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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday July 8, 2009
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-- Climate Change Hearing in Senate Shows Obama Admnistration Desire to Get Her Done- Before Scrutiny Sets In
-- USDA Secretary Vilsack Now Believes in Ag Offsets
-- Is ACRE worth another look by Oklahoma Wheat Farmers?
-- Cash Cattle Movement Encourages Cattle Market Watcher Jim Robb of the LMIC
-- Sorghum Producers Celebrate Research Dollars
-- Meterologist Gary England Wins National Media Award for 2008 Storm Coverage
-- Canola Conference Cometh
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Climate Change Hearing in Senate Shows Obama Admnistration Desire to Get Her Done- Before Scrutiny Sets In
Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe helped open the Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on Climate Change, part one, on Tuesday morning that eventaully heard from four members of the Obama Administration team on the need for the Senate to pass a similar bill to Waxman-Markey that squeeked through the House just before the Fourth of July holiday recess.

Senator Inhofe emphasized that he believes the Democratic leadership is hurrying Cap and Trade through the legislative process before Americans find out the truth. Senator Inhofe told the Committee "The public is already on record rejecting energy taxes. Consider a new poll by Rasmussen, which found on July 1 that 56% of Americans are not willing to pay ANYTHING to fight global warming. This includes higher utility costs, which under cap-and-trade, as President Obama said, would "necessarily skyrocket". The bottom line is this: However you spin this debate, or whatever schemes you concoct to hide the higher costs consumers will pay, the public will find out. And when they do, they will reject those schemes and reject the spin, and they will look instead for solutions that create jobs, strengthen energy security, and increase our global competitiveness."

We have all of Senator Inhofe's Openng Statement as the Ranking Minority member linked in our webstory below- jump to that story and take a listen.

Click here for more on the Climate Change Concerns of Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe

USDA Secretary Vilsack Now Believes in Ag Offsets
After being lukewarm to ag offsets during the House Ag Committee hearing that he was the star witness at a few weeks back- Secretary Vilack sees a rural nirvana ahead because of the money being shoveled out to rural America from the Obama Administration in the name of economic stimulus.

Vilsack expressed those thoughts to Senator Kit Bond of Missouri during the Tuesday hearing of the Environment and Public Works Committee up on Capitol Hill.

Senator Kit Bond of Missouri quizzed USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack on how the Agricultural sector would cope with higher costs under something similar to the Waxman-Markey Climate Change bill. Vilsack defended the measure, saying that the increases in costs would be more than offset by improvements in efficiency by farmers, as well as through the so called Offset program that would pay farmers for good stewardship practices that would return CO2 to the soil.
Click on the link below- and you can hear the give and take between the Missouri Senator and the former Governor of the state of Iowa.

Click here for the the story on USDA's Vilsack being quizzed by Miissouri Senator Kit Bond on Ag and Climate Change.

Is ACRE worth another look by Oklahoma Wheat Farmers?
There are concerns that Oklahoma wheat farmers are not taking a closer look at participating in ACRE. August 14 is the deadline to elect and enroll in the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) under the current USDA farm bill. Up to this point, the first indications from those who have been working the numbers have indicated that the program is not really that friendly to wheat and offers little to wheat producers as a result. HOWEVER, that may have changed after the fall off in wheat prices since the spring of 2008.

A series of producer meetings are planned across the state- and one of the most recent ones that have been brought to my attention will be in Enid on July 13. As part of the discussion regarding the ACRE Program, a software tool produced by Oklahoma State University agriculture economics specialists will be highlighted as part of the resources available. We did a story on this calculator earlier on our website- and we have it linked for you below to go back and review.

Krey Reimer, FSA Garfield County director, and Rodney Jones, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service northwest area ag econ specialist, will present information that should help explain the intent of these 2008 farm bill opportunities. They also will be available to answer questions regarding this potentially complex farm management decision. Contact Garfield County USDA-FSA office, 237-4321, or Garfield County Extension Center, at 237-1228, for information on the July 13 meeting- anywhere in the north central part of the state- you are invited to attend this meeting.

Click here for more on the ACRE Calculator as developed by OSU- and Thoughts on ACRE from Dr. Michael Dicks of OSU

Cash Cattle Movement Encourages Cattle Market Watcher Jim Robb of the LMIC
There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel- and Jim Robb of the Livestock Market Information Center is hoping it's not another freight train ready to crush the cattle market. Robb says it was good to see cash cattle prices jump higher this past week- up to $83 and $83.50 in the southern plains.

Robb says there are a couple of reasons why this was welcome news- one was getting us a little further away from the high 70s which some analysts thought we might see this summer. Robb is hopeful that perhaps we have put our lows for the summer in for cash cattle.

Jim Robb says it was also good to see cash cattle go higher this past week in the face of lackluster retail demand just ahead of the Fourth of July holiday. He says that packers simply had to step up and pay for better money for relatively tight supplies of cattle.
Jim is our midweek guest on the Beef Buzz, as heard on great radio stations across Oklahoma and also available to be heard on our website, www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com. We have the link to this edition of the Beef Buzz below.

Click here for our midweek Beef Buzz with Jim Robb of the LMIC talking cash cattle trade strength

Sorghum Producers Celebrate Research Dollars
The National Sorghum Producers today announced that Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas has secured $1 million dollars in research funding for the Great Plains Sorghum Improvement and Utilization Initiative, a joint sorghum research initiative between Kansas State University, Texas Tech University and Texas A&M University. NSP has worked closely with Senator Brownback to ensure the Initiative remained a viable project, capable of delivering meaningful results to producers' fields as it has in the past.

"Senator Brownback has proven himself a real champion for this industry through his dedication to making sure this research project was funded," said Ken Georg of Sabetha, Kansas, a member of the NSP Board of Directors. "This is a huge victory for sorghum producers, not just in Brownback's home state of Kansas, but nationwide. This funding will provide new breakthroughs in sorghum research that will deliver better supply and demand modeling, new uses and agronomic solutions to producers' fields."

In cooperation with one another, the three universities will use the funding to work on plant breeding and genetic improvement, new uses, economics, education, plant stress, and agronomic issues including water use and weed control.

For more on this story- and a link to the NSP website- click here.

Meterologist Gary England Wins National Media Award for 2008 Storm Coverage
Veteran Meterologist Gary England, the NEWS 9 storm coverage team and supporting staff have been honored as best in the nation in the category of Breaking News-Weather Coverage. The Radio- Television News Directors Association has been honoring outstanding achievements in electronic journalism with the Edward R. Murrow Awards since 1971.

Director of Meteorology Gary England says, "This is as good as it gets in television. A national Edward R Murrow Award is the ultimate in our business. This was a team effort that involved personnel from several NEWS 9 departments. I'm so proud to be a part of an organization that does such a terrific, professional job keeping Oklahoman's safe from the storm."

NEWS 9's entry for Breaking News-Weather Coverage of the tornado outbreak on May 24, 2008 was chosen from competition among all large television markets. The winning entry included extraordinary video of a six hour tornado event that produced multiple large tornadoes just north of the Oklahoma City metro. At the link we have provided below- you can jump to our site and see some of the video footage that earned Gary and his team these highest honors for weather coverage last spring.

Click here for more on the News9 Award Received for Weather Coverage this past year.

Canola Conference Cometh
A number of producers in northwestern Oklahoma who grew canola saw their striking yellow fields turning into folding green for their wallets, helping to offset a difficult year for wheat and other crops. Picking up practical tips for getting the most out of canola will be a major focus of the Fifth Annual Oklahoma-Kansas Winter Canola Conference on July 21 at the Garfield County Fairgrounds' Hoover Building.

"Producers are learning that growing canola is a good way to clean up their wheat fields, a rotational cropping system that may help alleviate weed problems and tight profit margins along the way," said Tom Peeper, Warth Distinguished Professor of Agronomy with Oklahoma State University's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

"Think of the July 21 Enid conference as one-stop shopping," Peeper said. "Producers can come in and get the latest science-based information about canola, speak with fellow farmers who are in similar situations, hear from industry experts and ask questions of agricultural specialists and researchers from OSU and Kansas State University." The conference will include 19 sessions on such topics as the 2008-2009 winter canola crop; marketing winter canola; variety test results; the economics of wheat-canola rotations with continuous wheat; aphid control; no-till and conventional till systems; swathing, pushing and direct harvesting; the FFA Canola Yield Contest and emerging issues in Oklahoma and Kansas crop production, among others.

We have more on this conference- just click here for more details on the 5th Annual Winter Canola Conference being held in Enid

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