Fusionware Announces John Deere Integration to Optimize Farming Operations

Thu, 06 Oct 2022 12:40:48 CDT

Fusionware Announces John Deere Integration to Optimize Farming Operations

Fusionware, a leading end-to-end 'cloud-based' supply chain platform, announces integration with John Deere Operation Center™ precision ag, data management software. The new connection further empowers Fusionware users with increased ability to optimize on and off-farm operations. With this new API integration, Fusionware simplifies data acquisition for farm managers, agronomists, and data analysts.

This new integration enables Fusionware to sync data on-farm data seamlessly. Regarding machine assets, Fusionware can easily track data from the John Deer Operation Center for total run-time, idle time, and location. For precision ag metrics, this data includes acres planted by field, seed spacing, and harvest data that syncs John Deere's data sets directly with Fusionware.

Fusionware's focus since 2020 has been to optimize the entire farming operation by minimizing duplicate input into multiple systems. "With pressure on labor and cost of goods, farming operations are constantly under incredible pressure to operate as efficiently as possible with constant staffing issues and multiple software solutions to keep updated and maintained," says Fusionware Founder Creg Fielding. "With this integration, Fusionware clients can now centralize data input between John Deere Operations Center and the Fusionware Data Ecosystem, creating a unique data set for business intelligence without duplicate entry."

"Fusionware has been helping us digitize and move our physical operations’ data to the cloud for several years. This integration is yet another step forward, providing us with complete visibility for enhanced connectivity and more informed decision-making," notes Travis Allen IT Director with Black Gold Farms.

To learn more about this software integration click here or visit https://www.fusionware.com/products.


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