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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday June 24, 2009
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-- Climate Change Vote May Go Forward Before Fourth of July Break
-- NRECA Also Cuts Deal with Waxman to Pave the Way for Climate Change Measure
-- McDonalds Rapidly is Grabbing Top Spot as Fluid Milk User Away From Home
-- Oklahoma Hay Directory Still Current for Buyers and Sellers
-- What's the better choice for the environment- grass fed or grain fed fat cattle?
-- The Oklahoma Beef Quality Network- More Than Auctions- It's an Educational Effort About Value Added Programs
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Climate Change Vote May Go Forward Before Fourth of July Break
Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives working on climate change bill said on Tuesday that they had reached a deal on difficult agriculture issues that will clear the way for a vote, and probable passage, in the chamber this week.

"We have an agreement finally," said House Agriculture Committee chairman Collin Peterson whose support has been widely sought by House Democratic leaders. Representative Henry Waxman, a main proponent for legislation to reduce industrial emissions of carbon dioxide told reporters the U.S. Department of Agriculture, not the Environmental Protection Agency, will be put in charge of overseeing some carbon reductions efforts by farmers, a major demand of farm- state Democrats in the House.

Waxman announced another break for agriculture as part of the deal: The climate change bill would halt an EPA proposal that farmers feared could hold U.S. ethanol makers responsible for greenhouse gases from crops overseas. Waxman said a "five-year moratorium" on a proposed EPA rule would be included in the legislation and USDA and Congress would have additional powers to stop the plan after the five years.

Earlier this week- and as late as midday Tuesday- it seemed that no deal had been made as of yet. Then, the announcement has come and it looks like House Speaker Pelosi will get her vote before lawmakers go home to hear from constiuents over the holiday break before they come back to Washington in July.

We have a full rundown of the breakthrough linked below- click on the link we have provided.

Click here for the latest on the Climate Change Breakthrough Announced by Congressmen Waxman and Peterson

NRECA Also Cuts Deal with Waxman to Pave the Way for Climate Change Measure
Glenn English, CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), on Tuesday praised Committee Chairmen Henry Waxman, Chairman Markey and Chairman Peterson for their willingness to address the concerns of rural electric cooperatives in proposed climate change legislation.

In a letter to Chairman Waxman, English said "Electric cooperatives want to thank you and the House leadership for addressing the 'fairness' issue. Providing language that no utility should receive allowances in excess of 100% of their needs deals with an inequity that would have cost consumers."

Click on our link below for more on the Climate Change deal of the NRECA with Congressman Waxman- which eliminates another hurdle that rural interests had raised regarding passage of this proposal.

Click here for more on the NRECA deal with Congressman Waxman on his Climate Change bill

McDonalds Rapidly is Grabbing Top Spot as Fluid Milk User Away From Home
The Dairy checkoff is taking their partnership with McDonald's in a new direction this summer as this large chain of fast food restaurants now offers McCafe coffees, the new specialty coffee beverages that are 80% milk. The specialty coffee business relies heavily on the dairy industry so dairy producers, through their investment in the dairy checkoff, and McDonald's will work together to increase milk sales in the United States.

McDonald's has nearly completed the remodeling process of some of their nearly 14,000 locations across the United States. Each location has invested approximately $100,000-plus per store to install the new coffeehouse bars along with specialty equipment that will grind freshly roasted espresso beans, brew the coffee under pressure and mix it with the delicious, steamed milk.

Susan Allen with Dairymax says that each McCafe will provide a consumer with a serving or more of dairy and will likely make McDonalds one of the biggest customers of the US dairy farmer in the country, almost overnight. She pointed to one McDonalds outlet close to where she lives in Edmond that is already using six to twelve gallons of milk daily, with that number almost certain to grow as the promotion continues.
We talked with Susan about this huge rollout- and what it means to dairy farmers and their fluid milk market. Click on the link below for more information, and I would invite you to check out our video conversation with Susan this coming Saturday morning during our In the Field segment as seen on KWTV News9 around 6:40 am during their Saturday morning news block.

Click here for more with Susan Allen and the McCafe Promotion that is paying big dividends for dairy farmers

Oklahoma Hay Directory Still Current for Buyers and Sellers
Hay buyers and sellers are reminded that the online hay directory maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry is available. The agency is receiving numerous calls from both buyers and sellers who do not know about the directory.

"Since we began deleting entries after 60 days unless the sellers tell us they still have hay for sale we haven't had complaints about our directory being out of date," said Glen Schickedanz, Market News Coordinator with ODAFF. "This is an excellent tool for locating supplies or letting people know you have hay for sale."

His office is receiving about an equal number of calls from both buyers and sellers, he said. The Oklahoma hay directory is online by clicking on the link below and the hay hotline is active and open at 1-800-580-6543. Schickedanz can be contacted through the hay hotline number.

Click here for the ODA website- once there look for the Hay Directory Link on the right side column

What's the better choice for the environment- grass fed or grain fed fat cattle?
A group known as GET IT says the answer is what you might call a conventional feedlot critter. The Economic And Environmental Benefits Of Conventional Beef Production are the focus of a marketing program launched by the Growth Enhancement Technology Information Team (GET IT).

One of the key campaign messages is conventional beef production is environmentally friendly compared to grass-only beef-production systems. An Iowa State University study comparing conventional, grain-fed beef production with grass-only production showed conventional beef production decreases the amount of land required to produce a pound of beef by two- thirds. More than five acre-days are needed to produce a pound of beef from grass-fed cattle compared to just 1.7 acre-days for conventionally raised, grain-fed beef using growth-enhancing technologies. In addition, conventional beef production results in a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per pound of beef compared to grass-fed beef production.

"There always will be a niche market for organic and natural beef. Grass-fed beef is environmentally friendly but not as much as conventional beef production, and it's certainly not as sustainable because of higher production costs and use of land resources," GET IT Chairman Paul Parker said. "GET IT supports consumer choice at the meat counter but wants people to know beef from grain-fed cattle receiving growth-enhancing technologies is the best environmental choice." A recent analysis by Iowa State University agricultural economists shows if conventional beef production practices were replaced by "natural-only" practices, retail beef prices would increase by about 11%, causing consumer demand to decrease by 8.6%.

This group is made up of executives from animal- health manufacturing companies in the United States. GET IT has a web site that talks more about the environmental advantages of conventional fed beef- we have it linked for you below.

Click here to learn more about grass only beef versus a conventional feedlot animal-ready to be harvested.

The Oklahoma Beef Quality Network- More Than Auctions- It's an Educational Effort About Value Added Programs
We continue our Beef Buzz conversation today with Doug McKinney, the Value Added Beef Cattle Specialist at Oklahoma State University. McKinney is actively beating the drum to any beef cattle producer that will listen in Oklahoma about the advantages of participating in a value added program or regimen with your calves.

McKinney says they have transformed the Oklahoma Beef Quality Network from a series of auctions to more of an educational effort, designed to introduce cattle producers to various age and source verified type programs. OBQN will continue to work with several cattle auctions around the state on VAC-45 sales this year, with events already planned for the Red River Livestock Market south of Ardmore as well as OKC West in El Reno.

We also talk with McKinney about the challenge of getting smaller cow calf producers engaged in a value enhancement program. He suggests that you work with neighbors who have similar cattle in forming load lots which help you get the most money in many of the value added programs.
You can hear our conversation with Doug by clicking on the link below-and you can go to our website and check out previous Beef Buzz shows by clicking on the left hand column's button called Beef Buzz on any page on our website.

Click here for more on the Value Added work of Doug McKinney for the beef cattle industry in Oklahoma

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