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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday March 19, 2009
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-- Blake Goss of Canute 4-H Wins Swine Showmanship Championship at Oklahoma Youth Expo
-- SB452 Passes Oklahoma House Ag Committee- with Amendments
-- Cattle On Feed Report Coming from Uncle Sam on Friday Afternoon
-- It's Gotta Germinate if It's Gonna Grow
-- A Ton of Fun- AND a Great Youth-Legislator Hookup on Wednesday Night
-- As Farm Program Signup Continues (and USDA wants a lot of information)- Congress Continues to Tell USDA to Pull Back on the Onerous Signup Regs
-- Canola Crop in Southwest Oklahoma Taps Into Subsoil Moisture- and Doing Just Fine
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Blake Goss of Canute 4-H Wins Swine Showmanship Championship at Oklahoma Youth Expo
The 2009 Swine Showmanship Competition found the young people having to work their animals on one of the hottest days of the year thus far- but at the end of the afternoon, a young 4-Her from Canute was declared the Supreme Swine Showman of the 2009 event.

Blake Goss of the Washita County 4-H program won the Junior Division of the Showmanship contest. Later, he competed against older youth, but grabbed the judge's eye- and won the overall Showmanship award. Reserve Grand Swine Showman was Pam Brittain of the Moss FFA Chapter. She was the top Swine Showman in the Senior Division.

We have more on the Swine Showmanship competition at the 2009 Oklahoma Youth Expo- click on the link found at the TOP of this story- meanwhile the link below is to our page where you can find all of our continuing coverage of the 2009 Oklahoma Youth Expo- our Blue Green Gazette at www.OklahomaFarmReport.Com. Check back from time to time today as we will be adding a couple of stories today listing all of the winners in the purebred gilt and beef heifer divisions- and we have a listing of the top scholarship award winners that we will be posting later today- all that to come and to be found on our Blue Green Gazette.

Click here for the Blue Green Gazette and coverage of the 2009 Oklahoma Youth Expo.

SB452 Passes Oklahoma House Ag Committee- with Amendments
The House Ag Committee met to consider three measures on Wednesday morning- and SB452 was probably the headline measure of the group. This is the so called "livestock preemption" bill that would prevent local cities from dictating animal welfare regulations on livestock operations in their jurisdiction.

According to House Ag Committee Chairman Don Armes, this measure has been improved through negotiations between the Oklahoma Farm Bureau and the Oklahoma Municipal League. Both sides have agreed to language that resulted in a committee substitute that was approved by the House Ag Committee fourteen to nothing.

The Committee Sub basically makes the Department of Agriculture in our state "as the entity empowered to implement the policy of the state regarding the care and handling of livestock in this state." It also dictates that no political subdivision within the state can overrule the Department of Ag in this regard- but that those political subdivisions can continue to zone land with restrictions on animals being able to reside on that land. The measure states "An ordinance or regulation enacted by a municipality pertaining to land use or to human health or safety shall not be considered to constitute livestock care and handling."
We have more on this story linked below- and we have a conversation with Don Armes about this measure and some of the other House Ag Committee work on measures from this week- it's a part of the story that you can jump to.

Click here to jump to our complete story on SB452 passing the House Ag Committee on Wednesday.

Cattle On Feed Report Coming from Uncle Sam on Friday Afternoon
Joe Victor with Allendale has provided us a preview of the Friday monthly Cattle on Feed report that will come from USDA once the markets are closed for the week. Victor sees four percent fewer cattle on feed as of March first compared to one year ago.
February Placements are expected to be 6.5% larger than last year. Cow/calf producers and backgrounders got rid of cattle as they are losing hope for a rebound in prices. Additionally, there is a lack of good forage in the southern plains to support feeders at this time. Cattle placed in February will be marketed from May through September.

Allendale anticipates a Marketing total 4.0% smaller than February of 2008. Numbers finishing were lower due to lower placements in previous months. Marketings will remain under last year levels through June. The higher placements posted in January and February will not hit until summer at the earliest.

Cattle on Feed total as of March 1- as predicted by Allendale- is the smallest total for that month in four years. Allendale's placement model suggests slaughters from feedlot cattle may remain below last year levels through June.

It's Gotta Germinate if It's Gonna Grow
The latest Oklahoma State University Plant and Soil Science newsletter is out- and the main article is a look at Seed Germination.

According to Roger Osburn of OSU, "One very important aspect to consider when buying or planting seed is the percent of germination guaranteed by the labeler. Germination is the emergence and development of the essential structures of the seed embryo that indicate the ability of the seed to produce a normal plant under favorable conditions. All seed sold for planting purposes is required by state and federal law to have the germination percentage guaranteed on the seed label. In Oklahoma, the minimum percentage at which most seed can be marketed is 70%. Germination standards for classes of certified seed are somewhat higher, usually 80‐85% depending on the crop."

The revised newsletter has this article, plus details on next week's Oklahoma Peanut Expo that will be held at Quartz Mountain Resort in southwest Oklahoma on March 24. Info on the program as well as details on signing up are in the linked newsletter- the link is below.

Click here for the latest PASS Newsletter from the Plant and Soil Sciences folks at OSU

A Ton of Fun- AND a Great Youth-Legislator Hookup on Wednesday Night
The Legislative Show at the 2009 Oklahoma Youth expo was a rousing success, with around 60 lawmakers coming out to the State Fair Park after a long day at the State Capitol- and meeting and sharing a show ring experience with a young person from their area.

At the end of the evening, Senator Bryce Marlatt of Woodward was declared the overall Legislative showman- and received the Robert Kerr Traveling Trophy to display in his office in the coming year.

We have an audio overview of the evening- that can be found on the link below from our story on the Legislative Show at the Oklahoma Youth Expo- we have comments from our Lt. Governor, State Representative Dale Dewitt and the winning lawmaker Bryce Marlatt. Click on the link to find that audio report.

Click here for our story on the 2009 Oklahoma Youth Expo Legislative Celebrity Show.

As Farm Program Signup Continues (and USDA wants a lot of information)- Congress Continues to Tell USDA to Pull Back on the Onerous Signup Regs
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's payment limitation and eligibility interim final rule "goes far beyond congressional intent" and makes discretionary changes to the actively-engaged rule, House Agriculture Committee members Mike McIntyre (D-NC), Frank Lucas (R-OK) and 66 other House colleagues told Secretary Tom Vilsack in a bipartisan letter yesterday. McIntyre chairs the Subcommittee on Rural Development, Biotechnology, Specialty Crops, and Foreign Agriculture. Lucas is the committee's ranking Republican.

"The narrow crafting of the payment limitation and eligibility provisions of the 2008 farm bill reflects the intention of Congress to provide continuity [for] existing rules established under the 2002 Farm Bill," the letter said. The Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 "in no way requires or directs USDA to make changes to the way individuals and entities are determined to be 'actively-engaged-in-farming' except in the case of certain spouses," the letter said. The new rule "forces producers to make irrevocable changes to their operations and then possibly forces them to make additional changes for the 2010 crop year."

We have more on this story- and the full letter on our website for you to check out. Click on the link below and follow it to be able to review the letter. By the way, it's hard reading some of the signatures, but we do see Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallin's name on the letter in addition to Congressman Lucas' signature.

Click here for the latest protest thrown at USDA over the Actively engage Regs that the Agency is now using in the 2009 farm bill signup.

Canola Crop in Southwest Oklahoma Taps Into Subsoil Moisture- and Doing Just Fine
We received an email from Jimmy Kinder in southwest Oklahoma- and he offers this update on his 2009 winter canola crop.

Several of you asked about the canola We are about 30% flowered We had .2" rain, not much help OSU came out today and did core samples on some 10yr NT soils. One thing that I noticed, plenty of water from 8" down to 4ft the depth that we probed. The canola is jumping while the wheat is going backward. The large taproot of the canola has found the moisture. If you have time to come up, the canola is rapidly developing. My guess, we should be in full bloom in about 2 weeks.

Kinder ends his email with a single word- "Wow!" We have a picture that Kinder provided us with in the story we have placed on our website- click on the link below to take a look.

Click here for more on one farmer's canola report from southwest Oklahoma

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Let's Check the Markets!
Higher prices were seen for both the yearling weights as well as the stocker and calves at OKC West in El Reno on Wednesday, with the market reporter telling us that they had 7,409 cattle for this week's sale. The five weight steers brought from $104 to $116, while seven to eight hundred pound steers were sold for $89 to $96.50. Click here for the full report- it should be up on the USDA site from the Oklahoma Market News Office by around 8 AM this morning- Central.

Here are some links we will leave in place on an ongoing basis- Click on the name of the report to go to that link:
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Previous Day's Wheat Market Recap- Two Pager From The Kansas City Board of Trade looks at all three US Wheat Futures Exchanges with extra info on Hard Red Winter Wheat and the why of that day's market.
Daily Oklahoma Cash Grain Prices- As Reported by the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture. <
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Finally, Here is the Daily Volume and Price Summary from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

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