OKFB Welcomes Appropriation of Additional Drought-Relief Funds

Wed, 05 Oct 2022 10:58:33 CDT

OKFB Welcomes Appropriation of Additional Drought-Relief Funds

Governor Kevin Stitt announced Tuesday his signing of HB 1006 XX, a measure allocating an additional $20 million in drought relief for Oklahoma farmers and ranchers.

In the midst of a historic drought, Oklahoma Farm Bureau President Rodd Moesel said the additional funding will provide some welcome relief to agricultural producers.

“Oklahoma Farm Bureau members deeply appreciate Gov. Kevin Stitt and the state legislature for appropriating an additional $20 million in drought assistance for Oklahoma farmers and ranchers,” Moesel said. “These funds will help alleviate some of the strain and stress that our members have been facing for months on end.”

“Oklahoma farmers and ranchers are no strangers to our state’s harsh weather conditions, but with no immediate relief in sight, the agriculture community must rally together to support one another and find solutions to carry on our important mission until this natural disaster is over,” he said. “Despite these challenging times, our state’s agricultural producers are resilient and will continue to forge ahead in feeding, clothing and fueling the world.”

The $20 million, added to the initial $3 million allocated to the state’s Emergency Drought Relief Fund, will be used to help producers in sharing the costs of many drought-relief efforts, including pond cleanout, water well drilling and more.

Funds will be distributed across all 77 counties and will be administered by each area’s local conservation district.

Producers needing assistance should reach out to their local conservation district beginning Wednesday, Oct. 5 for more information on the application process.


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