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-- Our Final Email of 2009
-- Top Stories of 2009- Number Five: Poultry Litigation Spills Over Into 2010.
-- The Number Four Story for 2009 Makes You Feel Good- Oklahoma FFA's Achievements at the National Convention
-- Top Stories of 2009- Number Three: Climate Change Debate Rages Red Hot
-- Top Stories of 2009- Number Two: Flu Hammers Pork Industry's Balance Sheet- Who Will Survive?
-- Top Stories of 2009- Number One: Oklahoma Wheat Farmers Lose Millions Because of Short 2009 Wheat Crop
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-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Our Final Email of 2009
I just wanted to say "Thanks" to each and every one of our email partners as we wrap up 2009- and look into the unknown that we know only as 2010. based on the Top Farm and Ranch news Stories of 2009 that we have detailed yesterday and now today- many may say good riddance to 2009- 2010 has got to be better.

Others may look at some high achievements of this past year- and desire to hang onto the year every moment they can.

We are continuing the countdown of what we see as the top Farm News Stories of 2009- yesterday, we shared with you Ten down to number six- click here for the email of yesterday to see the summary of those major stories that we detailed on Wednesday. (Those of you that are on PLDI may or may not have received the email of yesterday- many folks with that address got blocked as the Pioneer email service continues to be ornery from time to time.

Today- we end the year with a look of five all the way to number one- let's start our final list of the year with number five!

Top Stories of 2009- Number Five: Poultry Litigation Spills Over Into 2010.
As we look at the Top Farm News Stories of 2009- the story we say is number five continues to unfold- the Poultry Litigation Case pursued by the Attorney General of Oklahoma- Drew Edmondson. The case continues in Federal District Court in Tulsa- and could last for several more weeks in the new year.

The State of Oklahoma has presented its case in the trial that began back in September. This past week, as the trial stretched into its 13th week, the defense began its presentation with its own experts. Its first expert testified that the dominant source of phosphorus that spurs the production of algae in the Illinois River comes from wastewater treatment plants rather than poultry litter.

Our look at this story includes an interview that we conducted earlier this year with Attorney General Edmondson about this case and his hopes at that time to get a favorable ruling- a ruling that now seems less and less likely.

Click here for the Number Five Story in Oklahoma Agriculture for 2009- the Poultry Power Play

The Number Four Story for 2009 Makes You Feel Good- Oklahoma FFA's Achievements at the National Convention
As we continue to profile what we believe were the top agricultural news stories of 2009- please excuse my bias as some might say that the story I have selected as the Number Four story of 2009 is just a "soft" story- one that does not really matter all that much to the well being of agriculture in the state.
I would disagree- as the lessons learned when you stretch and achieve at a high level- those lessons have a way of becoming more valuable as the years wear on. The Number Four Story in our list of the Top Ten Farm News Stories of 2009 is the High Level of Performance Achieved by Oklahoma FFA members at the 2009 National Convention in Indianapolis

I am humbled that several groups picked up and used the following statement from our October 26th email where I summarized how big a deal the results that Oklahoma FFA members had assembled was- and how I saw it as historic. Here's what we wrote right after Indy 2009- "I have been covering the annual National FFA Convention since the late 1970s- having followed the exploits of Oklahoma FFA members in Kansas City, Louisville and now Indianapolis. It's been exciting to see the achievements of those that wear the Blue and Gold Jackets with Oklahoma across the back- but 2009 was the most incredible Convention I have ever been a part of. Oklahoma went to Indianapolis with high expectations because the large numbers of those members that had qualified to be at the 82nd Annual Convention as a participant. I think it's safe to say that those expectations were met or exceeded in almost all areas."

Click on the link below and it will hook you up with a reminder of the numbers of national awards that Oklahoma FFA grabbed while at the National meeting- bringing them home to Oklahoma.
As I talked with Oklahoma FFA Executive Secretary Kent Boggs several weeks after the national convention, he was still in awe of the success- and was already starting to worry about how you "do it again." As we end 2009, we don't have to worry about that right now- let's just celebrate one more time the victories of this past October!

Click here for Story Number Four for 2009- Oklahoma FFA Wins Big in Indy!

Top Stories of 2009- Number Three: Climate Change Debate Rages Red Hot
The Climate Change debate in the United State and for that matter, globally, continues to burn. And as we consider the Top Stories in the Agricultural arena for 2009, the Climate Change Issue captures the number three position in our list of the top ten stories.

It has been a legislative battle, with the House Passing the so called Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade bill with just two votes to spare- this vote coming just before the Fourth of July recess. As the summer wore on and all eyes shifted to the Senate, one of the key players was Oklahoma's Senior Senator, Jim Inhofe. The Senator is the ranking Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee, and the Chairlady of that Committee, Barbara Boxer of California, hoped to fast track a similar bill through the Senate. She ran into complete Republican opposition at every turn- and was not able to satisfy numerous members of her own party that worried about the impact of this proposal on the US Economy. It was also concerning to Inhofe and others that even if the measure was eventually signed into law- it would have virtually no effect on reducing temperatures around the world.

We have audio and even some YouTube from Senator Inhofe on this not yet completed battle. And we also have links to stories that we did along the way with Congressman Frank Lucas as well as with K-State Ag Economist Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh. Click on the story below and feel the heat from this Global Warming special- the Number three story for 2009- Climate Change.

Click here for the Number Three Story for 2009- the Climate Change Epic

Top Stories of 2009- Number Two: Flu Hammers Pork Industry's Balance Sheet- Who Will Survive?
The number two Top Story of 2009 that impacted Oklahoma agriculture was the Misnaming of the flu that we now call H1N1. Early on, the media seized on the name "Swine Flu" and that incorrect assignment cost Oklahoma and US hog farmers millions of dollars.

The pork industry was already in huge trouble because of the amount of red ink that had gushed out of the business in 2008 and early 2009. However, economists had predicted that by the summer of 2009- there might be a chance to breakeven and even make some money if you were a hog producer.
However, the appearance of this misnamed human disease caused US hog prices to fall- and many of our best international customers to close their markets to US pork first- and ask questions later. The flood of red ink continued through the late spring, summer and fall. The losses in the pork industry are truly staggering.

Click on the link below and we take you to one of several stories that we did on this number two story for 2009 on the H1N1 factor. We have an interview within this story with Roy Lee Lindsey on the damage done by H1N1- damage that still is being felt even as we ring down the curtain for 2009.

Click here for the Number Two Story of 2009- H1N1's Harm That Was Visited On the Pork Industry

Top Stories of 2009- Number One: Oklahoma Wheat Farmers Lose Millions Because of Short 2009 Wheat Crop
The Top Story for Oklahoma Agriculture for 2009 was the "Half" crop that we produced in the Oklahoma wheat belt this past June. It was actually a slow motion train wreck that occured as the poor condition of the crop was seen all the way back as the crop was going dormant last winter in late 2008. It had been too dry in the fall, and the stands of the 2009 winter wheat crop looked bleak.

Then came the freezing temperatures as the stressed crop was well ahead of normal maturity by late February into March. By the time the harvest was done, USDA was calling it a 79,200,000 bushel wheat crop- less than half of the 2008 crop. The crop that was harvested also had quality issues, with lots of foreign matter mixed in with the grain that came in from the field. Protein levels were also weak- making this crop even tougher to market. The loss of half of the crop from the previous year means millions of bushels gone- and several hundred million dollars not flowing through the rural communities of Oklahoma.

Some of those dollars were recouped from Crop Insurance payments- and more will be made up with the ACRE payments when they finally arrive in the mailbox later in 2010. However, the pain was real as farmers had to face up to the reality that the bushels of high quality grain were simply NOT there.

Click here for more of this Top Story of 2009- the Painful Wheat Harvest of 2009 (or non harvest for many producers)

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Monday, our livestock auction markets return with their first sales of 2010- starting with the usual Monday sales like Joplin, Tulsa and the Oklahoma National Stockyards.

Our hope for you and yours is a Happy and Prosperous 2010- Happy New Year!

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