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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Tuesday May 12, 2009
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-- Congressman Frank Lucas Says USDA Still Has Not Got Ghost Crop Issue Straight- Clarification Still Being Worked On
-- Crop Estimates Coming
-- It's Officially the Clem Rogers McSpadden Agricultural Complex!
-- Ag Census Data Broken Down by Congressional Districts
-- Can We Put a Dollar Back on the Cash Cattle Market This Week?
-- Who's Number One???
-- Latest Crop Weather Updates- Oklahoma Wheat Condition IMPROVES
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Congressman Frank Lucas Says USDA Still Has Not Got Ghost Crop Issue Straight- Clarification Still Being Worked On
The Ghost Crop Issue is still not settled, according to the top Republican of the House Ag Committee, Congressman Frank Lucas of the Third District of Oklahoma. Lucas told us at the Canadian County Wheat Plot Tour on Monday that his Ag Committee Staff was back meeting with USDA officials and that he was very frustrated because he had been given assurances by several high ranking USDA officials personally that this was going to be interpreted favorably for the farmers who had a failed wheat crop and wanted to come in behind that crop and plant a second crop without having to buy NAP for that second crop, as the deadline for that purchase had already come and gone before the hard freeze of April 7 pushed a lot of producers into this situation. Lucas says he has not given up on getting this clarified and the rules lined up allow those producers caught in this situation to as he says "be able to farm."

We also talked about the Obama budget- and he says that OMB and others within the White House for the Obama Administration that continue to push for dramatic change in farm policy in this country need to back off, allow USDA to fully implement the still new farm law that was passed in 2008- and debate these issues in 2013 at the end of the life of this current piece of legislation. He also is amazed at how the OMB does not understand the difference between gross and net- and believes that members of the House and Senate Ag Committees on both sides of the aisle will continue to stand up to the President on this issue. Along these lines, he told farmers in Canadian County later after we spoke that the Obama Administration and the Democratic Leadership seem to want to cut in only two areas of federal spending- defense and agriculture.

While speaking to the wheat farmers at this field day- Brad Tipton probably had some 200 present even with the muddy and drizzly conditions- the Congressman also spent a good bit of time talking about what he called the 100 ton gorilla, the Climate Change legislation being discussed by Democratic leaders as well as the rules and regs that the EPA is wanting to strangle much of our economy with. We visited with the Congressman briefly about those subjects as well.

Click on the link below to jump to our lead story of the morning- our visit on these topics with the top Republican on the House Ag Committee in Washington, Congressman Frank Lucas.

Click here for our conversation from Monday with Third District Congressman Frank Lucas

Crop Estimates Coming
The USDA will be issuing their regular supply demand numbers later this morning- as well as the very important first look for Uncle Sam at the 2009 winter wheat crop. Those numbers come at 7:30 AM central time and we will have details a little later this morning on our website, www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

We have some computer challenges today that we are working around- so we hope to be able to record our comments with Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities on this report- and will have that as well as a rundown of the overall wheat estimates on a state by state basis- we have the link to our front page below- click there and check out the stories under the center category called Top Agricultural News.

Click here for the front page of our website, www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

It's Officially the Clem Rogers McSpadden Agricultural Complex!
State lawmakers today named the state agriculture building and new laboratory the Clem Rogers McSpadden Agricultural Complex. (Click here for the resolution that received overwhelming support on Monday) The move was met with enthusiasm by the state's top agricultural official. "Clem McSpadden was the voice of agriculture and rural Oklahoma and he promoted both wherever he went," said Secretary of Agriculture, Terry Peach. "When people met Clem they knew they were dealing with a real agriculturist of the highest character and integrity. It's an honor for our facilities to carry his name."

"I'm grateful not only that this great Oklahoman is being honored in this manner but that his name is being lent to our state agricultural complex," said Scott Dewald, Executive Vice President of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association. "I have never met anyone who actually knew Clem McSpadden that didn't like and respect him. That is the kind of person we want to memorialize agriculture in this state."

We have more on this vote that places the McSpadden Name on the current Department of Agriculture building, which now includes the new state of the art ag lab facility attached to the southeast corner of the older triangle building. Click on the link below for this story as found on our website.

Click here for more on the move by the State Legislature to Name the Ag Department Complex the Clem McSpadden Agricultural Complex.

Ag Census Data Broken Down by Congressional Districts
Information from the 2007 Census of Agriculture is now available at the congressional district level in online profiles published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

"The new congressional district profiles provide a snapshot of agriculture at a local level," said Wilbert Hundl, Jr., Director of the NASS Oklahoma Field Office. "This information will help elected officials in Oklahoma make decisions based on current and accurate information and they are a useful tool for farmers and others interested in American agriculture at the local level." The congressional district profiles show changes in key areas since the last Census was taken in 2002. They include data on such things as the number of farms and acres in farmland, the demographics of local farmers, livestock inventory and crop production, and total sales of agricultural products.

We have looked just briefly at the Districts thus far- but have noticed that while Oklahoma's largest district in terms of land mass has a huge amount of farmland, almost 20 million acres, the fact that we grow wheat on many of those acres in Congressman Frank Lucas' district means the overall farm gross receipts level is not as high as in some of the other heavy ag Congressional districts. We will offer an analysis of our Oklahoma Districts tomorrow and look at the National picture later in the week.

Click here for more on the breakout of US Ag Census data by Congressional District- as found on our website.

Can We Put a Dollar Back on the Cash Cattle Market This Week?
The cash cattle market slipped again last week- and cattle market watcher Jim Mintert says it's a function of fragile demand- the evidence of that being a five dollar drop in wholesale beef prices this past week. Cash cattle prices this past Thursday dropped two dollars compared to one week earlier- down to $84. We look at where we stand on cattle prices here today on our Tuesday Beef Buzz.

Click on the link below and jump to our Tuesday Beef Buzz- and remember, you can go and check out previous Beef Buzz reports on the archive pages of our website. Click on the left hand side of any page of our website on the Beef Buzz button and go exploring for previous shows that may be of interest to you.

Click here for our Tuesday Beef Buzz with Jim Mintert of K-State- talking Cash Cattle Markets

Who's Number One???
If you are rating the Agrochemical folks- that number one ranking now belongs to Syngenta. Based on numbers gathered by the consultant firm Phillips McDougal, the top five Agrochemical firms based on 2008 sales were Syngenta, Bayer, Monsanto, BASF and Dow.

The most notable factors in the above table are the strong growth in dollar terms recorded by all the leading companies in the industry, and also that Syngenta overtook Bayer to regain the leading position in the industry. In addition to organic growth, several medium sized companies were again involved in a number of acquisitions during both 2007 and 2008, which has also enhanced their sales performance in 2008 in comparison with the previous year.

Agri-Marketing Magazine's website has the numbers for 2007 and 2008 in a review of the top players- including the very impressive 42% increase in sales for Monsanto from 2007 to 2008. Click on the link below to see the numbers and where the firm you do business wit (or perhaps work for) is ranked.

Click here for the Top Ten List of the Ag Chem Companies in the Global Farm Chemical Arena

Latest Crop Weather Updates- Oklahoma Wheat Condition IMPROVES
The Oklahoma Wheat Crop Condition actually improved by a significant six percentage points over the past week- going from 70% poor to very poor a week agao to 64% poor to very poor in the report released on Monday afternoon. In contrast, the Texas crop continued to slip- off two more points from last week to 77% poor to very poor, while even the Kansas crop slipped a bit from a 53% good to excellent rating last week to 51% good to excellent ratings this week.

For Oklahoma's small grain crop- the report tells us "The recent rainfall has slightly improved small grain conditions and may help in the development of secondary wheat tillers to produce heads. Crop insurance adjusters continue to evaluate freeze, hail, and flood damage to small grain crops. Wheat and rye was rated mostly in poor to very poor condition while oats were rated mostly in fair condition. Nearly all winter wheat had headed by the end of the week. Twenty-eight percent of wheat had reached the soft dough stage of development, nine percent behind normal. Sixty percent of rye was in the soft dough stage by week's end, one percentage point ahead of normal."

Regarding our row crops, the rain has caused delays- "Row crop seedbed preparations and planting slowed down considerably this past week as weather conditions kept many farm operators out of the fields. Corn seedbed prepared was virtually complete at 97 percent, three percentage points behind normal. Nearly three-quarters of the State's corn crop was planted by last week, nine percentage points behind the five-year average. Corn emerged increased to 45 percent, 16 points behind normal. Sorghum seedbed prepared was at 64 percent, three points ahead of the five-year average, while sorghum planted reached seven percent. Soybeans seedbed prepared increased one percentage point from last week to reach 60 percent, nine points behind normal. Soybeans planted increased to 16 percent. Seedbed prepared for peanuts increased to 82 percent, 10 points behind normal while peanuts planted were at 29 percent, equal to the five-year average. Cotton seedbed prepared reached 80 percent, 12 points behind the five-year average."

Click here for the complete Oklahoma Crop Weather Update as released by USDA yesterday afternoon

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Let's Check the Markets!
About 6,400 head of cattle were sold on Monday at the Oklahoma National Stockyards- with yearling cattle steady to $2 higher on the steers- steady money on the heifers. The stocker cattle classes were not well tested, with a few five to six hundred pound steers bringing $114 to $122.25, while the seven to weight hundred pounders cleared $97 to $107. Click here for the full set of numbers from the Monday auction at the Oklahoma City market.

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