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-- Senator Inhofe Expects Clean Water Restoration Bill to Be Approved in Committee Today
-- Lucas, Lincoln and Moran Also Making Climate Change News
-- Meanwhile, Global Warming Believers To Hold Hearing on Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture
-- Oklahoma Cattlemen Among Those Upset Over Clean Water Restoration Bill
-- DuPont answers Monsanto Lawsuit
-- Harvest Moving Along
-- Gotta Have Animal Traceback
-- Looking at our Agricultural Markets...

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Senator Inhofe Expects Clean Water Restoration Bill to Be Approved in Committee Today
The Senior Senator from Oklahoma told us the proponents of what some have called a massive governmental land grab will prevail int he Committee markup of S. 787 later today in Washington. Senate bill 787 is the Clean Water Restoration Act, and would give the Environmental Protection Agency vastly greater powers than they currently have in overseeing any body of water, no matter how tiny, if this bill becomes law. the key word that is removed from current regulations in this measure is the word "navigable" and with that word out of their way, the EPA could exercise huge control over every farm and ranch in the United States.

The Senior Senator from Oklahoma is convinced that once it leaves Committee, enough Democrats will back away from this measure to keep it from being able to advance on the Senate floor.

We also talked with the Senator about the Climate Change Legislation that is being championed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi- she will call for a vote if she thinks she can pass it before the Fourth of July recess at the end of next week. He sees little to no chance that this bill, even if it passes the House, will survive in the Senate, as he counts only 34 Senate votes in favor of the language as it is now written.

We have more on our conversation with Senator Inhofe- and we have the conversation itself linked on our website- click on the link below to go and take a listen to that look at both of these key environmental issues for agriculture.

Click here for more on the Clean Water and Climate Change Issues as We Discuss Both With Senator Jim Inhofe.

Lucas, Lincoln and Moran Also Making Climate Change News
Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas has led the Republicans on the House Ag Committee in sending a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, "respectfully request that appropriate time be allowed for the legislative process to be completed." Click here to read their letter and the case they laid out to the Speaker for a slower approach.

Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas believes that any Climate Change legislation that has a chance of passage in the US Senate will look radically different than how the Waxman- Markey House version now reads. She adds that at least four committees will have jurisdiction in the Senate- and those four Committees will take a very close and deliberate look at the issue. We have an audio report from our colleague Stewart Doan of Agri-Pulse with Senator Lincoln- click here to jump to that story on our website.

Kansas Congressman Jerry Moran has stepped up and asked the Chairman of the House Ag Committee, Collin Peterson of Minnesota, to hold a markup for HR 2454- to allow the Committee members to express their displeasure over the snub to agriculture that is a part of the Waxman-Markey bill. We have details of his case made to Chairman Peterson- you can read that by clicking here.

Meanwhile, Global Warming Believers To Hold Hearing on Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture
A new report issued by some America's climate scientists paints a stark picture of an America already beset by global warming, with more severe impacts to come if we do not cut the carbon pollution causing the problem. In response to this sobering forecast and recognizing the need for quick action in Congress to move to a low-carbon, clean energy future, Chairman Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming announced he would hold a series of "impact hearings" on the effects spelled out in the report. The first hearing will be held today (Thursday June 18) on the impacts of a warming world on America's agriculture and forests.

The report that Congressman Markey is pointing to claims that the growing season is now two weeks earlier than it was in 1900, and that future impacts of global warming may include an 11 degree increase in average temperature. The report also warns "Increased heat, pests, water extremes, weeds and other impacts would have significant impacts on the agriculture and livestock sectors."

We have a link below to more on this report- but more importantly to the audio/video of this hearing that will start at 8:30 AM Central time this morning. This hearing will likely be a bashing of those in agriculture that don't agree that global warming is a major problem.

Click here for more on the plans for a Thursday hearing on Global Warming's impact on agriculture.

Oklahoma Cattlemen Among Those Upset Over Clean Water Restoration Bill
The Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association voiced its strong opposition to efforts to undermine private property rights through the Clean Water Restoration Act, S. 787. If adopted, S. 787 could make virtually every acre of Oklahoma land subject to Clean Water Act regulations.

In letters to every member of the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, the OCA encouraged the committee to defeat S. 787. Currently, waters under the jurisdiction of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) are defined as "navigable waters of the United States." Other waters are subject to regulation by individual states, which are better equipped to manage their own unique geographical concerns.

The Clean Water Restoration Act would remove the word "navigable" from the definition, thereby drastically expanding federal regulatory control over all wet areas "including ponds, small and intermittent streams, creek beds, bar ditches, and even mud holes." said Scott Dewald, OCA Executive Vice President. "In addition, it would grant sweeping federal authority to regulate all "activities" affecting those waters." added Dewald.

We have more on what OCA calls a "land grab" by Uncle Sam- including a copy of the letter sent to the lawmakers on the EPW Committee- click on the link below to check that out.

Click here for more on OCA's Opposition to the Clean Water Restoration Act

DuPont answers Monsanto Lawsuit
DuPont today filed an answer and counterclaims to a recent Monsanto lawsuit that seeks to block farmers' access to new soybean lines from DuPont business Pioneer-Hi Bred. These soybeans would contain Pioneer's proprietary Optimum GAT trait and - through Monsanto's royalty-bearing license agreement - the Roundup Ready trait.

In a news release from DuPont, the company says "In its federal court filing here today, DuPont affirmed that combining, or "stacking," of Optimum GAT and Roundup Ready technologies is clearly within its rights under the license agreement with Monsanto. DuPont also said that patents relating to Monsanto's Roundup Ready soybeans are invalid and, therefore, are not infringed when Optimum GAT and Roundup Ready traits are "stacked" in soybeans. In addition, DuPont is seeking broad relief under anti-trust laws that would end Monsanto's multifaceted, anti-competitive scheme to unlawfully restrict competition."

You can read more on the DuPont response to the Monsanto Lawsuit by clicking here and jumping to our website. You can also click on the link below to read and hear Monsanto's reasons for the lawsuit to begin with.

Click here for the Monsanto Story of why a lawsuit against DuPont

Harvest Moving Along
Here are several email reports that we have received about harvest through last night. One report comes from the Goltry area. A farmer from that area writes "We cut a field of Duster today that yielded 43 bushels per acre and had a test weight of 60-61. We just started on a field of Endurance that they think will do even better."

We talked on the phone a couple of times with Don Schieber who is in the process of finishing some custom cutting in the Minco area- the wheat has not been very good, but he think when he gets back home to Kay County, his wheat will be looking a lot better. Don is getting to be quite a TV star. He will be seen on SUNUP this week on OETA- and was interviewed for KWTV News9 yesterday- I didn't catch the 6 PM cast to see the story there- but they had a short blurb for the 10 PM cast with Don's machines rolling.

From northeastern Oklahoma, Brent Rendel writes "Just a quick note to let you know that Ottawa County wheat harvest has started to ramp up. We cut our first fields today and were happy to see it average around 25 bu/ac. Test weights are around 56-57. Quite a bit of scab damage apparent in the grain, but less than I was expecting. Elevator is sending samples from every load off to a lab for precise grading."

We also have an early report from Newkirk as Curtis Vap tells us "We got started here at Newkirk this afternoon, some others were cutting yesterday. We cut some OK Bullet, moisture was around 10.5, test weight was 58.8 lbs. If I had to guess I would say it was yielding 35-40 bu. but I really didn't get enough cut to make a good estimate."

Finally, we have a report from Mike Becker up in southern Kansas- and he is cranking up as well. Mike tells us "We took delivery on our new JD 9770 with 35 foot flex head about 5pm this afternoon. Worked out the usual bugs in a new machine and got it going about 7pm. First field we tried the ground would just carry the machine with straddle duals and rear wheel assist. The field size was 7 acres and the moisture was about 10% and the yield monitor showed 52 bushels per acre. I would say the monitor was about right as the bin would not hold the whole field. We would be well pleased with a yield average of 50 bushels this year."

Click here for more wheat harvest reports- this is the link to our Wheat Harvest Section found at www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Gotta Have Animal Traceback
The President of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, Ron Sparks of Alabama, talked with us this week while in Oklahoma City for the SASDA annual summer conference. SASDA is the Southern Association of the State Departments of Agriculture.

Sparks talked with us about several key issues that impact the cattle industry, including Animal ID. The Ag Commissioner from Alabama says that the US needs animal traceback, and that while it is important to bring all viewpoints to the table, they have to come to an agreement of how we develop a workable Animal ID system.

You can hear his case that he made with us about Animal ID on today's Beef Buzz- just click on the link below to jump to our website, where we not only have today's Beef Buzz, but a whole library of previous shows about a variety of important beef industry topics.

Click here for today's Beef Buzz, featuring Ron Sparks, President of NASDA

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Looking at our Agricultural Markets...
The folks at OKC West in El Reno had a total run on Wednesday of 6,224 cattle, with yearling steers $2 to $4 higher, with steer calves and stockers $1 to $2 on the upside. Five to six hundred pound steers cleared from $104 to $115, while seven to eight hundred pound steer yearlings sold from $99 to $104.50. Click here for all of the numbers compiled by Tina Colby of USDA at the Wednesday OKC West market.

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