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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday May 20, 2009
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-- Fusarium Head Blight has arrived in Northern Oklahoma
-- Agriculture, Oil and Gas will be Hit the Hardest By Climate Change Legislation
-- HSUS Reacts and Gets WSB TV in Atlanta to pull the story about the Animal Rights Activists Agenda of the Group
-- Animal ID Costs and Benefits Laid Out Clearly by Land Grant Study
-- AFR Says Thumbs Down on Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar in Obama White House
-- PCOM Sets Delivery Points for 2009 Harvest of Winter Canola
-- J & J Cattle Company Invites you the last weekend of May to their annual Production Sale.
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Fusarium Head Blight has arrived in Northern Oklahoma
Fusarium head blight, also known as scab or head scab, has again appeared in northern and eastern Oklahoma. The extent of the incidence and severity of Fusarium head blight (FHB) is not yet known, but producers need to be aware that the freeze in early April and excessive moisture over the last 6 weeks also can cause head discolorations similar to FHB. This means it will be tougher this year to determine if you have scab or not in your wheat fields.

Dr. Bob Hunger, the Disease guru on the Wheat Improvement Team at OSU, tells us that FHB has not been a significant problem in Oklahoma, but with an increased incidence this past spring and with the potential of wheat-corn rotations increasing, producers should become familiar with this disease and take steps to avoid situations that greatly favor FHB.

We have a very complete read on this situation as written by Dr. Hunger on our website this morning. If you are in the grain business or are a wheat producer, you may want to take a few minutes and review the problems associated with Fusarium Head Blight- and how to deal with this disease if it shows up in your operation. Click on the link below to jump to this story at www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com.

Click here for more on the Fusarium Head Blight Situation.

Agriculture, Oil and Gas will be Hit the Hardest By Climate Change Legislation
As California Congressman Henry Waxman has unveiled his Climate Change legislation, the top Republican on the House Ag Committee, Frank Lucas of Oklahoma's Third Congressional District was one of three Co-Chairs of a Coalition that has vowed to derail what they say could be a devastating blow to Rural America. Congressman Lucas offered the following statement during a News Conference by the Republicans on Tuesday:

"This bill is nearly 1,000 pages long and mentions agriculture six times and not in any substantive way. Yet, the impact of this bill on production agriculture and rural economies will be huge. Farmers and ranchers are staring at huge costs without any offsets. Rural Americans are staring at huge energy costs without any relief. If you like being cool in the summer, you're going to be affected. If you like being warm in the winter, you're going to be affected. If you own a farm, you're going to be affected. If you want to run a small business or work in one, you're going to be affected. If you want to go anywhere, you're going to be affected. This is going to affect all of us. Congress needs to take a good, long look at this bill and its impact on Americans all across the country."

We talked with Congressman Lucas midday on Tuesday about this Coalition and about the Republicans efforts to derail what the Congressman has called an amazing tax increase that is being promoted by the Democrats. Click on the link below for our Podcast with the top Republican on the House Ag Committee, Congressman Lucas.

Click here for more on the Republican take on Climate Change Legislation now in the House Energy and Commerce Committee

HSUS Reacts and Gets WSB TV in Atlanta to pull the story about the Animal Rights Activists Agenda of the Group
Earlier this month, we told you and gave you a link to see the news coverage from WSB TV as they followed the money donated to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The animal rights industry leader with the misleading name gives less than 4 cents of every dollar of its budget to support local animal shelters. The rest of the money, as WSB-TV Channel 2 News confirmed? It funds the group's activist projects and lobbying for vegetarian-minded legislation.

Well, the story that quoted the Executive Director of the Consumer Freedom Foundation David Markosko, got quite a bit of traction on YouTube and on Twitter. I guess it was enough that the HSUS starting screaming foul as well as playing legal hardball with WSB- scaring the TV station enough that they pulled all reference of the story off of their website- and then proceeded to demand that YouTube pull video from their site as well. They did it in the name of copyright infringement.

An article on AR-HR.Com explains the reaction of the group that uses their money not to care for animals- but rather lobby for their position to eliminate animal agriculture as we know it.(we have that article linked below) The bottom line- WSB pulled the video and as of last night, it had even been pulled from YouTube. However, there are still third party descriptions of this story as reported over the airwaves on WSB and you can click here to read one of them. The story raised questions about the tax status of the HSUS- and seemed to conclude that if you wanted to give money to promote the agenda of eliminating animal agriculture- HSUS was a great organization to support- but a poor choice if you wanted to help support local animal shelters who actually help stray cats and dogs.

Click here for more on the uproar from the banned in Atlanta video on the HSUS

Animal ID Costs and Benefits Laid Out Clearly by Land Grant Study
Two key Democrats in the US House, House Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson and Rosa DeLauro, Chair of the House Ag Appropriations SubCommittee, both are totally convinced the only acceptable conclusion to Animal ID in the United States is a mandatory program. The Obama Administration seems to agree, altho USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack says he needs more information from stakeholders before he moves forward with any plan to force the NAIS on the livestock industry as a whole.

As a result, Vilsack has set up a series of Listening Sessions on NAIS around the country, including one today in Austin, Tx. However, there already is a lot of information available to the USDA that has been developed by an extensive study from four Land Grant Universities that has paid for by APHIS. Dr. Ted Schroeder of Kansas State University was one of those involved in this effort- and he says they were charged with determining the costs and benefits of NAIS on the livestock industry.

We begin a multiday conversation with this K-State Ag Economist about NAIS- and how much it may cost and what the benefit may be- both here in this country as well as in the international arena. Click on the link below for our Wednesday Beef Buzz on this topic.

Click here for more on NAIS and the Beef Cattle Industry- the cost and the benefit.

AFR Says Thumbs Down on Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar in Obama White House
Oklahoma based American Farmers & Ranchers (AFR), general farm organization and insurance company, has taken a stand against the confirmation of the point person for the Administration who will be managing regulations for the U.S. government and has urged both of Oklahoma's U.S. Senators to oppose the nomination. "We believe the confirmation of Harvard Law School Professor Cass Sunstein to become the new White House 'regulatory czar' will be detrimental to agriculture," said Terry Detrick, AFR President, "and particularly to the livestock industry based on past positions expressed by Sunstein."

As recently as 2007, published reports indicate he publicly argued in favor of a legal ban on hunting and for the elimination of meat-eating. In 2004, Sunstein co-authored a book on the animal liberation philosophy which sets out a plan to give animals the legal right to file lawsuits. A 2002 working paper written by Sunstein at the University of Chicago may be the biggest indicator of what lies ahead if he is confirmed. He wrote "there should be extensive regulation of the use of animals." Some have suggested a "cheeseburger tax," a steakhouse zoning ordinance or even a vegetarian overhaul of the National School Lunch Program, as proposed by a local chapter of PETA, may be in the making.

"Based on past indications of thinking by this individual, we believe that almost anything could be in the realm of possibility of attacking agriculture and eliminating animal production from the food supply system in the U.S., creating economic hardship on already hard-pressed producers," explained Detrick. "We certainly are on dangerous ground if this appointment moves forward."

PCOM Sets Delivery Points for 2009 Harvest of Winter Canola
Producer Coop Oil Mill, based in Oklahoma City, has announced that as the 2009 winter canola harvest nears, they have established delivery points in a dozen Oklahoma communities and two in southern Kansas where producers of the oilseed crop may deliver their canola to.

There are locations in Alva, Apache, Cordell, Drummond, Fairview, Frederick, Hunter, Okarche, Perry, Temple, Watonga and Yukon for Oklahoma Winter Canola producers to use as a dump point for their harvest results. In Kansas, delivery points include Kiowa and Nickerson.

We have details of the specific elevators in these towns with contact numbers as well on our website- click on the link below to jump there and find out who you need to be dealing with if you plan on taking your winter canola to PCOM for 2009.

Click here for the PCOM Delivery Points and Contact Numbers at all of the Locations.

J & J Cattle Company Invites you the last weekend of May to their annual Production Sale.
The Fourth Annual J&J Cattle Company Production Sale is set for Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 12 Noon at the ranch near Orlando, Ok.

On Friday May 29, from 1 PM to dark, the cattle will be on display- at 5:30 PM, there will be a dinner and at 7:30 PM, J&J will hold an Embryo Auction.

The Saturday Schedule (May 30) includes 7:30 AM Coffee, Juice and Pastries, 9:00 AM Cattle on display, lunch served at 11 AM, with the sale itself set for 12 noon.
For info about the sale or the cattle to be offered, call Mark Johnson at 405-880-1902.

Click here for more sale info and a look at the electronic catalog of the J&J Cattle Company 4th Annual Production Sale

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