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Your Update from Ron Hays of RON for Wednesday June 3, 2009
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-- Winter Canola Harvest Getting Underway
-- Agricultural Interests Cry Foul Over Climate Change Snub
-- Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma National Stockyards will host 2010 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship
-- Cattle Industry's YCC Class of 2009 Includes Two Oklahoma Cattle Producers
-- Beef Ambassador Contest Tomorrow in Stillwater
-- Organic Groups Oppose Call for Genetically Modified Wheat
-- Shoveling Out the Cash- USDA Secretary Vilsack Announces Release of Floodplain Easement Monies
-- Let's Check the Markets!

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Winter Canola Harvest Getting Underway
The process of harvesting the 2009 Winter Canola crop is underway in southern Oklahoma, as several producers have swathed their canola and rolled it into windrows, planning to come and pick it up for harvest in the next few days. According to Brandon Winters with PCOM, others will be using a technique called "pushing" the canola plant, which helps reduce the problem with shattering of the pods, to avoid losing the tiny canola seed onto the ground.

Winters says the crop has generally responded well to the harsh weather conditions that has decimated the winter wheat crop, which is likely to be one of the smallest wheat crops in Oklahoma history. Those farmers that have elected to plant some acres to winter canola are excited about the potential of getting this crop out of the field and to the delivery points at what can be considered a premium price. Current canola prices are just a little over 18 cents per pound, or the equivalent of $9.20 a bushel. Fully developed stands have the potential of 1500 to 1800 pounds, or 30 to 36 bushels per acre. Thin stands could still produce 1000 pounds, or about 20 bushels per acre.

We have an interview with Brandon up on our website- he goes into more detail on how the crop is getting along, the idea behind pushing canola and market prices. Click on the link we have provided below to jump to that story and the audio you need to hear.

Click here for more on Winter Canola Harvest efforts

Agricultural Interests Cry Foul Over Climate Change Snub
National Farmers Union, the National Association of Wheat Growers and four other groups have urged House leadership to address the beneficial role agriculture can play in climate change legislation. The climate change bill passed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee does not include provisions previously outlined by NFU and other agricultural groups.

NFU, along with American Farmland Trust, National Corn Growers Association, National Association of Wheat Growers, National Milk Producers Federation and International Biochar Initiative, said in a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer that while the committee-passed bill is a good first step, improvements are needed to ensure agriculture's participation.

Meanwhile, House Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson says he told Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday his panel won't sign off on climate change legislation approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee unless it is allowed to write all the language related to agriculture. The ag committee is one of eight panels in the House that have jurisdiction over parts of the bill, known as American Clean Energy and Security Act, which Majority Leader Steny Hoyer hopes to bring to the floor for debate either at the end of June or early next month.
We have more on this letter that has gone to House Leadership, as well as audio comments with Collin Peterson about his standing up to Nancy Pelosi for ag interests on this complex issue of ag involvement in Climate Change.

Click here for more on the Climate Change Issue from the Ag Viewpoint- what Ag Needs to See Included in Potential Legislation

Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma National Stockyards will host 2010 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship
Our conversation with the President of the Livestock Marketing Association, Bobby Smith, continued on yesterday's Beef Buzz. We covered several topics as we talk with this Oklahoman that is the second President of the group from our state in recent years, as Billy Perrin from southeastern Oklahoma served in that role less than a decade ago.

We talked about the future of the US Beef Checkoff, and the possible move to raise the assessment of the checkoff from one dollar to two. He says that LMA remains committed to the idea of letting the producer vote on any changes like that- and on the checkoff itself as well.

And, Smith is really excited about both the upcoming World Livestock Auctioneer Championship later this month in Fergus Falls, Minnesota- as well as the 2010 location that has been selected- the Oklahoma National Stockyards in Oklahoma City. Smith says that with the Oklahoma National Stockyards celebrating their 100th birthday next year, it seemed appropriate that the contest return to OKC where they were held in 1991.

Click here to jump to our Beef Buzz with Bobby Smith of Fairview, President of the Livestock Marketing Association.

Cattle Industry's YCC Class of 2009 Includes Two Oklahoma Cattle Producers
The Young Cattlemen's Conference is an incredible experience that moves you from Denver, to southwest Kansas, to South Dakota to Chicago and finally to Washington, DC in just over a week. You travel with others from the cattle industry from all across the country with a couple of things in common, a love for the cattle business and being singled out as young leaders that could take on more responsibility in the years ahead. We were a part of the YCC experience as their official media tag along in 2005.

Clay Burtrum of Stillwater, OK and Jennifer Cubbage of Pawhuska, Ok, are participating in the 10-day tour which kicked off in Denver with a comprehensive overview of the industry. Fifty-four young cattle industry leaders from across the country are participating in this year's tour, which will expose them to all aspects of the beef industry, including industry structure, issues management, production research, and marketing.

The YCC tour has become the cornerstone of leadership training efforts within the cattle industry. Over 950 cattlemen and women have graduated from the YCC program since its inception in 1980. Many of these alumni have gone on to serve in influential leadership roles within the industry.
We have more on our website about the 2009 event, including an audio update from this year's media tag-along, Greg Akagi of Kansas, who talked with Clay Burtrum after their stop in southwest Kansas.

Click here for more on the Cattle Industry YCC Tour underway this week.

Beef Ambassador Contest Tomorrow in Stillwater
We are looking forward to being a part of the judging process here in 2009 for the Oklahoma Beef Ambassador Competition, to be held as a part of the Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen's Association Summer Preview Show that runs June 4-6 in Stillwater.

The Ambassador contest is administered by the Oklahoma Cattlewomen, and includes three age divisions, Novice, Junior and Senior. This contest helps young people interested in the beef cattle business to study up on a multitude of positive messages that can be told about beef, learning how to communicate those positive messages to consumers.

We have details about the OJCA Summer Preview in our Calendar at WWW.OklahomaFarmReport.Com. Click ont he link below and check it out.

Click here for more on the Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen Summer Preview in Stillwater this week

Organic Groups Oppose Call for Genetically Modified Wheat
Farmers, consumers and civil society organizations in Australia, Canada and the U.S. released a joint statement confirming their collective commitment to stop commercialization of genetically engineered (GE) wheat. In 2004, global pressure prevented biotechnology company Monsanto from pushing GE wheat onto what they call "an unwilling market."

The statement "Definitive Global Rejection of Genetically Engineered Wheat" was released to counter a May 14 "Wheat Commercialization Statement" from wheat farmer groups in the three countries. The industry pledged to "work toward the goal of synchronized commercialization of biotech traits in our wheat crops." This week's statement was released by 15 groups in Australia, Canada and the US, including the Organic Consumers Association, and counters the six stated industry arguments in favor of GE wheat.

You can read more about their negative spin on genetically modified wheat by clicking on the link below and jumping over to our website.

Click here for more on those groups against GM Wheat(or GE, depending on what Initials you prefer)

Shoveling Out the Cash- USDA Secretary Vilsack Announces Release of Floodplain Easement Monies
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has selected 289 applications for the first national sign-up for floodplain easements under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. The easements will cover more the 36,000 acres of land in 36 states. Four projects have been selected in Oklahoma over some 1,766 acres- the amount of the federal government involvement is just over $2.8 million.

"The floodplain easements made possible through the Recovery Act generated tremendous interest and response from across the country, which underscores the need to restore flood-prone areas to their natural state," said Vilsack. "We are working to create jobs and ensure the most effective use of the funds by enrolling land with the greatest benefit to protect against future floods, improve water quality, enhance wildlife habitat and reduce the need for future disaster assistance."

For more on this program and the details on the projects being funded, click on the link below for more from the USDA website.

Click here for more on the Floodplain Easement Program from USDA

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