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-- Thank a Farmer Day is TODAY in Oklahoma!
-- Family Farm and Conservation Preservation Act Gains Traction
-- Red Cedar Nuisance Might Be Oklahoma's Next Cash Crop
-- Farm Bureau's Bob Stallman Pleased with Senate Delay on Climate Change Legislation
-- Corn Genome Sequencing Complete
-- Brazil Wins Cotton Export Credit Guarantee Decision
-- Speaking of the WTO- They Have Moved Forward on COOL
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Thank a Farmer Day is TODAY in Oklahoma!
In recognition of the 22 million Americans who work on farms or in farm-related jobs, including the 55,000 beef producers here in Oklahoma, Governor Brad Henry has issued a proclamation declaring Nov. 20, 2009, "Thank Your Farmers and Ranchers" day in Oklahoma.

The proclamation notes that the holiday season is a good time to remember that America's agricultural sector works to provide consumers with safe, wholesome and affordable foods that nourish bodies and create the centerpieces for our traditional family gatherings and celebrations. In fact, the average U.S. farmer now feeds 144 people a day, in the United States and abroad, compared to 46 people in 1960.

Scott Dvorak, Chairman of the Oklahoma Beef Council representing 55,000 beef producers added that many consumers aren't aware of where their food comes from, since the average American is now three generations removed from farming as a livelihood. Dvorak adds that the U.S. beef industry is comprised of 1 million beef and dairy producers, 75 percent of whom work on operations that have been in the family for at least two generations.

Family Farm and Conservation Preservation Act Gains Traction
The Family Farm and Conservation Preservation Act, HR 3524, is a measure that would exempt farm assets from the Death Tax, as long as they are passed along within the family and continue to be used in the business of farming and ranching.

This bill was actually dropped into the hopper back in the summer- but just this week, one of the principle authors of the bill, Congressman John Salazar of Colorado, claims that House Democratic leadership has expressed interest in allowing this measure to be folded into a ten year extension of current exemptions of the Estate Tax which is $3.5 million per person.

Click on the link below for an audio report on these latest developments of this fluid situation with the Death Tax, as Democrats scramble to address this issue before January first, when for one year, the Estate Tax totally goes away. Politically, it becomes more of a hot potato for them in an election year if they wait to address it after the first of the year, instead of now.

Click here for the latest on possible movement in the Estate Tax Debate.

Red Cedar Nuisance Might Be Oklahoma's Next Cash Crop
Can an agricultural plague destroying farmland and animal life turn in to a money maker for the state? This was the topic of discussion this week at the State Capitol during a meeting hosted by state Rep. Richard Morrissette (D-Oklahoma City) on how to handle the rapidly growing problem of Eastern Red Cedar infestation in Oklahoma.

"For years, Eastern Red Cedar trees have been a menace to Oklahoma property, agricultural land, crops, and wildlife but then I was told that oil that makes the trees a fire hazard also has considerable value as an insecticide, a pharmaceutical used to fight certain forms of cancer and that 100 percent of the Eastern Red Cedar tree can be used to create products that could provide jobs for Oklahomans and revenue for Oklahoma," said Morrissette.

You can read more on this interim study meeting on the Eastern Red Cedar by clicking on the link below.

Click here for more on the possibilities of turning Eastern Red Cedars into a useful resource.

Farm Bureau's Bob Stallman Pleased with Senate Delay on Climate Change Legislation
The President of the American Farm Bureau, Bob Stallman has issued the following statement following the word coming from the US Senate that Climate Change legislation will not be considered by lawmakers here in 2009, but perhaps in the first quarter of 2010.

"We applaud the decision by Senate leadership to delay consideration of climate change legislation until the spring of 2010. This move offers a great opportunity for lawmakers to go back to the drawing board and re-assess the need for this legislation and the impact it will have on all Americans.

"Legislation previously approved by the House, and a similar bill approved on a party-line vote by a Senate committee, would impose higher energy and food costs on consumers. The bills also would create an energy deficit due to limited alternatives. Farmers and ranchers would see higher fuel, fertilizer and energy costs. And the cap-and-trade provisions would do little more than downsize American agriculture and our ability to produce food in this nation. None of those are acceptable results to us, and we will continue to tell our members of Congress, 'Don't cap our future.'

"The timing for this announcement by Senate leaders could not be better. We now know there will be no international agreement resulting from the upcoming meeting in Copenhagen. Furthermore, we have heard testimony from the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency that the House-passed bill would have no significant impact on the global climate. These bills represent all pain and no gain for our nation and American agriculture and now the Senate has a chance to correct that error."

Corn Genome Sequencing Complete
Results of the Maize Genome Sequencing Project, the first comprehensive gene map of North American Corn, will be made available to the public today by the National Corn Growers Association. Publication of these results marks the end of over a decade-long collaboration researching the genomic sequence of U.S. maize. NCGA says, now, both public and private scientists will take this knowledge and develop real world applications and innovative technological advances that will improve plants and expand their uses to meet growing needs for food, feed and fuel.

Information encoded in the corn genome can help scientists improve water and nitrogen use efficiencies, help plants cope with disease, pests and adverse weather, and allow breeders to develop innovative products for specific end users. By decreasing the inputs needed and increasing yields, these traits will also allow corn to become and even more sustainable crop.

Larry Hasheider, NCGA Research and Business Development Chair and Illinois corn farmer, says that this is a milestone for all of our nation's corn farmers that will open the door for higher yields, and improved grain quality traits for livestock and industry needs. Hasheider proclaims - corn will continue to be the leading feed grain for the world.

Brazil Wins Cotton Export Credit Guarantee Decision
The World Trade Organization's Dispute Settlement Body has officially recognized the August 2009 Arbitration Panel finding. Under the ruling, Brazil can impose up to 147-million dollars annually in countermeasures related to the U.S. cotton program. The amount will vary from year to year based on a formula established by the Panel. Brazil has previously implied that it will be entitled to over 650-million dollars in retaliation, bringing total countermeasures of more than 800-million.

National Cotton Council President Mark Lange says, - although commonly referred to as the cotton case, the U.S. export credit guarantee program accounts for a large amount of the total damage award claimed by Brazil. Still, NCC Chairman Jay Hardwick believes, - it is astonishing to think to that anyone would conclude today that U.S. cotton production is damaging Brazilian cotton interests.

In September, the Council joined 34 other agricultural organizations in a letter to the U.S. Trade Representative urging the United States to seek a new WTO compliance panel to update the ruling on the GSM-102 export credit guarantee program. The Council believes the WTO's decision does not reflect changes made to the program since 2005. Also, the ruling does not appreciate the market and policy changes for U.S. cotton since 2005.

Click here for a fact sheet prepared by the US National Cotton Council on the Ruling.

Speaking of the WTO- They Have Moved Forward on COOL
Dow Jones is reporting today that the WTO has established a Dispute settlement panel that will rule on the legality of the US Country of Origin Labeling law. The case against COOL has been brought separately by Canada and Mexico, but it appears the trade body plans on making a joint ruling on the issue.

The US was able to block the formation of a Dispute Panel Resolution Panel last month under WTO rules, but the rules say you can't block the request by offended countries twice.

"Our assessments are showing us that COOL is having a negative impact on Canadian farmers and livestock producers," said International Trade Minister Stockwell Day. "We continue to stand up for the rights of Canadian producers during the dispute settlement process and make the case that the U.S. should lift these onerous requirements."

To read the news release from Canada on the WTO move to consider Claims Against the US over COOL, Click Here

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Let's Check the Markets!
The Apache Livestock Market had on offer a total of 2,564 cattle on Thursday- yearlings were steady and calves checked in steady to $3 higher. Demand was good and five to six hundred pound steers sold from $97.50 to $102- seven weight steers cleared from $93 to $94.50. Click here for the complete report on Stockman's Livestock in Apache from Thursday- it should be up and available at this link after 8 AM central time at the USDA Market News website. Current cash price for Canola is $8.20 per bushel, while the 2010 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $8.40 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

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