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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Thursday August 13, 2009
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-- ACRE Countdown Continues- Signup Deadline Friday Close of Business
-- Crop Production Numbers Released by USDA
-- Ethanol Boosters Love the Projected Big Corn Crop
-- Smaller Calf Crops in Recent Years Means 2010 and 2011 Look Good for Cow Calf Producers
-- The Governors- Including Brad Henry- Turned Down by USDA's Vilsack
-- Cattlemen from Brazil Touring in Western Oklahoma Today
-- Get Your Tickets NOW for the 2009 OCA Range Roundup!
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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ACRE Countdown Continues- Signup Deadline Friday Close of Business
It's almost a wrap on the ACRE signup for 2009- and the Crop Production numbers of yesterday morning did impact the ACRE calculations for the midwestern corn and soybean producing states. Art Banaby of K-State, probably the leading guru in the country on the program, has crunched the numbers and says ACRE looks less attractive to Iowa corn farmers today then before the USDA report, while Wisconsin corn acres currently calculate out to a larger ACRE payment than earlier- this based on a smaller yield than a year ago being projected. The Iowa fall off is due to a larger projected yield for this crop year (a whopping 185 bushels per acre!)

Barnaby continues to maintain that for Texas and Oklahoma wheat farmers, a significant ACRE payment is very likely for those that sign up.

We shared with you an email from the Panhandle earlier this week- saying that ACRE does not seem like a good option in that part of the country. Well, Chris Cogburn of the National Sorghum Producers says NOT SO FAST. He reminds producers it is essential to run the numbers on your farm, as every single situation is different.

Cogburn writes "ACRE seems to work great for those producers with higher yields if this year's yield was just not too high. A producer with a good 5 year olympic benchmark yield of say 42 bu/ac could make 54 bu/ac of wheat in Oklahoma this year and still collect a $63/ac ACRE payment. It just depends on the particular farm number. ACRE is too farm specific to make such broad statements about the program. I have looked at one farm in OK for a producer that will get over a $70/ac ACRE payment on wheat because of a very high 5 year Olympic benchmark yield."

Here's the bottom line- you are crazy if you are a wheat producer with wheat base acres on your farm here in the southern plains and you have not run the numbers to see what the possible pay out may be for your operation. Click here for the USDA website where they have a calculator that you can use. Or, go to our story from earlier this week with audio from Francie Tolle that has links to the OSU and Texas A&M calculators and check them out. Deadline is Friday afternoon at your local FSA office.

Click here for our earlier reports on ACRE- including audio with Francie Tolle and links back to calculations run by Michael Dicks and Jody Campiche of OSU

Crop Production Numbers Released by USDA
The 2009 crop picture got a little clearer on Wednesday morning, as USDA predicted that we will harvest the largest soybean crop in the US ever, the second largest corn crop- and bigger wheat and cotton crops than were predicted one month ago.

The 2009 Hard Red Winter Wheat crop shows Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado's crop getting bigger compared to the July predictions, with Kansas now looking at a 369.6 million bushel crop, while Oklahoma edged higher to 79.2 million bushels, and Colorado had everything break in their favor as they harvested a 93.6 million bushel crop- compared to just 57 million bushels last year. Oklahoma claims the dubious distinction of having the worst state yield per bushel figure of any state in the Wednesday report, at 22 bushels per acre. That figure is actually one bushel up from the June and July reports. The Texas wheat crop was left unchanged compared to the July data at 66.15 million bushels. Kansas also jumped their average yield by a bushel to 42 bushels per acre, which explains their increase by almost nine bushels compared to July.

We have more details of the reports issued on Wednesday morning- and you can review our overview, as well as the reports themselves by clicking on the link below.

Click here for more on both the Crop Production and Supply Demand Reports from USDA

Ethanol Boosters Love the Projected Big Corn Crop
The Renewable Fuels Association is delighted with the large crops of both soybeans and corn that were indicated by USDA on Wednesday- saying it shows that US farmers can produce both food and fuel for our nation and the world.

"American farmers are the subject of numerous erroneous and ill-informed attacks, yet they shrug those off to continue providing food, feed, and fuel for the nation," said Renewable Fuels Association President Bob Dinneen. "Technological advancements in both the seed and in the field are allowing farmers to produce more per acre, while using fewer inputs such as fertilizer and diesel fuel. There can be no doubt that we are fully capable of meeting the food and feed obligations we have to the world while simultaneously helping break our addiction to foreign oil."

"The notion that an acre of corn used for ethanol production in the U.S. triggers the clearing of an acre of rainforest in Brazil simply doesn't pass the sniff test," said Dinneen. "With both U.S. corn and soybean crops at or near record highs, it is abundantly clear that American agriculture and biofuel production is not responsible for the loss of environmentally-sensitive land half the world away. That's just plain common sense, a characteristic too often lacking in this debate."

Click here for our story with more from the RFA on their take on the Crop Production Report from USDA

Smaller Calf Crops in Recent Years Means 2010 and 2011 Look Good for Cow Calf Producers
The Cow Calf sector should benefit from tight calf supplies in 2010- so says cattle market analyst Tommy Beall. Beall says that there are lots of opportunities for cow calf producers now and in the future- and that if a producer will step up and take advantage of them, that's the best way to capture more dollars per calf and become more profitable along the way.

There will be fewer calves that will be coming through the pipeline the next two to three years- which will help force prices higher with a relatively short supply of cattle. That plus the niche markets that are looking for cattle means money making opportunities abound.

This part of our conversation with Tommy Beall from this past weekend at the Southern Plains Beef Symposium is the heart of today's Beef Buzz- click on the link below to take a listen.

Click here for the latest Beef Buzz with more from Tommy Beall of Beall Consulting.

The Governors- Including Brad Henry- Turned Down by USDA's Vilsack
Last Friday, nine state governors(including Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry) asked Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack to release 50-million dollars to buy more pork as a way to boost the sagging pork industry. The Secretary replied Wednesday, saying his agency - doesn't have that kind of money to spend on pork products. Mr. Vilsack said - we are down to our last 7 or 8 million dollars because there's been such a demand for so many kinds of commodities, including pork. He says - we are trying to meet the demands of everyone.

Still, Vilsack says there may be more money in the pipeline this fall when the new fiscal year starts. Vilsack says - we have a little greater flexibility and at that time we are taking a look at all these requests, and we will make determinations at that point in time in terms of what is being requested of us and what we think makes sense.

The nine governors also urged the Obama Administration to do what it can to get China to accept U.S. pork imports. Vilsack acknowledges there is a problem. He points out - there's a congressional restriction that the Chinese are quite concerned about and we're in the process of trying to work our way through a process that would convince members of congress that we, through the U.S.D.A., can ensure the safety and security of any product coming from China.

Cattlemen from Brazil Touring in Western Oklahoma Today
The Director of the Oklahoma Ag Leadership Program, Dr. Joe Williams, has been busy working with several OALP alums and others to help put together a tour for 13 Brazilian cattle producers who have been rolling across the midwest, looking at a wide variety of ag production in this country.

The spent the night in Oklahoma City last night- and are headed west along I-40 today to learn about cattle operations in our state. Dr. Williams writes about today's tour "I'll meet the group at their OKC hotel and Ddee Custer--Haynes and Joann Hamburger will join us at Cattleac Cattle Equipment. Mike Wright, Nathan Coyle and Clint Roush will meet us at Braum's for lunch. Mike and Nathan will give an overview of Braum's Dairy operation. Clint and I will travel in the bus with the group to the Roush farm. Clint will describe Oklahoma agriculture and points (businesses) of interest between Weatherford and Arapaho."

Once the group wraps up in western Oklahoma this afternoon- they head to Amarillo and their final stop in the US, before heading for home. In the Texas Panhandle, they will be looking at a cattle feedlot and have a farewell dinner out at the Big Texan.

Get Your Tickets NOW for the 2009 OCA Range Roundup!
"Who's the best in Oklahoma?" is the question that will soon be answered during the 25th Annual Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association Range Round-Up which is scheduled for August 28 and 29 at the State Fair Arena located at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. Twelve ranch teams representing 18 of Oklahoma's oldest and most historic ranches will compete in six exciting cowboy events each performance. Each night teams will be scoring and accumulating points to see which team qualifies as the 2009 OCA Range Round-Up Champion Team.

The Drummond Land & Cattle Co. cowboys of Pawhuska return as the 2006, 2007 & 2008 Champion Team to defend their championship honor and bragging rights. The Drummond cowboys are always tough competitors and participated in the very first OCA Range Round-Up in 1985 and were also the Champion Ranch Team in 1992.

We have more on the 2009 renewal of this great event on our calendar page at the end of this month. Click on the link below to learn about the 2009 Competing Ranches and we have a link for you to go online to but tickets. You can also call the OCA for more information about the OCA Cattlemen's Range Roundup at 405-235-4391

Click here for more on the 2009 OCA Range Roundup

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