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-- NAIS- Strong Opinions Offered in Austin Listening Session
-- What Part of NO Do You NOT Understand???
-- American Farmers & Ranchers Oppose HR 2452
-- Some Space Available for Seeds for Success Cattle Grazing Conference in Wilburton
-- National Farmers Union Wants E15
-- Gestation Crates May be an Endangered Species
-- Out in Cyberspace- Some Good Video About Farmers Doing the Right Thing
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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NAIS- Strong Opinions Offered in Austin Listening Session
Oklahoma State Veterinarian Dr Becky Brewer told the USDA Animal ID Listening Session in Austin, Texas Wednesday afternoon that We don't have traceability today and that while it is great for people to have a few animals on an acreage to enjoy and care for- that will not feed the growing worldwide population and a voluntary animal ID system that the majority of livestock operators won't participate in will not offer protection in case of an animal disease outbreak.

Dr. Brewer offered a strong defense for a mandatory program, but in terms of sheer numbers- that view was in the minority at the Austin listening session. The larger number of those who offered up to three minutes of comments- often rambling off the cuff for their allotted time- were anti something- against mandatory Animal ID, against any sort of Animal ID program, against world hunger, against factory farms and several other issues that were packaged into this free for all public comment period.

Dr. Brewer says that the efforts in Oklahoma are a good example of the need to take the step to move to a mandatory program. After four years of encouraging livestock producers to sign up for premise identification which could ONLY be used to contact a livestock owner in the case of a disease outbreak, just 14% of eligible livestock owners have chosen to sign up their premises up within the program.
Click here for our story with Dr. Brewer and her comments made at the Listening Session on Wednesday.

Another set of comments that were made in favor of going beyond a voluntary system to a mandatory level were offered by Josh Winegarner of the Texas Cattle Feeders Association. Our story on Josh's comments is linked below- click on that link to jump to his arguments on behalf of feedlot operators in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.

Click here for the Josh Winegarner comments on Animal ID made in Austin

What Part of NO Do You NOT Understand???
"What Part of NO do you not understand?" was a comment and attitude heard at the Wednesday Animal ID Listening Session held in Austin, Texas. Those that wanted to offer up to three minutes of comments were allowed to speak- the order was drawn in lottery style- and the mix of speakers was breathtaking.

While there were those like Becky Brewer and Josh Winegarner that spoke in favor of Mandatory Animal ID- and others that wanted Animal ID but more of a Voluntary Approach for now- there was a major part of the audience that was made up of tiny sized livestock operations to even a good number of consumers who have no livestock but fear that NAIS is a government plot to steal away freedoms, or in some way raise the cost of the "local" small operator they like to a point where they will be forced out of business.

We have a most interesting audio overview from that Listening Session on some of the naysayers who got to their point of hating something about animal ID or the way livestock is raised in this country. Click on the link below to go to that story and take a listen. By he way- we want to thank Tony St. James and the KFLP Radio folks for sharing their audio stream of the Session with us here at the Radio Oklahoma Network.

Click here for the Negatives Raised on Wednesday in Austin at the Animal ID Listening Session

American Farmers & Ranchers Oppose HR 2452
As the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee continued their mark-up of an emissions cap and trade bill, American Farmers & Ranchers (AFR), an Oklahoma based general farm organization and insurance company, announced its' opposition to the legislation. "As the Congress considers climate change legislation, American Farmers & Ranchers remains fundamentally opposed to the concept of mandating caps on greenhouse gas emissions, said Terry Detrick, AFR President. "We do not believe the benefits will outweigh the consequential elements of the concept."

The organization, in a letter to House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Rep. Frank Lucas, said that while this bill remains silent on and apparently exempts agriculture from its' own carbon footprint, AFR is specifically opposed to H.R. 2454 because agriculture is not granted credit in this bill for the contributions it already makes and any future contributions to carbon capture.

For more on the group's ideas on where this debate needs to go, click on our link below for the rest of the Climate Change story according to the American Farmers & Ranchers.

Click here for more on the opposition to the Henry Waxman Climate Change bill by AFR

Some Space Available for Seeds for Success Cattle Grazing Conference in Wilburton
It's last call for a very special cattle grazing conference planned by Eastern Oklahoma State College in Wilburton tomorrow and Saturday. Livestock industry legends Bud Williams, Greg Judy, and Donnell Brown will share their knowledge and experience at the "Seeds for Success" grazing conference. We talked with Troy Walker at EOSC yesterday afternoon- and he says if you would want to show up Friday morning- there should be room for you to have a place in front of these masters of the beef cattle business.

Bud Williams is highly sought after for his two-day seminars on low-stress livestock handling, developed through decades of experience on ranches all over the world. Williams will condense his main principles on that topic, as well as his unique marketing approach, into a single three-hour session covering both marketing and stockmanship.
Donnell Brown will describe how to match cattle to the environment in terms of both genetics and economics. Brown is the seedstock manager, and also handles marketing, for R.A. Brown Ranch in Throckmorton, Texas. Greg Judy will spend Saturday morning covering high stock density grazing and his signature "no-risk ranching" approach. Judy's book, No Risk Ranching: Custom Grazing on Leased Land, explains "how to make a living from the land without owning it." That approach took Judy from 40 stockers to over 1,100 head, and enabled him to pay off his Missouri farm and home loan in three years.

Conference registration costs $200 and includes meals. For more information, call Walker at 918.465.1725 (office) or secondly at 918.448.7300 (cell).

Click here for our calendar listing of the Seeds of Success Grazing Conference at Eastern Oklahoma College in Wilburton

National Farmers Union Wants E15
The National Farmers Union has submitted comments to the EPA calling for an increase in the allowable ethanol content of gasoline beyond the current 10 percent limit. NFU's comments came in response to the waiver request by Growth Energy and 51 ethanol producers to the Clean Air Act. NFU president Roger Johnson told the EPA - approving this waiver will enable continued growth of the ethanol industry and lead to the next generation of biofuels.

In written comments, Johnson wrote, - the United States is rapidly approaching the point at which we will be able to blend ethanol in 10 percent of all transportation fuels. However, the 10 percent limitation jeopardizes our ability to meet the requirements set by the Renewable Fuels Standard. The Renewable Fuels Standard requires the use of 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels by 2022. But, in the near term, the RFS2 requires 13.15 billion gallons of ethanol by 2012.

A recent North Dakota State University study found that increasing the ethanol cap to E15 will directly lead to the creation of 136-thousand new jobs, 24.4-billion dollars in economic activity, and displace seven billion gallons of imported gasoline each year. Johnson said such a boost to the American economy is sorely needed.

Gestation Crates May be an Endangered Species
IS the future safe for sow gestation stalls anywhere in the U.S.? The answer might be "no," according to a Michigan State University researcher who has polled the nation. (this from a Feedstuffs story from earlier this week- linked below) "I'm confident that a ballot initiative prohibiting use of gestation stalls would pass in nearly every state in the union," said Dr. Glynn Tonsor of Michigan State's department of agricultural, food and resource economics. Tonsor's poll, conducted last summer, showed that nearly 70% of the respondents would vote in favor of a ban on gestation stalls. While Tonsor warned against drawing state-specific conclusions, residents in 34 states indicated support for a ban at rates of 60% or higher.

Intelligent ballot language utilized by supporters of sow stall bans makes it a simple decision for most people who see little reason not to support a proposed ban, according to Tonsor. "Who wants to say they're against proper animal care? The majority of the public sees little reason not to support these bans," he said. "I don't believe the average person thinks about the unintended consequences of banning a practice such as gestation stalls. It is impulse voting, which we all do on some issues we are less informed or aware of, whether we're willing to admit it or not," Tonsor explained. "For instance, nearly all of us are guilty of having voted on a political issue without fully understanding the issues at hand. No matter how uniformed, our voting participation and the perceptions we held at the time are influential. This closely mimics the dynamics of an average resident's behavior in voting on ballot initiatives concerning animal welfare."

The public isn't willing to invest the time and energy that would be required to bring about full understanding of the issue, according to Tonsor. "It takes a much more in-depth discussion to really get at all the intricate details of this truly complex issue, and most of the public isn't willing to commit that kind of time," Tonsor said.
To read the full article from the Feedstuffs website- click on the link below. This practice is one that the hog industry may be hard pressed to defend- given the ability of groups like HSUS to frame the debate in a way that few members of the general public are willing to question. Perhaps the real question is- what is a more defendable way to care for sows while they are pregnant below they farrow a little of pigs?

Click here for more on the survey that says Gestation Stalls are regarded as bad by the general public.

Out in Cyberspace- Some Good Video About Farmers Doing the Right Thing
The folks at Kansas Farm Bureau have some nice video video spots that they have done that show farmers in a positive light. I have linked a blog they operate up in Manhattan that has a couple of their most recent video efforts.

Click here for the KFB Care and Respect Ads from the Kansas Farm Bureau

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Let's Check the Markets!
OKC West in El Reno topped the 8,000 mark on Wednesday for their sale this week, with steer calves and yearlings steady to $2 lower, while heifers were steady to $2 higher. Five to six hundred pound steer calves brought $110 to $123.50 while seven to eight hundred pound steer yearlings cleared from $97 to $104.25. Click here for the full report from the OKC West Market in El Reno( report for this week probably won't be in place until sometime after 8 AM central)

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