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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday August 19, 2009
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-- Roger Gribble Says Double Cropped Soybeans, Sunflowers and Sorghum All Look GREAT
-- Speaking of North Central Oklahoma- Check out those rainfall totals.
-- Rural Broadband Study- More Broadband Means More Economic Growth
-- Carbon Credit Program in North Canadian River Watershed Expands
-- Cheaper Corn May Yield Bigger Placements in This Week's Cattle on Feed Report
-- Is It Too Late This Summer to Use Fresh Fly Control Tags?
-- Bits and Pieces: August 31 is the Deadline- and Ranting Against City Slickers Who Want to Go Back to the Old Days of Farming and Ranching
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Roger Gribble Says Double Cropped Soybeans, Sunflowers and Sorghum All Look GREAT
The 2009 summer crops across northcentral and northwestern Oklahoma really have to be divided up into two chapters. OSU Area Agronomist Roger Gribble tells us that the early planted summer crops suffered from the heat that hit Oklahoma very hard in June- and early planted corn, soybeans, sorghum and even sunflowers all have suffered- and will result in limited production.

On the other half, double planted soybeans, sunflowers and sorghum all look excellent, as they have benefited from the rains in the latter part of July and thus far in August. Gribble believes that there is 80,000 acres or more than normal of these double cropped enterprises- and that in many cases, this will help those farmers make up for the lack of a wheat crop.

We talked with Roger Gribble about these spring planted crops at length while at the 2009 Bayer Crop Science Wheat Technology Day in downtown Oklahoma City on Wednesday- and we also talked with him about the expectations he has for the 2010 winter wheat crop. Click on the link below and you can hear our full conversation with Roger that gives you a good overview of how crops now in the ground are doing- and how the plans for fall planting are shaping up as well.

Click here for our conversation with Roger Gribble of OSU Extension from the Enid area Extension office.

Speaking of North Central Oklahoma- Check out those rainfall totals.
More than seven inches of rain have washed over portions of Kay and Grant Counties in the last 48 hours. The Oklahoma Mesonet rainfall maps show a fairly good sized area has received six to seven inches of precip- with a second circle of heaviest rainfall totals seen in Blaine County and northern Caddo County.

Lighter but still very significant amounts of rain have been reported over the northwestern half of the state- southeastern Oklahoma has simply not participated in this current round of shower this week.

Currently, there is a flash flood watch over a substantial portion of the state- from Caddo County on the south side of this system and the north side of the Oklahoma City metro northward into Garfield, Major, Woods, Grant and Kay Counties- just to mention a few.
You can click on the link we have for you below and take a look at the realtime rainfall map from the Mesonet- we have it set at the 48 hour snapshot.

Click here to look at current rainfall totals going back the past 48 hours.

Rural Broadband Study- More Broadband Means More Economic Growth
A new USDA economic analysis has found that rural communities with greater broadband Internet access had greater economic growth than areas with less access. The study compared counties that had broadband access relatively early - by 2000 - with similarly situated counties that had little or no broadband access. Employment growth was higher and non-farm private earnings greater in counties with a longer history of broadband availability.

By 2007, the study found, most households - 82 percent - with in-home Internet access had a broadband connection. However, there was a marked difference between urban and rural broadband use. Only 70 percent of rural households with in-home Internet access had a broadband connection in 2007, compared with 84 percent of urban households.

The study found that rural America has shared in the growth of the Internet economy. The farm sector is increasingly comprised of farm businesses that buy inputs and make sales online. Other benefits include: online course offerings, telemedicine and telehealth, and employment growth. Broadband allows rural areas to compete for low-and high-end service jobs, from call centers to software development.
We have more on our website- including the link to the full report. Click on the link below to jump that direction.

Click here for more on the USDA Broadband Study- and links to see the complete report.

Carbon Credit Program in North Canadian River Watershed Expands
In an effort to expand economic opportunities for more Oklahoma farmers and ranchers, Western Farmers Electric (WFEC) and the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts (OACD) have jointly announced the expansion of Oklahoma's first large scale carbon credit purchase initiative to all eligible producers in the portions of the North Canadian River Watershed in Blaine, Dewey, and Canadian Counties.

Under the original terms of the North Canadian River Carbon Pilot Program, the only carbon offsets eligible for purchase were those resulting from changes in farming and ranching practices instituted by local landowners as part of a Section 319 Clean Water Initiative being implemented by the Oklahoma Conservation Commission Water Quality Division in cooperation with local Conservation Districts in Blaine, Dewey, and Canadian Counties. With the expansion of the purchase area, now producers in the North Canadian River Watershed who are not directly enrolled in the 319 initiative, but who are undertaking practices such as no-till farming, riparian restoration, or who have take land out of crop production and put into grass for additional grazing, wildlife habitat or to control erosion will be eligible for enrollment in the carbon credit program. Payment for carbon credits under the program can range as high as $3.50 per acre.

We've got more on this story- including contact information if you want to learn how to participate in this Carbon Credit program- just click on our link below.

Click here for more on this expanded Carbon Credit program in Central Oklahoma

Cheaper Corn May Yield Bigger Placements in This Week's Cattle on Feed Report
That's the expectation from Joe Victor of Allendale, who offers us a preview of what he believes the August Cattle on Feed numbers will tell us this coming Friday afternoon when those numbers are released.

Victor writes in an email to us "July Placements are expected to be 8.7% larger than last year. The sharp drop in December corn futures of 22% from June levels is the prime reason for the increase. Also helpful were the slight profits posted for June and July finished cattle. While July posted an increase in placements we do not look for this to become a trend. Smaller supplies of calves and feeders in the country and the overall sharp equity drain for two years in cattle feeding will not allow for it. Cattle placed in July will be marketed from November through March."

Allendale anticipates a Marketing total 1.8% smaller than July of 2008. Actual numbers were 4.9% smaller but there was an adjustment in calendar days. Marketings will remain under last year levels through November.
The bottom line, according to the Allendale pre report guess is that "Cattle on Feed total, at 3.7% under last year's August 1, would be the smallest total for that month in ten years."
USDA's numbers will be released on Friday August 21 at 2 PM central time.

Is It Too Late This Summer to Use Fresh Fly Control Tags?
We wrap up our series of Beef Buzz shows with Dr. Larry Hollis of Kansas State University, as we have pulled some of the highlights of an interview from the K-State radio Network with Dr. Hollis about the perennial fight in the summertime between flies and the beef cattle producer.

The key question today is- since it is already past the mid point of August- do we still need to come in with a fresh wave of fly control ear tags? And- how do we figure the economic value of making that move? We also explore the danger of having a weak ear tag in place at the very end of the season still on the animal- and how that can hurt when it comes to giving flies a chance to develop resistance.

You can hear today's conversationon the Beef Buzz with Dr. Larry Hollis of K-State by clicking on the link below.

Click her for our mid-week edition of the Beef Buzz- featuring comments with Dr. Larry Hollis on Fly Control Ear Tags

Bits and Pieces: August 31 is the Deadline- and Ranting Against City Slickers Who Want to Go Back to the Old Days of Farming and Ranching
If you are even thinking about planting winter canola this fall- Monday, August 31 is the final day you can go to your crop insurance agent and sign a letter of intent that you may plant winter canola and that if you do, you will want crop insurance. It puts you under no obligation- but keeps your options open when comes to being eligible for purchasing winter canola crop insurance for the 2010 crop.

Our friend Heather Buckmaster of the Oklahoma Beef Council provided us with a couple of "thought pieces" on two of the battles the beef industry is having to fight right now. We shared one of those articles with you yesterday- the Dennis Avery op-ed that a bunch of you linked onto and apparently read. Well, here's your second homework assignment from Heather (watch out- she may call for a pop quiz) which is a fun blog article that is entitled "The Omnivore's Delusion: Against the Agri-intellectuals" and you can read this farmers outrage over some people's opinion that we should farm like we did in the 1920s. Click here and enjoy.

Finally- a reminder that we will be one of the speakers this Friday at the Wheatland Stocker Conference in Enid- looking forward to seeing many of you there. Click here for the latest on their program for this August 21st event.

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Let's Check the Markets!

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