Little Chances of Rain in the Forecast for the Next Week

Wed, 14 Sep 2022 10:11:44 CDT

Little Chances of Rain in the Forecast for the Next Week

Warmer Temperatures have moved back into Oklahoma with little chance of rain. State Climatologist Gary McManus said parts of the state have only received a little over an inch of rain in the last 95 days. McManus says statewide, since June 11, the average rainfall is the 6th driest since at least 1921.

Chances for rain over the next week or so are dismal at best. McManus says we have an opportunity for some storms today and tomorrow, but those chances aren't great and primarily confined to far NW OK and the Panhandle.

Keep in mind there could be some chances of Severe weather if storms fire up, especially with severe winds, which are standard in this type of atmospheric setup. McManus said he did have hopes for a big upper-level system to push through the heat dome and give us some rain chances next week, but those hopes are less likely now. The seven-day forecast calls for highs in the Lower 90s with lots of sunshine and nightly temperatures dipping into the upper 60s and lower 70s. With winds from the Southwest.

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