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-- Harvest Leaps Forward!!!
-- The Latest Word on a Wheat Marketing Strategy
-- Yesterday's Meeting Between Corn Growers and the Wholesale Grocers Results in Nothing.
-- South Korea Says They Will Reopen to US Beef Next Week.
-- The Old Ideas Still Make Sense in Cow Calf Survival!
-- US Wheat Calls The Wheat Marketing Year that is Wrapping Up "Amazing"
-- Coming up....
-- Checking the Markets...

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Harvest Leaps Forward!!!
Thursday was the busiest day yet for the 2008 Oklahoma Wheat Harvest- and Mark Hodges of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission tells us that we now have harvest going in the southern third of the state- especially of the early varieties like Jagger and Overly. If the dry weather hangs with us- we can see harvest happening in the southern half of the state before the weekend is out!

We also have reports and pictures from Tom Smith of Kiowa County- he provided us with pictures of the combines rolling in a field of Jagger which he reports yielded up into the mid fifty bushel per acre range- with test weights at 63 pounds.

The pictures as well as audio from Mark Hodges from his daily report to us all can be found on the Official Webpage of the 2008 Oklahoma Wheat Harvest- only at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com. We have a link to that below- and we remind you to send us your harvest updates as you begin the 2008 harvest- and share what is happening in your neck of the woods. Check back on this website from time to time over the weekend- as we will keep it updated as we get reports from this 2008 wheat harvest this weekend.

Click here for the latest Wheat Harvest Updates on our Wheat Harvest Webpage at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

The Latest Word on a Wheat Marketing Strategy
We talked a variety of subjects yesterday afternoon with Dr. Kim Anderson of Oklahoma State University as we stopped by his office after spending some time in some morning meetings within the Division of Agriculture.

Dr. Anderson still believes you some sell some wheat at harvest- but does not seem to be as worried about a major fall in wheat prices after the June-July time period. In fact, he does not see a lot more downward movement on wheat prices here in the shorterm- even as harvest is cranking up. He says that both domestic and foreign buyers need our wheat(see the article further down about the outstanding year we have had in exports and tight stocks that remain)- and he believes that demand plus some concern about early season corn emergence will help keep a floor under the wheat market.

We also talked with Dr. Anderson about white wheat- and he has changed his tune somewhat from four or five years ago- he now believes that if varieties like Ok Rising being released this year by OSU can deliver as a quality wheat for planting in the body of our state- we will see the phasing out of hard red winter- with hard white winter taking over. It won't happen next year- but Dr. Anderson now believes it really can happen- where in previous years, he was very skeptical.
Our audio conversation with Dr. Anderson is linked below- check out the marketing strategy and more as we begin the 2008 harvest!

Click here to listen to Ron and Kim on Wheat Marketing Strategy and More!

Yesterday's Meeting Between Corn Growers and the Wholesale Grocers Results in Nothing.
The Leadership of the National Association of Corn Growers met with the Grocers Manufacturers Association on Thursday- and found their pleas to stop beating up on farmers fell on deaf ears. The GMA has decided that they have a chance to affect the public debate on biofuels- and that's what they are going to attempt to do.

The CEO of the National Corn Growers talked with our correspondent Stewart Doan and he called the meeting "tense, tough and candid." The Grocers group have hired a Washington Public Relations firm and are using what some in production agriculture are calling "smear tactics" in order to persuade the public that the Renewable Fuels Standard needs to be repealed.

We have an audio overview of what Rick Tolman was saying as they came out of that meeting- even as the Grocers group refused to offer any comments. That audio update is available by clicking on the link below.

Click here to listen to Stewart's report on the NCGA-GMA Confrontation that happened Thursday in Washington.

South Korea Says They Will Reopen to US Beef Next Week.
South Korea's agriculture minister, Chung Woon Chun, told a Korean television audience that the market for U.S. beef will officially open next week, probably on Tuesday, June 3. The minister sent a request to the Ministry of Administration to print the final protocol today and this process usually takes two to three days. The date that this announcement is printed will be the implementation date of the protocol - the date U.S. cattle can be slaughtered for export to Korea.

Opponents of U.S. beef, including the main opposition parties and the Korean Federation of Trade Unions, have vowed to take "every possible measure" as they continue their campaign to derail the agreement. More than 7,000 people took part in the latest vigil after the minister's announcement, and the leader of the United Democratic Party told a Korean news agency: "If the government and the ruling party ignore this warning, we will be forced to come up with a critical decision."

"We look forward to supplying high-quality, wholesome U.S. beef to South Korea," said President & CEO Philip Seng of the US Mat Export Federation, "but this is a volatile situation that changes day by day. We are monitoring events in Korea very closely. We were the preferred supplier of beef for Korean cuisine. Our exports are complementary to the South Korean domestic industry. We understand the products and specifications needed." After reaching agreement with the United States in principle on May 15, South Korea sent inspection teams to audit U.S. beef plants on the list of plants approved to export beef to Korea prior to the suspension of trade.

The Old Ideas Still Make Sense in Cow Calf Survival!
Our Beef Buzz guest on this Friday is Dr. David Lahman- who tells us that the ideas they have preached for quite some time are still the best management practices that can help you survive and prosper in these tough economic conditions we face in the cattle industry.

Dave says that things like getting your stocking rate right for your pasture can help that cow stay in good body condition- and that helps as she nurses a calf and in rebreeding as well. He also suggest looking at some of the old OSU programs like Gold and Super Gold- which he says will cost you more money to implement- but the return on that gain is higher than ever!

You can hear Dave Lahman's comments from a conversation that we had with him just yesterday while on campus at OSU- he is our featured guest on the Friday Beef Buzz, heard on great radio stations around the state on the Radio Oklahoma Network. We also have it posted on our website on the Beef Buzz page- and for our email readers- we have today's show linked below- check it out!

Click here for today's Beef Buzz with Ron and David Lahman of OSU!

US Wheat Calls The Wheat Marketing Year that is Wrapping Up "Amazing"
Wheat export sales for 2006/2007 was an anemic 23.8 million metric tons. One year ago, the USDA went out on a limb and predicted that we might be able to see a modest 12 percent increase in the face of regional problems with the U.S. hard red winter (HRW) crop- USDA predicted exports for the marketing year wrapping up as June arrives at 26.5 million metric tonnes.

As weather woes appeared in Canada, Europe, parts of the Black Sea region and finally Australia, U.S. producers were able to meet both increased export and domestic demand. It now appears likely that total U.S. wheat export sales in 2007/08 will be more than 38.4 million metric tonnes or 42 percent higher than in 2006/07.

To be sure, after responding to this demand, total U.S. wheat stocks will end the year at an estimated seven million metric tonnes, their lowest level in 60 years. Declining global stocks over the past several years, increased demand, especially from developing countries, a dramatic increase in speculative trading volume, and significant weather problems have combined to drive wheat prices to new highs. The good news for wheat buyers is that producers have responded to the market signal that the world needs more wheat. While it is unlikely that wheat prices will fall back to where they were before 2006/07, a more normal convergence of futures and cash prices is taking place now-and there is enough wheat about to be harvested, in the soil or about to be seeded to create a potential for a record global harvest.

Coming up....
This weekend on our Saturday morning "In the Field" TV segment, we plan on having Mark Hodges join us as he gives us the latest on the Oklahoma Wheat Harvest. In the Field is seen Saturday mornings at 6:40 AM on KWTV News9 out of Oklahoma City.

Be sure and join us tonight in Fairview for the Major County Relay for Life- they have asked me to emcee again here in 2008- and we look forward to being a small part of the tremendous job that the community does in what is considered one of the best Relay for Life events in the south central region in the country by the American Cancer Society!!! All the fun begins around 6 PM at Eubanks Field at the High School in Fairview.

We do invite you to check our Wheat Harvest WEBPAGE from time to time this weekend- as we will likely have several updates to share with you. We invite you to drop us an email and let us hear about how harvest is going on your place here in 2008- we would love to hear from you.

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Checking the Markets...
We are waiting on Cash Cattle trade to develop later today- last week we saw $95 on slaughter cattle in Texas/Oklahoma feedlots- and there is hope that we could see $96 this week. We shall see.
On Thursday, we had just under 3000 cattle at the Apache Auction Market- the trend of higher feeder cattle continued this week- with prices there up one to three dollars per hundredweight. Seven to eight hundred pound steers were bringing $108 to $113.25 per hundred yesterday in Apache.

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