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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday January 28, 2009
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-- Cattle Industry Convention Cranking Up Today in Phoenix
-- Making Do With Fewer Dollars- Beef Checkoff Leaders Meet in Phoenix
-- Argentina's Export Halt Helps US Wheat Position in Brazil
-- Calendar The Next Couple of Weeks Very Busy
-- Lotsa Red Ink- And Our Beef Buzz Guest Says It Won't Slow Down for Awhile
-- A Salute to One of Our Great RON Radio Affiliates- K101 in Woodward!
-- Oldest Production Sale in Oklahoma Coming February 7
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Cattle Industry Convention Cranking Up Today in Phoenix
For the first time I can ever remember- I got knocked out of making a flight out of Oklahoma City to cover an event as the ice and then sleet came in on Monday and then early Tuesday- and Southwest Airlines and several of the other carriers pretty well shut down their entire schedule out of Will Rogers Airport in OKC. I know of several cattle producer leaders that were going to be on that flight yesterday- and they are flying as we are today for the Valley of the Sun.

Early Committee meetings were happening yesterday afternoon- and we appreciate the help of fellow farm broadcaster Russell Nemetz of the Northern Ag Network in Montana for sharing an interview he did with the Chairman of the Policy Division of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Bill Donald of Montana. Donald will almost certainly be the next Vice President of the NCBA, entering the officer lineup at the conclusion of the Phoenix meetings.

Donald says that the cattle industry has a lot of challenges on the policy side of things right now as they learn to adapt to the new Obama Administration and the changes this group may want to impose upon on the industry- and he is also worried about the growing influence of the Humane Society of the US with their deep pockets and willingness to spend that money to influence lawmakers in Washington in an attempt to redefine animal well being in this country.

He also expresses disappointment that the final COOL rules announced before the Bush Administration left office have been put on hold with possible changes coming- he says that uncertainty makes it impossible to know how to minimize the cost of COOL under whatever the final rules are.
We have Russell and Bill's conversation linked inside the webstory that we have linked for you below- found on WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com.

Clcik here for more on the policy priorities being talked about at the Cattle Industry Convention in Phoenix

Making Do With Fewer Dollars- Beef Checkoff Leaders Meet in Phoenix
As the 2009 Cattle Industry Convention gets underway in Phoenix, there were several committee meetings being held on Tuesday at various locations in downtown Phoenix. Included in the meetings going on was the Operating Committee of the Cattlemen's Beef Board.

Chairing the Beef Board and the Operating Committee this year is Dave Bateman, a cattle producer from Illinois. Bateman says there are a couple of big issues that Beef Board members must come to grips with in Phoenix in 2009.

The first one is the issue of declining revenues. That's forcing the Board to look at how to stretch their dollars further and focus on the essential programs while still moving demand forward in this kind of economy. Another big topic of conversation is the improvement process they've been going through for the last year. Bateman says they'll be getting recommendations from the Administrative Subcommittee and Executive Committee on that.
We have a conversation with Dave Bateman to share with you about the meetings going on in Phoenix this week- click on our link below to jump to that story found on www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com.

Click here for more on the Beef Board Meetings this week in Phoenix.

Argentina's Export Halt Helps US Wheat Position in Brazil
The news this week that Argentina has decided to stop accepting applications for the export of wheat means potentially more business for hard red winter wheat producers here in the southern great plains. Market Sources believe that Brazil could buy as much as a million metric tons of wheat this year from the US and Canada because of the Argentine drought.

Brazil already has commitments to buy 550,000 tonnes of wheat from Argentina this month and next- but after that- exports of the bread making grain will have to come from other sources. Reuters is reporting that the head of Moinho Pacifico, one of Brazil's largest flour mills, is saying that the country could easily use a million metric tonnes of wheat from outside of the Mercosul trade nations.

It is likely that the northern cities of Brazil are the best candidates for wheat imports- with those exports likely to begin by mid to late spring- as we near the harvest of our 2009 wheat crop here in the hard red winter wheat belt.

Calendar The Next Couple of Weeks Very Busy
The House Ag Committee is holding a Business Session this morning in Washington- and with it comes the first chance to see and hear Congressman Frank Lucas is his new role as the Ranking member of the Committee. We have this event listed on our calendar found at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com- including a link to be able to listen to the meeting via the internet when it begins at 10:00 AM central time.

Coming up Friday is a Conservation Tillage event at the Garfield County Fairgrounds in Enid. The organizers are calling it Conservation Tillage 101- designed to be beneficial to long time users of Con Til as well as novices. The date is January 29 and we have this event linked on the calendar- scroll down to the last item listed in the month of January for more details.

There are also a lot of things coming up the first few days of February- and we have them listed- including the 50th Oklahoma Pork Congress next Friday. Click on the Calendar link below and browse through the events- if you notice we don't have an event that you know is going on with your group or association- please drop us an email and get us some details about the meeting so we can share it with everybody that stops by checks our calendar listings.

Click here for the Calendar pages of WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Lotsa Red Ink- And Our Beef Buzz Guest Says It Won't Slow Down for Awhile
The flood of Red Ink flowing in feedlot country has Extension Livestock Market Economist Dr. Jim Mintert concerned about the well being of the southern plains feedlots. He says that we have seen the closeouts of the feedlots in the US showing negative numbers for much of 2008, with no signs of that flow of red ink slowing down here in 2009.

In our midweek Beef Buzz, we talk with Dr. Mintert about the health of the balance sheets of the beef industry feedlots- and where we may be headed on cattle prices in the days to come. He does believe that we are close to a bottom in cash cattle prices- he does not see much of a drop below the current $82 seen this past week in the makeup of the market- but he sees a slow rebound at best from these levels back closer to ninety dollars and higher, which he thinks is possible by the very end of 2009.

You can click on our link below to jump to our website and our Beef Buzz show with Dr. Jim Mintert of K-State. I also want to remind you that if you have Itunes- you can go to their podcast part of the Itunes store- type in Beef Buzz and find our podcast that you can subscribe to as well. That way, you will get automatic updates that can be played on your computer or on your MP3 player(such as an Ipod) on your schedule.

Click here for the latest Beef Buzz- featuring Jim Mintert as he talks with us about cattle feedlot losses.

A Salute to One of Our Great RON Radio Affiliates- K101 in Woodward!
It has been a challenging winter thus far for our friends at K101 FM in Woodward, Oklahoma. Just before Christmas, they took a power surge at their transmitter site and have been working on repairing the damage done since that time. Finally, after several weeks of getting things put back together, K101 is back up to their full power on 101.1 on the FM dial.

K101 has for many years been the highest rated radio station in Oklahoma in the every other year survey of farmers and ranchers. And for good reason- they do a great job of serving Red Carpet country with local sports, weather and the best agricultural programming around- mostly supplied by Ed Richards and Ron Hays and the Radio Oklahoma Network.

They take extended versions of several of our agri news and markets, which allows us to tell you a little more on these extended reports heard on K101 than on our other radio stations. A total of eleven ag reports are heard daily on K101 from the Radio Oklahoma Network- and our link below gives you a full listing of them- plus links to the K101 website and a link to a map of their coverage area.

Click here for the rundown of when you can hear Ron and Ed with farm and ranch news and markets on K101 in Woodward.

Oldest Production Sale in Oklahoma Coming February 7
The Messner Ranch will hold their 48th Annual Hereford and Angus Sale- it's the Oldest Production Sale in Oklahoma. The sale is set for Saturday, February 7, 2009 Sale at 12:30 PM on the Ranch, Slapout, Oklahoma.

Van and Milt Messner and their families are proud to offer 75 Hereford and 50 Angus Bulls (yearlings and 2 year old bulls) as well as 50 spring calving bred Hereford and Angus heifers. EPD data is available on the bulls that will be offered.

We have details of the sale on our Auction page at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com- which includes how you can watch the sale on the Internet if you are unable to be there in person. Click on our link below for more on the Messner Ranch Annual Production Sale.

Click here for details of the Messner Ranch Hereford and Angus Bull Sale on February 7

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Let's Check the Markets!

Here are some links we will leave in place on an ongoing basis- Click on the name of the report to go to that link:
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Previous Day's Wheat Market Recap- Two Pager From The Kansas City Board of Trade looks at all three US Wheat Futures Exchanges with extra info on Hard Red Winter Wheat and the why of that day's market.
Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices- As Reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture. <
The National Daily Feeder & Stocker Cattle Summary- as prepared by USDA.
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Finally, Here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

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