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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday May 28, 2009
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-- Harvest Activity Detected in Southwest Oklahoma
-- While Wheat Harvest is Likely to Be Slim in 2009- Oklahoma Farm Bureau Claims Better Harvest at State Capitol
-- How to Build a Beef Cattle Operation From the Ground Up
-- Secretary Vilsack Says There is Time for Agriculture to be Included in Climate Change Bill
-- Wild Turkeys in Oklahoma- Tips as Hatching Season Approaches
-- Happening Today- OIE Moving Japan's BSE Status
-- J & J Cattle Company Invites you THIS Satruday to their annual Production Sale.
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Harvest Activity Detected in Southwest Oklahoma
If we were using the same scale for harvest activity that we use for earthquakes, we might have a 2.0 on the Richter Scale that would describe harvest here early on southwest Oklahoma. With so many fields barren of wheat here in 2009, the ones that are left are few and far between- and harvest will likely be a scattered process as well here in 2009.

We have detected some action as of Wednesday afternoon- and Mike Schulte of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission offers reports from several elevators in Tillman and Cotton Counties regarding some fields being ready, some combines rolling and a few reports to offer as a result. For example, in Frederick, a couple of early loads have come in, hitting a test weight of 59.4 pounds per bushel and a report of 7.5 bushels per acre.

Mike also offers reports from Grandfield and Walters- you can hear his comments by clicking on our link below and going to our Wheat Harvest report for the day as found on our website, WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com.

We also would welcome any observations and reports that you might have about the 2009 wheat harvest. What's going on in your area? Are there fields being harvested for grain? If you have reports you can share with us, drop me a line at the email that is found on the very bottom of this daily report. I also would welcome any reports you might have of baling wheat for hay, killing the wheat to make way for a spring planted crop and any other observations that you might have. We reported lots of disease being seen by Dr. Hunger in our report yesterday- what are you seeing in that regard? We will share your information- let me know if you don't want me sharing your name with the audience- but please drop us a line now and in the days ahead as we get harvest moving northward here in 2009.

Click here for the Oklahoma Wheat Commission Wheat Harvest Report with Mike Schulte

While Wheat Harvest is Likely to Be Slim in 2009- Oklahoma Farm Bureau Claims Better Harvest at State Capitol
The leader of the states largest farm organization believes farmers and ranchers harvested an overflowing bushel basket of victories from the 2009 Oklahoma legislative session. Mike Spradling, Oklahoma Farm Bureau president, calls the just completed session a good one for rural Oklahoma.

The biggest highlight was passage of HB 2151, the livestock preemption bill. The bill requires the Department of Agriculture set the standard for care and handling of livestock in Oklahoma. It does not affect municipal zoning laws as some opponents had earlier feared. "This legislation has been a priority for our members and we want to thank Governor Henry, Rep. Armes, Sen. Schulz and all the lawmakers for working hard to protect animal agriculture", Spradling said.

The OFB President from Tulsa County adds there are several other measures that were passed during the session that offer benefit to farmers, ranchers and those who in live in rural areas of the state. Our webstory has a complete rundown of the measures that Farm Bureau is celebrating- and includes a conversation that we had with Spradling on Wednesday afternoon.

Click here for more on the Legislative Haul for Rural Oklahoma with comments from Mike Spradling of Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

How to Build a Beef Cattle Operation From the Ground Up
If you were going to start a beef cattle operation and do it from the ground up- how would you assemble the pieces? We look at this question and get answers from Donnell Brown of Throckmorton, Texas as we talked with this fourth generation rancher just before he spoke tot he Seeds for Success Grazing Conference this past week in Wilburton, Oklahoma.

Brown talked with us on today's Beef Buzz about the three steps to put together the right genetics for your beef cattle herd to be successful- and we talk about the concept of "creative financing" which will help either a beginning rancher or one that wants to expand into a new aspect of the beef business.

We will be featuring some of the comments from Donnell Brown over the next few days on the Beef Buzz. The Buzz is a regular radio feature heard on radio stations around the state on the Radio Oklahoma Network- and can also be heard at any time on your schedule on our website. We have today's Beef Buzz linked below- check it out!

Click here for our Beef Buzz with Donnell Brown of Throckmorton, Texas

Secretary Vilsack Says There is Time for Agriculture to be Included in Climate Change Bill
To this point- agriculture has been pretty well been left out of the legislation that will dramatically shape the landscape of America for years to come. As the House energy and Commerce Committee passed their so called Climate Change Bill this past week before Congress took a week off for the Memorial Day Recess, agriculture was almost totally ignored when it comes to any positive role in the cap and trade concept. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack told Farm Broadcast Colleague Jeff Nalley in Kentucky on Wednesday that he believes there is still time to get agriculture included in a significant way in this proposal.

The Secretary also believes that it is not right for US regulators to try to tie indirect land use in other countries to US biofuel production- it is simply too much of a stretch to connect one to another.

We have an audio overview of these comments from Secretary Vilsack as he talked with Nalley at a USDA Rural Development event in Harrodsburg, Ky. Click on the link below for that story and to listen to the audio of the Secretary on these two topics.

Click here for more with Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Climate Change Debate

Wild Turkeys in Oklahoma- Tips as Hatching Season Approaches
The eggs have been laid and soon landowners will see young fowl leaving their nest sites to begin their lives as wild turkeys in Oklahoma. These birds will have a large home range so their management can be a bit tricky, said Terry Bidwell, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension rangeland ecology and management specialist. "Seldom will one landowner control enough land to meet all of the turkey's habitat needs," he said. "Therefore, it is important to evaluate existing habitat and to identify features that need to be deleted, added or modified to improve the area." Making changes to an existing habitat is more efficient and economical than new plantings. Wild turkeys need to be able to roost in trees with open crowns and horizontal limbs. A lack of these types of trees may limit populations. Wild turkeys also need some cover to use for nesting.

"Nests are usually located in thick ground cover close to the edge of fields, roads or some type of edge such as a creek," Bidwell said. "Alfalfa fields, stream banks, hillsides with grass and shrubs provide good nesting cover in the western half of the state. Lowbush huckleberry, grape vines, grass clumps and dead brush tops provide good nesting cover in eastern Oklahoma." Water is essential for everyday life as a turkey, as well as food and escape cover. Turkeys will feed anywhere food is available, provided they are not disturbed. "Eastern turkeys tend to feed in mature hardwoods or hardwood-pine associations with open understories and small openings," Bidwell said. "They require large continuous expanses of hardwood timber for winter range. Western turkeys tend to feed in mixed grass-shrubs associations with small woodlots and forested stream corridors."

Wildlife biologists with OSU's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation or the USDA Soil Conservation Service can provide specific recommendations to landowners.

Happening Today- OIE Moving Japan's BSE Status
The World Organization for Animal Health on Thursday will formally adopt a resolution classifying Japan as a controlled-risk country for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, according to Asian media reports. OIE decided at a general session earlier in the week to upgrade Japan's BSE status, the organization's officials said.

Japan mandates that beef from domestic cattle aged 21 months and older be tested for BSE, while it limits imports of beef to that derived from cattle aged 20 months or younger. The OIE ruling technically would allow Japan to ship a wider array of product abroad. Tokyo intends to press several countries including Russia and Mexico to import more Japanese beef.

We have reported several times that US Beef officials believe that this status could also mean another way to pressure Japan to open their market to older US beef- at least from animals 30 months of age or younger. Click on the link below for a Beef Buzz report from earlier this month that featured comments from Gregg Doud of NCBA and the Billion Dollar potential that Japan offers the US cattle industry.

Click for more on the idea of getting Japan to move forward with opening their market wider to US beef.

J & J Cattle Company Invites you THIS Satruday to their annual Production Sale.
The Fourth Annual J&J Cattle Company Production Sale is set for this Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 12 Noon at the ranch near Orlando, Ok.

On Friday May 29 (tomorrow night), from 1 PM to dark, the cattle will be on display- at 5:30 PM, there will be a dinner and at 7:30 PM, J&J will hold an Embryo Auction.

The Saturday Schedule (May 30) includes 7:30 AM Coffee, Juice and Pastries, 9:00 AM Cattle on display, lunch served at 11 AM, with the sale itself set for 12 noon. For info about the sale or the cattle to be offered, call Mark Johnson at 405-880-1902.

Click here for more sale info and a look at the electronic catalog of the J&J Cattle Company 4th Annual Production Sale

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