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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday September 2, 2009
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-- Level of Crop Insurance You Buy Can Impact Potential ACRE Wheat Payment in 2010
-- Emergency Rule Approved to Help Oklahoma Corn Growers Affected by Aflatoxin
-- Growth Energy Wants COOL for Fuel
-- For the NAIS- Mandatory is Only Option Left
-- National Pork Board Faces New Budget with Less Money
-- Give Blood- Get Pork Blood Drive Starts Tomorrow
-- Is the Possible Next Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee in Trouble Politically?
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Level of Crop Insurance You Buy Can Impact Potential ACRE Wheat Payment in 2010
One of our newer ag policy specialists within the Ag Economics Department at Oklahoma State University is Dr. Jody Campiche, Assistant Professor as well as Extension Economist in Stillwater at OSU.
Dr. Campiche emailed us in recent days about the next decision that wheat producers must make as they prepare to plant the 2010 winter wheat crop. That decision is crop insurance- and she tells us that if you are signed up for the ACRE program- or think you might want to be in the ACRE program for the 2010 crop year- an ACRE payment for next year's wheat crop on your farm may depend on the level of Crop Insurance that you buy.

Dr. Campiche writes "I created a simple decision tool that can be used to analyze different 2010 crop insurance options and potential 2010 ACRE payments for wheat. The State trigger for OK could be met next year as long as the price stays low. But the farm trigger may be a little harder to meet if a producer has good yields. However, they can increase their benchmark if they have a higher crop insurance premium. I incorporated some crop insurance premiums for different coverage levels into the spreadsheet. It is important to note that there are lots of unknown prices and yields for 2010, but we do know the minimum and maximum State ACRE Guarantee for 2010 since it can only increase or decrease by 10% from year to year. Producers can enter different crop insurance coverage levels and evaluate the potential for a 2010 ACRE payment. Obviously, higher crop insurance premiums increase the possibility of meeting the farm trigger. But producers also need to consider if a potential 2010 ACRE payment is enough to cover the cost of additional insurance."

We have her examples on our website- click on the link below, as well as a quick audio conversation that we had with her on Tuesday about this calculator. We also have the link to the calculator that you can jump to on our website.

Click here for more as you begin to consider Insurance Decisions to be made before the end of the month of September for winter wheat.

Emergency Rule Approved to Help Oklahoma Corn Growers Affected by Aflatoxin
Governor Henry signed an emergency rule on Tuesday into effect to allow Oklahoma corn dealers to blend corn affected with specific levels of aflatoxin to be used to feed beef cattle in feedlots. The rule adheres to specific guidelines established by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and will not allow interstate movement of the blended material. State Secretary of Agriculture, Terry Peach, said the Oklahoma rule is essentially identical to the aflatoxin guidelines used during previous outbreaks in other states and by Texas since 1991.

"The standards we are adopting have been used for years whenever there has been a problem with aflatoxin," he said. "The important thing for consumers to know is that no contaminated grain will be used for human consumption or for feeding to dairy cattle." Under the new rule no blended corn can be used for human consumption or interstate trade. Unblended corn with less than 20 parts per billion (ppb) can be used or traded without restriction.

The blended corn must be accompanied by a label indicating it is a blended product. The label must also state the level of aflatoxin in the product, the date of analysis, the intended use and must bear a warning label that reads "Feed only to finishing beef cattle fed in confinement. Not for human use."
We have more on this story- click ont he link below to check it out.

Click here for more on the Emergency Rule Signed by the Governor on Blending corn affected by Aflatoxin

Growth Energy Wants COOL for Fuel
General Wesley Clark, Co-Chairman of Growth Energy, has called on the United States Congress and the White House to take action to dramatically enhance the market transparency of the nation's fuel supply by requiring a national standard of country of origin labeling for fuel. According to Clark, Growth Energy is targeting lawmakers such as U.S. Representative Collin Peterson, chairman of the House Ag committee, and others from fuel-producing states, and urging them to craft legislation that would require such labeling.

Speaking at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, General Clark declared, - most Americans don't want their paychecks going to Venezuela and other regimes that don't agree with and support the U.S. He said requiring country of origin labeling of our fuel supply will empower consumers with the knowledge and ability to make informed decisions. Growth Energy believes the American people deserve to know the truth about the hidden costs of oil. Truths such as: The neighborhood filling station doesn't pump neighborhood gas - it pumps a product of foreign origin that costs consumers and taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

More on this story is on our website- click on the link below to check it out- we have audio with General Clark about this concept- and a link to their just turned on website to promote COOL for Fuel.

Click here for more on the Growth Energy efforts to get COOL for fuel

For the NAIS- Mandatory is Only Option Left
The position of Dr. Ron DeHaven and the American Vet Medical Association on the National Animal ID System is very simple- AVMA and their CEO believe it HAS to be mandatory. We hear from Dr. DeHaven in comments that comes from an interview conducted by colleague Stewart Doan of Agri-Pulse.Com for his Open Mic series.

DeHaven contends that we have messed around with efforts to get a voluntary program up and running for several years since the BSE incident in December 2003- the so called Cow that Stole Christmas when we discovered the Canadian cow in Washington state that tested positive for BSE. There have been calls for a national animal ID program to be put in place since that time- we have had numerous hearings, have spent millions of dollars, and have only a spotty program in place, at best.

Voluntary has not worked- and Dr. DeHaven says that failure in getting an animal ID system going is not an option- we need to set up a mandatory program and the sooner the better.
Click on the link below and check out our Wednesday Beef Buzz- and you can hear DeHaven lay out his case for a mandatory Animal ID program- something he contends is no more information than what USDA had when the Brucellosis program was in its hayday.

Click here for our Beef Buzz with Ron DeHaven of AVMA

National Pork Board Faces New Budget with Less Money
The National Pork Board and more than 50 producers from across the country will meet in Des Moines, Iowa next week to begin work on budget recommendations for 2010. They face reduced revenues from the Pork Checkoff due to lower than anticipated pork prices for 2009 and projections that producers may not return to profitability until spring 2010. For 2010, the board earlier this summer authorized a spending limit of 46.2 million dollars, roughly 20 percent lower than the authorized 2009 spending. Already board members have tightened spending for the remainder of 2009.

Tim Bierman, a pork producer from Larrabee, Iowa, and president of the National Pork Board, said - this will be a budget that recognizes that pork producers are hurting and need whatever help they can get from the Pork Checkoff to market their product. He said he - hesitates to call this new budget a crisis budget, but that's what it is. He adds - there are going to be some very difficult choices and decisions.

Also on the board's agenda is a review of new consumer research on the effectiveness of the National Pork Board's 22-year-old The Other White Meat brand. Board members will also get an update from its task force working on a new strategic plan.
While Oklahoma is the eight largest hog producing state in the country- there is currently no Oklahomans serving on the National Pork Board. However, the current vice chair is Gene Nemechek of Springdale, Ark., who is a swine quality assurance veterinarian with the live swine division of the Tyson Pork Group. He works with the Tyson pork facilities found not only in Arkansas and Missouri, but in Oklahoma as well.

Click here for the National Pork Board website to learn more about Pork Checkoff efforts

Give Blood- Get Pork Blood Drive Starts Tomorrow
Oklahoma Pork Council (OPC) is encouraging all healthy Oklahomans, 17 and older, to donate blood with Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) to prepare community blood supplies for the Labor Day weekend. Donors giving Thursday, Sept. 3 and Friday, Sept. 4, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., will enjoy pulled-pork sandwiches served with Head Country barbeque sauce at all Oklahoma Blood Institute donor centers. One lucky donor will win a tailgate party for 40, compliments of the Pork Council. This marks the fourth year Oklahoma Pork Council has supported the pre-Labor Day campaign.

Oklahoma Blood Institute has five donor centers in the Oklahoma City-metro area and others across Oklahoma in Ada, Ardmore, Enid, Lawton, Ponca City and Tulsa. Click on our link below for the website link of the Oklahoma Blood Institute to give you exact times and locations for both Thursday and Friday.

Holiday weekends often lead to a slump in blood donations, according to John Armitage, M.D., President and CEO of Oklahoma Blood Institute. "This decline can put the lives of people who rely on blood products for survival in jeopardy. Although we have great fun in this partnership event with Oklahoma Pork Council and Oklahoma's pork producers, this is as serious as saving lives of those who are our family, friends and neighbors. We are truly grateful that the Oklahoma Pork Council sees our mission as worthy of their dedicated and passionate support."

Click here for more on the Pre Labor Day Pork Council Blood Drive Efforts

Is the Possible Next Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee in Trouble Politically?
It's an interesting read this morning from the FarmPolicy.Com blog about Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and the apparent thin ice she stands on as she faces reelection in 2010. Even as there is speculation that she might end up being the next Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee- if Chris Dodd stays Chair at the Banking Committee and Opens up the chance for Tom Harkin to grab the Chairmanship of the Health and Education Committee that is vacnt because of the death of Teddy Kennedy. If Harkin moves- that means Blanche Lincoln would likely be the next Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee.

But wait a minute- that could be short lived as she has a tough election ahead. FarmPolicy.Com reports "Meanwhile, John McArdle reported yesterday at Roll Call Online that, "Arkansas state Sen. Gilbert Baker (R), who has been openly contemplating a Senate bid for nearly six months, announced Tuesday that he will challenge Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D) in 2010.
"'I believe that Arkansas' next United States Senator should help provide checks and balances on the policies being pushed by President [Barack] Obama and the D.C. leadership,' Baker said in his announcement Tuesday afternoon.
"Baker's decision comes a week after a poll was released by a Democratic firm that showed Baker beating Lincoln in a hypothetical head-to-head race. That poll by the North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling also showed Lincoln with just a 36 percent approval rating, with 44 percent of voters disapproving of the job she's doing."

Farm Policy. Com adds that " the AP reported yesterday that, "Republicans have targeted Lincoln's seat in next year's election and say they believe the Democrat is vulnerable to a challenge. She also faces a potential primary contest from Democratic Senate President Bob Johnson."
The article noted that, "Lincoln already has more than $3.2 million in the bank for her re-election, but Republicans say they believe she is beatable and point to public opinion polls showing weak support for her. They also point to President Barack Obama losing the state by 20 points in November."

Click here to read the full blog article from FarmPolicy.Com on the latest on Climate Change, the Ag Committe and Blanche Lincoln's woes.

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Let's Check the Markets!
We've had requests to include Canola prices for your convenience here- and we will be doing so on a regular basis. Current cash price for Canola is $7.45 per bushel, while the 2010 New Crop contracts for Canola are now available are $7.60 per bushel- delivered to local participating elevators that are working with PCOM.

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