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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday June 10, 2009
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-- Wheat Harvest 2009- Moving in the Southwest and Some Central Locations of the State
-- Wheat Crop Numbers Out at 7:30 AM- Plus Supply and Demand Data from USDA
-- More on that BBC Push to Find an Oklahoma Farm Family
-- Indirect Land Use Theory Attacked by Ag Groups in EPA Hearing
-- Farm Bureau Says Broadband Service Essential in Rural America
-- LMA Meeting Week in Fargo, with World Livestock Auctioneer Championship in Fergus Falls, Mn this Saturday
-- Pecan Valley Dispersion Sale Happening This Saturday June 13
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Wheat Harvest 2009- Moving in the Southwest and Some Central Locations of the State
Harvest continues to move in kind of a hit and miss fashion, as some fields are ripe and ready and do not have a lot of secondary tillers, while other fields seem to be filled with this secondary flush of growth. We talked with Mike Schulte, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission about where we stand with harvest as of yesterday afternoon around 5 PM, and we have that interview and more as a part of our webstory linked below.

Yields seem to be improving as we move out of those early harvested fields that had single digit yields of around 8 bushels per acre. We are still hearing some of that, although the more common reports we are starting to pick up reflect 20 to 30 bushels per acre. One report that we received from Altus indicated that perhaps some farmers were premature in bailing their wheat for hay, as we were told by one producer that he had harvested 600 acres to that point, and nothing was under 27 bushels per acre.

We also got some great pictures from Kiowa County of harvest from this past weekend. Tom Smith, who provided those shots, tells us the wheat we see in the photos is Overly, had good test weights and was in the neighborhood of 30 bushels per acre. Click here for those photos- or they are linked in the webstory link below as well.

We appreciate your input on how harvest is going for you. Whether you are done, in harvest mode now, or are still a few days away, drop us a note if you can and tell us your story- and pictures are always great, too.

Click here for more on wheat harvest, including our conversation with Mike Schulte and those pictures from Kiowa County.

Wheat Crop Numbers Out at 7:30 AM- Plus Supply and Demand Data from USDA
June production numbers for the 2009 winter wheat crop will be released this morning at 7:30 AM central time. We will be watching the major HRW state production estimates closely- and I would expect that we will see some reduction in the size of the Oklahoma and perhaps the Texas wheat crop, Kansas may stay about where it was in May and we may see increases in the production expectations for Nebraska and Colorado, offsetting some of the poor production we have here in Oklahoma.

The supply demand numbers will likely remind us that we have a glut of wheat globally, and John Sanow of DTN says that means US Wheat remains overpriced compared to the global competition. He adds that he thinks that the corn supply demand report will remind everyone of the bearish underlying fundamental situation with corn in this country and globally, while the soybean supply/demand data will likely show the tighter than ever soybean stocks- and make the case for higher soybean prices this summer until we see the US soybean crop made. The soybean part of the report will likely show increases in soybean exports, as we already have bean exports lined up that exceed the projection made back in May, and there are 13 weeks to go in the current marketing year.

To refresh your memory of the May estimates for winter wheat in the five states we mentioned above- here are the numbers from the May 12 report:
Oklahoma 80.5 million bushels
Kansas 340 million bushels
Texas 64.8 million bushels
Colorado 73.6 million bushels
Nebraska 67.2 million bushels
We will have a complete look at the report once released with audio from Tom Leffler shortly after the 7:30 am release time- it will be our top Ag Story when we post it- click on the front page link we have below to check that out. We will have numbers by around 7:45 or so- and Leffler commentary shortly after 8 AM central.

Click here for our front page- refresh until you see crop report/supply demand data as the top story.

More on that BBC Push to Find an Oklahoma Farm Family
We talked yesterday morning with Sarah Rubin, one of the producers for a British Reality TV show that wants to come to Oklahoma and place a couple of British teenagers with a farm family that has teenagers themselves. The idea is to offer a role model to these teens from the UK, and offer a view of parenting, Oklahoma style.

Ms. Rubin does a good job of explaining the show and the needs they have for a family. Click on the link below to read the story and hear her comments about the show "The World's Strictest Parents." I warned her that this is a very busy time of the year for people to stop and think and decide they would want to participate in something like this- but if you are interested or know of some families that would be prospects- please drop me a note- or email Sarah- here address is in the story linked below.

It's one more way we can showcase who we are in the farm and ranch community- and put a human face on food and fiber production that will be seen both in England as well as here in the US.

Click here to go and hear our conversation with Sarah Rubin of the BBC and her quest to find an Oklahoma Farm Family.

Indirect Land Use Theory Attacked by Ag Groups in EPA Hearing
The Environmental Protection Agency held a hearing Tuesday on its proposed rule to determine the greenhouse gas emissions performance of biofuels. The hearing centered on a controversial theory called indirect land use change - which would penalize American ethanol for greenhouse gas emissions that result from land use changes around the world.

According to the theory, corn used for ethanol displaces other crops, like soybeans. As the theory goes, this causes farmers in other countries, such as Brazil, to cut down rainforests to grow soybeans and fill the demand. Dr. Mark Stowers, Vice President of Science and Technology for POET, told the hearing the rule is - flawed and has no basis in law or science. Stowers pointed out that - even the EPA has strong reservations about using such indirect land use change models. Stowers said indirect land use change theory uses speculative models and incorrect assumptions in an attempt to blame American farmers for deforestation in Brazil. Dr. Stowers also noted that the models have severe problems and limitations that have not been validated through appropriate sensitivity analysis.

Ray Gaesser, a soybean producer from Corning, Iowa and Vice President of the American Soybean Association told the EPA hearing that - ASA has tremendous concerns. The primary area of concern and disagreement has emerged over the international indirect land use assumptions. Gaesser added - our assessment of the EPA Proposed Rule is that it is significantly flawed, and it does unnecessary harm to the competitive position of the U.S. soy biodiesel industry.

Farm Bureau Says Broadband Service Essential in Rural America
People who live and work in rural America are often unable to access the same educational, medical, business and government services as Americans living in more populated areas, and access to modern broadband Internet service has the potential to correct this inequity, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

AFBF sent comments last week to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the development of a national broadband plan by the FCC. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama earlier this year requires the FCC to develop a comprehensive broadband plan by Feb. 17, 2010.

In the letter, Bob Stallman, President of the American Farm Bureau, called Broadband access a necessity, not a luxury. We have more on his comments, and an audio overview of some of the benefits of broadband to rural America as told to us by Pat Wolfe, rural development specialist at AFBF. Click on the link below for all of that.

Click here for more on the call for rural broadband to put in place sooner rather than later.

LMA Meeting Week in Fargo, with World Livestock Auctioneer Championship in Fergus Falls, Mn this Saturday
The Livestock Marketing Association is gathering this week in Fargo, North Dakota for their annual meeting, as they are being called into order by Oklahoma livestock barn operator Bobby Smith of Fairview. One of the highlights each year is the 2009 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship- and this year it is across the Red River in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Three Oklahoma auctioneers are in the semi finals of the event, and will be involved in the competition on Friday and then in the Auctioneer's chair on Saturday. The three from Oklahoma include Justin Dodson, Welch, Okla; Brian Little, Wann, Okla and Kevin Magby, Atoka, Okla. The 2010 competition will be in Oklahoma City, as the Oklahoma National Stockyards will celebrate its 100th birthday next year.

WLAC is one of a bunch of items that we have on our calendar right now- and we invite you to go and see what events are going on- just click on the link below to jump to our full calendar page, as found at www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com.

Click here for our calendar page at www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Pecan Valley Dispersion Sale Happening This Saturday June 13
The Pecan Valley Ranch Dispersion Sale is scheduled for this Saturday June 13, 2009, starting at 12 Noon at the Ranch near Pauls Valley, Ok.

The offering of Angus females will include 150 registered Angus Spring Cow/Cal pairs, as well as 40 Bred Heifers. Sheryl Squires Gomez writes in their sale catalog "Pecan Valley Ranch is offering a solid set of real world Angus cows which have been AI'd and have a calf at side, along with an outstanding set of bred heifers that originated from those cows. These cows have pedigrees carrying New Design, Right Time, New Look and Midland, just to mention a few. We at Pecan Valley Ranch believe a good Angus cow is still a sound opportunity to prosper with."

Sale day Phones include
Dennis Gomez 405.234.6445
Sheryl Gomez 405.245.4322
Matt Sims 405.641.6081
Linked below is the PDF file for the complete sale catalog with details of the complete offering and information on your opportunity to buy some great Angus bloodlines for your herd.

Click here for the PDF Electronic Sale Catalog of Pecan Valley Sale June 13 in Pauls Valley

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Let's Check the Markets!

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Finally, Here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

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