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-- House Ag Committee Members Give Thumbs Down to the Climate Change Bill That Sneaks Through House Friday Evening
-- "Doom in the Senate"
-- Fleahoppers May Be Moving into Southwest Oklahoma Cotton
-- Instrument Grading of Beef Carcasses May Be "turned on" Later in 2009
-- Biggest Junior Hereford Show in the Country Returns to Tulsa
-- Bank of America Ties with HSUS Making Some in Livestock Business See RED
-- Less than a Thousand Have Signed up for ACRE
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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House Ag Committee Members Give Thumbs Down to the Climate Change Bill That Sneaks Through House Friday Evening
While the Climate Change bill, HR 2454, passed the House by a slim 219 to 212 margin on Friday, the members of the House Ag Committee, rejected the measure by a 31 to 15 vote. House Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson was able to persuade 14 of his Democratic colleagues to join him in a yes vote, which means that the Democratic majority within the Committee said yes by a 15 to 13 margin, while all 18 Republicans sided with Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas, the ranking Minority member of the Committee.

The Oklahoma delegation cast four votes against the measure, with Congressman John Sullivan of Tulsa currently not in Washington for any votes. In states around us, the Texas delegation turned it down by a 23 to 9 vote, Kansas rejected it with three no and one yes votes, Missouri also rejected the bill by a five no and four yes vote. Colorado and New Mexico sided with the Democratic leadership and each of their delegations voted in favor of 2454, Colorado by a four to three vote and New Mexico saw all three of their Congressmen vote aye.

We have more from right after the vote- including comments from both House Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, pleased with the outcome and Top Republican Frank Lucas, obviously very unhappy with the result. Click on our link below for those comments and more from the passage of HR 2454 last Friday.

Click here for more on the Climate Change vote from last Friday

"Doom in the Senate"
That's how Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe sees the Climate Change bill when it arrives from the House after passing narrowing on Friday evening. Senator Inhofe had the following comment on the measure:

"Today's razor thin vote in the House spells doom in the Senate. Despite a large Democratic majority in the House, and the fact that this is one of the President's top priorities, the Democratic leadership was forced to do everything possible to get a bill passed. Their slim victory could come at a high price - this is the BTU tax all over again.

"I am pleased to see the entire Oklahoma House delegation stand united in their opposition to the bill. Oklahomans understand the devastating impacts this bill would have on our energy and agricultural industries. In particular, I want to thank Rep. Lucas for his hard work in exposing these costly impacts on the agricultural community.

"The Waxman-Markey bill is just the latest incarnation of cap-and-trade legislation that will destroy American jobs by pushing them overseas, force consumers to shoulder the burden of higher gasoline and electricity prices, and drastically increase the size and scope of the federal government. In the Senate, I have worked with my colleagues to successfully defeat cap-and-trade legislation in 2003, 2005, and most recently in 2008. Now, just a year later, and with the economy in a deep recession, it is hard to believe that many more senators would support legislation that would strangle any hope of economic recovery and impose the largest tax increase in American history."

Fleahoppers May Be Moving into Southwest Oklahoma Cotton
The latest Fleahopper information shows populations are very high on volunteer cotton and these fleahoppers will move to planted cotton- at least that's the expectation of J.Terry Pitts, Oklahoma State University Extension specialist, IPM.

"Check your fields and control these early populations," Pitts says. "Spray decisions should be based on the squaring rate and level of cotton fleahopper infestations. Usually when cotton fleahoppers (adults and nymphs) reach or exceed 40 per 100 terminals, squaring rates begin to decline, justifying treatment. "However, if cotton fleahopper numbers build slowly, fields can tolerate higher numbers before a reduction in squaring rate will occur. In most cases, fields will no longer be vulnerable to fleahoppers once they begin to bloom. After July 25, the control of fleahoppers is not economical due to Oklahoma's short growing season."

Chemicals that are approved for use to control the cotton fleahopper include Bidrin, Dimethioate (Cygon), Centric, Intruder, Orthene, Steward, Thiodan, Trimax and Vydate. The Bidrin 8 label changed this past year. New requirements have been been added to the label. The new requirements are that Bidrin 8 can be used up to 0.2 pounds of active or 3.2 fluid ounces of product before first bloom. From first bloom until 30 days before harvest, no more than 16 fluid ounces can be applied during the growth period. Consult your local OSU County Agricultural Educator in specific chemicals. Always consult the label for details, restrictions and limitations. (our thanks to Vic Schoonover of NTOK for keeping us in the know on cotton developments throughout the cotton growing season)

Click here for more on Oklahoma Cotton Production- by checking out the NTOK cotton website

Instrument Grading of Beef Carcasses May Be "turned on" Later in 2009
Beef grading has been a vital marketing service provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) since the 1920s. Consumers, through retail, restaurant, and commercial food service buyers, have come to rely on USDA Prime, Choice, and Select as symbols of quality. Much of the U.S. beef supply chain depends on official USDA beef grades as the underlying basis for carcass value and for negotiating product price. Consequently, grading accuracy and consistency are highly important, especially as the industry transitions toward instrument grading.

On our Monday Beef Buzz, we talk with Dr. Keith Belk of Colorado State University about the research that has gone on in leading up to the "turning on" of instrument grading which may occur later here in 2009. Dr. Belk says that every effort is being made to ensure that this transition is smooth and works to the advantage of those producers who have high quality cattle that should benefit from more precise quality and yield grading of their animals.

Belk says that USDA is aware of the opportunity to augment and improve subjective evaluations that field graders perform daily on a nationwide basis and have taken steps to ensure a seamless and transparent transition to instrument grading. We have more on this story which is the feature of our Monday Beef Buzz- just click on the link below for that story and to hear Dr. Keith Belk explain where we stand with instrument grading.

Click here for the Monday Beef Buzz featuring Dr. Keith Belk of Colorado State University

Biggest Junior Hereford Show in the Country Returns to Tulsa
"Take Me Back to Tulsa" is the theme for the 2009 Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE). Tulsa was the site of the first JNHE in 2000. This year the Hereford breed celebrates the tenth JNHE as the Oklahoma Hereford Association is welcoming everyone back to Tulsa in early July.

Animals and young people start arriving this coming weekend. During next week, more than 700 Hereford youth and their families will converge on Tulsa and participate in numerous leadership and personal development competitions. More than 3,000 spectators will be in attendance throughout the week-long event making this the LARGEST Hereford event in the world.

The latest word is that over 1,600 entries have been received for the 2009 show- this National Junior Hereford event is one of the latest items we have added to our calendar- click here to check our complete listing of things going on in the world of agriculture that may be of interest to folks here in Oklahoma. And click on the link below for the National Junior Hereford show calendar item- which includes their website link for complete info about the 2009 show.

Click here for more on the 2009 Junior National Hereford Show that kicks off next week at Expo Square in Tulsa

Bank of America Ties with HSUS Making Some in Livestock Business See RED
I have gotten several emails from folks who are hopping mad over the decision by the Bank of America to "partner" with the Humane Society of the US to offer affinity VISA Check Cards that will contribute money back to the HSUS as a person makes transactions. I have linked a story from the Cattle Network that appeared last week on this subject- you can jump to their story by clicking on that link below.

One of those that dropped me a note about this last Friday indicated that " I am going to cancel my BOA credit card because of this."

The story includes a suggested letter that livestock folks may want to send to the Bank of America that calls HSUS an Animal Rights group very similar to PETA that is working to make all Americans conform to their desires of "No meat. No dairy. No animal agriculture. Period."

Click here for more on the BOA and HSUS ruckus

Less than a Thousand Have Signed up for ACRE
One of the biggest flops of recent farm policy may be the highly touted ACRE program. USDA Under Secretary Jim Miller told Congress last week that less than a thousand farmers have signed up for ACRE and abandoned the traditional farm price support program that has been in place since the 2002 farm law. Miller says that 946 farmers out of the 1.3 million that could sign up have actually done so.

The question that is most relevant at this point is- do farmers simply not understand the program- or do they understand enough of the program that they don't like it- and are staying as far away from it as possible?

Miller told Congress that the Obama Administration has extended the signup for the program to August 14 and is promoting the program- and attempting to educate producers about the program. Miller says he believes that ACRE would be a very appropriate risk management tool for some farmers but admits it is very complicated and is not right for all producers.

There are several ACRE calculators available out on the Internet, including one that has been developed by Dr. Mike Dicks and some of his colleagues at Oklahoma State. We will be getting that link for you as I can't put my hands on it early on this Monday morning after being out for a week of vacation- in addition, there are meeting planned to talk more about ACRE this summer- we'll give you details of one tomorrow that is coming up in Garfield County.

Click here for an ACRE Decision Tool Developed by the Ag Policy Folks at Texas A&M

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Let's Check the Markets!
The Woodward Livestock Market ran a total of 5,620 cattle last Friday, with yearlings over 750 pounds called one to two dollars higher, lighter weight cattle under that 750 mark were steady with the previous week. Five weight steer calves sold for $110 to $115 while seven to eight hundred pounders cleared from $100.35 to $103.75. Click here for the full report from USDA on the Woodward market- it should be updated at this link after 8 AM central time on Monday.
ALSO- be sure and check out the TCFA Market link at the bottom of this list- we sold slaughter cattle in the southern plains on Friday- steady money at $82- check it out.

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