Governor Kevin Stitt Continues to Advocate for Agriculture

Mon, 17 Oct 2022 12:12:19 CDT

Governor Kevin Stitt Continues to Advocate for Agriculture

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KC Sheperd, Farm Director, got the chance to visit with Governor Kevin Stitt at the 2022 Stockyards Steak Out, which was held at the Oklahoma National Stockyards over the weekend. Coinciding with the Stockyard Stampede, activities for the entire family took place throughout the day.

During this event, local beef producers cooked their best steaks and offered them to the public. These steaks were judged by national judges who chose a champion, and then the general public had the opportunity to taste and vote for a separate award, the “People’s Choice”.

“It is unbelievable- all of these Oklahoma producers,” Stitt said. “I only serve Oklahoma beef at the Governor’s Mansion, so I have got a pocket full of cards and I am going to make sure they order some Oklahoma beef.”

Stitt said he always enjoys his time at the stockyards, as it reminds him of when his grandad was the vet in the stockyards for 25 years until the mid-80s. Stitt joined in on the activities and partook in the cooking of steaks at the event.

“Wonderful ranches here,” Stitt said.

As Oklahoma producers are facing tough times due to drought and the economy, Stitt talked about actions he is taking to provide some relief to those producers.

“I signed an executive order this week to kind of wave some requirements,” Stitt said. “I know farmers are having to bring hay in from other states. We also did a 23-million-dollar drought relief assistance that Secretary Blayne Arthur, my secretary, is going to be getting out all across the state.”

Stitt said he continues to pray for rain, especially with wheat plantings taking place.

With around 20 million dollars in negative ads spent to spread inaccurate information about the governor, Stitt said he wants to remind Oklahomans that he always supports agriculture.

“We always have your back,” Stitt said. “I am an agricultural guy, and my opponent has joined the Biden administration and, you know, they attack our way of life and our lifestyle, and they believe in more regulations and attacking our industry and our way of life.”

Stitt said he has heard many dark money comments, including some claiming that he plans to tear down the Governor’s Mansion.

“It also broke my heart, a young lady came up to me and said, ‘hey, I heard you are going to tear down the Governor’s Mansion,’ and there has been this hit piece on the news station,” Stitt said. “I said, ‘ma’am, that is absolutely not true; we love the Governor’s Mansion. There is only one Governor’s Mansion.’”

Another important point Stitt mentioned is that Oklahoma has the largest savings account in state history.

“I have heard, ‘Governor Stitt wants to defund our schools,’ which is just the most ridiculous thing ever,” Stitt said. “I have put more money into education than any other governor in history and also set up a Redbud fund to make sure rural schools got more money proportionally than the big city schools.”

Stitt said he is very fond of Oklahoma’s rural school system, and he will continue to support teachers.

“I gave teachers a huge pay raise and I put more money into education than any other governor in history,” Stitt said. “We will continue to do that, and at the same time, though, I stand with parents and not big unions.”

Stitt said he does not agree with Washington D.C. trying to control what is taught in Oklahoma schools.

“That is not Oklahoma,” Stitt said. “I am going to stand with parents and make sure parents have the last say in what is taught to their schools and that is the way I was raised. I am a fourth-generation Oklahoman, and I think Oklahomans will see right through these negative ads.”

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