunity to visit with our junior Senator for the state of Oklahoma since the Farm Bill vote in which he was the only member of Congress from the state that voted against the Conference Report and the only member of the delegation that voted with the President in his veto.

Senator Coburn says he had no problem with the relatively small part of the bill that pertains to farm and conservation programs- but had HUGE concerns over the big increases in spending for nutrition that Democrats demanded and got in the final package.

We also talked about the report that he released a few days ago about the unneeded travel of USDA- and he agreed with me that there should be travel dollars available to USDA for officials of that agency to get out to meet with farm groups during their annual meetings- even when those meetings are in "vacation towns." His problem was conferences that Coburn contends had little to do with agriculture and involved sending employees thousands of miles to be involved in seminars on things like the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective people" which is something the Senator believes could have been achieved by having those employees stay in Washington. We have the full conversation with Senator Coburn linked below- check it out!!!

Click here to listen to Ron and Senator Coburn talk agriculture and more!

Farm Groups Call Ethanol the "Fall Guy" and Contend Extreme Oil Prices Are Reason for Most Increases In Just About Everything- Especially Food!
Leaders from the National Corn Growers Association, American Farm Bureau Federation, National Farmers Union, National Association of Wheat Growers, National Sorghum Producers and the Renewable Fuels Association on Wednesday joined together to dispel many of the accusations that have been levied against biofuels and agriculture in recent months. National Corn Growers Association President Ron Litterer said - we are extremely disappointed by the lengths to which the Grocery Manufacturers Association and its allies have gone in their effort to bad-mouth corn farmers and ethanol producers. He called it - an attack on all of agriculture.

AFBF President Bob Stallman pointed out that - when the Renewable Fuels Standard is fully implemented, the nation will effectively be burning a 10-percent ethanol blend in all of the gasoline supply. David Cleavinger, president of the National Association of Wheat Growers said - we really feel like we should all be working together. It does none of us any good to blame renewable fuels or the business of agriculture.

National Farmers Union President Tom Buis offered his list of his favorite "stupid excuses" offered by various industries blaming higher prices for their product on ethanol. We have linked the audio play by play offered by Buis during the Conference Call with mostly the general media in attendance via their telephones. Take a listen by clicking below.

Click here for the Tom Buis hot list of products Ethanol has been accused of harming!!!

Mad Cow Fears Grip South Korea!
Maybe it was Yogi Berra that once said- "it's easy to be ignorant when you don't know the facts"- but whoever offered that bit of wisdom pretty well sums up the mess we find ourselves facing in South Korea over getting US beef back into what was once our third largest beef importer.

Political opponents of President Lee have seized on this issue with a passion- and that passion has pushed what we call "sound science" over the ledge and tumbling down to the street- where it has been quickly trampled by housewives worrying whether their children will eat dangerous beef from America if they go to a local restaurant able to sell our beef products.

One newspaper report that we have linked below tells us "Fears have been fanned largely by a sensational television report last month and Internet chatter about the meat, which both governments have repeatedly said poses no health risk. Rumors have circulated that U.S. meat packers plan to dump beef from older cows -- considered at higher risk for mad cow -- on the South Korean market."
Obviously that's not what the deal is- initially it is only beef from animals under 30 months of age with the deal allowing boneless or bone-in beef to be allowed to be bought by South Korean merchants for resale to the public. Where this all goes is hard to say- but for now- US beef is clearly the bad guy in a country that should know better.

Click here for one of the current reports on the state of FEAR that US Beef Finds Itself Marinating In.

Come See us in Fairview at the Major County Relay For Life!
This coming Friday evening, I want to invite one and all in Major County ( or in any of the communities nearby) to come to the football field in Fairview and say hello to yours truly as I emcee their 2008 Relay for Life. I am honored to be asked back for the second year in a row- and I am looking forward to what I have been told is one of the premiere Relay for Life events not just in Oklahoma- but all across the south central part of the US!!!

The festivities start around 7:00 PM- with live music, food, games and a time to honor those who have died of cancer- but also to celebrate those who are cancer survivors as well as those who have been caregivers and live on. The Relay for Life is a national fund raiser that is held locally all around the country- and is designed to not just raise funds to battle cancer- but also to mirror the cycle of a battle with cancer from 7 PM until 7 AM the next morning!

I would also be happy to have any of you that might want to call in a pledge for the Major County Event to do so. You may call the toll free number for the American Cancer Society here in Oklahoma- that number is 1-800-ACS-2345- or you may give me a call on my cell phone- 405-473-6144- and I will be happy to take your name and number and relay that information to the folks there in Fairview.
The festivities last into the wee hours of the morning- and we will be there with the wonderful folks from Major County- and I hope to see many of you as well!!!

No Worries- USDA will Hurry To Administer New Farm Law!
Only last week Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Conner was calling the new Farm Bill unacceptable, irresponsible and bad policy. But with Congress overriding the Presidential veto and most of the bill becoming law, USDA is charged with enacting the legislation.
Conner says the Administration's poor opinion of the bill, will not affect its implementation.

"We have a long list of professionals who are a part of this great agency and they are going to do their best to administer this bill in the way Congress intended in a way that is most beneficial to our constituents, to the farmers and ranchers and all the nutrition recipients out there," Conner says. "You would not expect it to be any different from an agency like USDA, so despite our policy differences we are going to administer this bill to the very best of our abilities."

One of the first things that will be done that is of importance to Oklahoma producers is to establish county loan rates- so that loans can be made available on the 2008 winter wheat crop- now being harvested here in our state. Also, USDA has pledged to get going on delivering advance direct payments as quickly as possible as well.

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Checking the Markets...
OKC West in El Reno had a nice run of cattle on Wednesday- over 5,800 and prices were higher- one to three dollars up on yearlings. Click here to take a look at their report!

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