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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Tuesday March 31, 2009
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-- Mike Schulte Named New Executive Director of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission
-- HSUS Headed to State Capitol Today
-- Farm Program Signup A Major Pain- So Says Letter from Peanut Producers to FSA
-- Soil Moisture Improves Dramatically With Spring Blizzard
-- OG&SP get a Crop Insurance Update from Senator Coburn's Office
-- Planting Intentions Coming This Morning
-- Grass to Grid Sale Set for April 11
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Mike Schulte Named New Executive Director of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission
The Commissioners of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission named Mike Schulte as their new Executive Director. Schulte, the former marketing director, will begin his new position April 1, 2009. The Okarche native has a strong background in wheat promotion and agriculture.

"Agriculture production is something that I have been involved in my whole life, I feel it is going to become more important to create direct relationships in the marketing of our commodity crops," said Schulte. "I hope to create better interaction with foreign buyers to promote Oklahoma's high quality wheat products."

Before coming to the Oklahoma Wheat Commission, he was employed by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and was in charge of the livestock market news and specialty crop programs for the state. Schulte graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2001, with degree in Agricultural Communications. As a member of the 12th class of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program, Schulte experienced many career building experiences from his trip to South America to touring Capitol Hill. "My experience with the Ag Leadership Program taught me the importance of getting involved and advocating for what you believe in," Schulte said. "In agriculture we have a great story to tell and I plan on working hard to promote the story of the Oklahoma wheat industry."

We have more on this promotion for Mike Schulte- including an audio interview with Mike on Monday afternoon after word came that he was the new Executive Director. Click on the link below for more on this story.

Click here to jump to our story with the audio interview with Mike Schulte, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission

HSUS Headed to State Capitol Today
The Humane Society of the US has planned what they are calling an Oklahoma Humane Lobby Day later today at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City. They plan on meeting at 10:00 AM in room 104 to talk about legislation that they hope those that will be in attendance will go and talk with their lawmakers about.

Livestock and other ag groups plan to be visible today at the Capitol- but have decided to wait and see what might be the talking points of those who will be participating in this event that is similar to other lobby days at state capitols all across the United States.

One thing to keep in mind is that Wayne Pacelle, the President of the HSUS, is an enemy of animal agriculture in this country. The latest evidence of that comes from his blog in his own words. An entry from yesterday is about a book that is critical of modern livestock agriculture- and Pacelle wraps up the review by saying that it matches up well with the goals of the HSUS organization. He writes "We believe in the Three Rs-reducing the consumption of meat and other animal-based foods; refining the diet by eating products only from methods of production, transport, and slaughter that minimize pain and distress; and replacing meat and other animal-based foods in the diet with plant-based foods."

Click here for the webpage that talks about the HSUS day at the Capitol in Oklahoma City today.

Farm Program Signup A Major Pain- So Says Letter from Peanut Producers to FSA
The Oklahoma Peanut Commission represents one of several peanut producing states that have pooled their "farm policy" efforts via a collective voice under the banner of the United Peanut Alliance. Mike Kubicek shared with us a letter to the Director of FSA from the United Peanut Alliance "regarding all the issues our producers are facing when "signing up" at the FSA office."

Mike adds that this letter- we have it linked on our website at the link that you can follow below- contains the same message that Oklahoma peanut farmers presented to members of the Oklahoma Congressional delegation during a visit to Washington earlier this month. He adds that "We garnered support from key Congressional folks while in DC and many have challenged the Secretary on his "interim rules" that many think deviates from the intent of Congress as passed in the Farm Bill. Congressman Lucas has become very active on this issue. We hope this letter will assist him and others in the on-going debate."

Go to our link below for more on this letter and the concerns of this alliance of peanut growers from across the southern U.S.

Click here for more on the letter to the FSA over Farm Signup Issues.

Soil Moisture Improves Dramatically With Spring Blizzard
It's unknown if the 2009 Oklahoma winter wheat crop sustained injury due to the freezing conditions from this past weekend- but the crop certainly got a moisture boost from the wet snow that fell, along with rains that preceeded the snow in many areas. The topsoil moisture index improved by 34 percentage points in a single week, with the latest reading at 51% poor to very poor, compared to 85% poor to very poor a week earlier.

The latest crop weather update gives us this report on wheat- "Most small grains showed signs of improvement from last week due to the recent moisture. Winter wheat was rated mostly in the good to fair range while rye and oats were rated mostly in the fair to poor range. Crop insect activities continued to range from moderate to light. Winter wheat jointing was at 62 percent, 14 points ahead of last year, and three points ahead of the five-year average."

For row crops- "Row crop seedbed preparations and planting was postponed somewhat last week due to snow and rainfall, however most row crops were still running well ahead of normal. Sixty-nine percent of corn seedbeds were prepared, 14 points ahead of the five-year average. Sorghum seedbed preparations increased by four percentage points from last week to reach 25 percent, three points ahead of normal. One-third of soybean seedbed preparations were completed by week's end, three points ahead of the five-year average. Peanuts seedbed prepared was 42 percent complete, 15 points above normal. Nearly two-thirds of cotton seedbed preparation was finished by last week, 19 points ahead of normal."

Click here for the full report from USDA for the state of Oklahoma- the latest report as issued on Monday afternoon

OG&SP get a Crop Insurance Update from Senator Coburn's Office
At their annual meeting this past week, members of the Oklahoma Grain and Stocker Producers heard from Matt Ball of Senator Tom Coburn's staff. Ball updated them on an issue they had brought up to the Senator earlier this year when they were in Washington- the Senator had taken an interest in this concern and has been working with USDA since that time to try to get better treatment for Oklahoma producers- leveling the playing field between Oklahoma and Kansas on crop insurance eligibility.

The question raised by the OGSP- why Kansans can insure a double-crop following wheat graze-out while right across the border in Oklahoma, producers can't.

Senator Coburn took a strong interest in the issue. Last week, he sent a formal letter to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack requesting a rationale for the discrepancy. In his letter, Senator Coburn states: "I am concerned that the RMA decision is arbitrary and places neighboring Oklahoma counties at a severe economic disadvantage." He goes on to request copies of the documentation and analysis RMA used in reaching their decision.
We have more on this story- and the letter sent by Senator Coburn to Secretary Vilsack for you to check out- click on the link below for that letter.

Click here for more on the questions raised by OGSP to Senator Tom Coburn on Crop Insurance

Planting Intentions Coming This Morning
Soybean acres are expected to be up nationally when USDA releases their planting intentions report at 7:30 AM central this morning- up by 3.5 million acres based on the average of all guesses gathered by DTN, Reuters and others. Corn acres could fall by 1.5 million acres. These numbers, even as USDA release them- remain very much in flux with spring weather and planting conditions will dictate the swings we will see on plantings as much as anything.

We will also get a quarterly stocks report out from USDA this morning- and it may well show increased wheat and corn supplies, and somewhat tighter soybean stocks- none of these outcomes would be considered surprising.

We will have details on the USDA numbers after the reports are out- be looking on our front page of our website- WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com for that coverage under the heading in the center of the page- Top Agricultural News.

Click here for our front page of WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com

Grass to Grid Sale Set for April 11
The 2009 Grass to Grid sale is set for April 11, 2009 at the ranch in Follett, Texas- just across the Oklahoma state line and about an hour northwest of Woodward. The sale will start at 12:30 pm and will feature 80 Angus bulls, 92 Maine Angus and 24 Sim Angus lots. It represents the best of the Griswold and Collins cattle herds for 2009

In the sale catalog, they write "The impressive offering of the best GCC Angus bulls are second to none The cow families represented through this set of Angus bulls, mean lots of opportunity for the buyer, looking to develop good Angus replacement females and breed leading genetics The bulls, in all breed divisions, represent years of selecting for the same practical traits."
"The Maine and SimAngus bulls are the best produced in these programs, many are ET produced and have been selected for moderation, maternal traits and calving ease These same genetics, have topped Superiors fall video sales and topped the market on the rail These composite bulls are "the right kind " They offer low birth weight genetics with the ability to add carcass and maternal value in the same cross The bulls sell fertility guaranteed and have been semen tested They have all been ultrasounded in the last 40 days for carcass data."

For more information, click on our link below for our calendar listing- which has the catalog download link or you can call Collins Cattle Company at 1-800-975-6313.

Click here for more on the Griswold- Collins Grass to Grid Sale Coming April 11.

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Let's Check the Markets!
There were a total of 3,584 cattle for the Monday auction at the Oklahoma National Stockyards in Oklahoma City, with the receipts limited due to the snow and rain of the weekend- prices were steady to $2 lower for yearlings and calves on Monday. The five to six hundred pounders brought $$104 to 4112.50, while seven to eight hundred pound steer yearlings came in from $90.75 to $99.50. Click here for a full rundown of the Monday auction in Oklahoma City.

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